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Price was $206.99. This is my fourth logitech harmony remote. My first, and favorite was the harmony one. This is second-best to the one. Gone are the annoying lock screens, power button next to the reverse button, and many of the annoyances of the prior remotes (harmony ultimate). I only have three activities programmed (roku, blu-ray, and fm), and wish that i could make the height of the activity options taller, so it's less easy to press the wrong activity (for those with larger fingers or paying less attention). Overall, i like the remote, and plan to keep it as long as its still working well! . . Settings are easily transferred from prior remotes using the harmony app. This remote makes running moderate to complex a/v systems a breeze! it took a little while to customize it, and i decreased several of the default delay durations to minimize wait times, as my system is fairly responsive to commands. I reordered some of the activity screen options, and deleted other unused functions. Volume and channel buttons are a bit small. Highly recommended!

-T. Julie

Harmony 950 Ir Remote Logitech Harmony 950 Is The Best Harmony Remote Yet For Control Of Tv, Movies, Music, And Games. Its Color Touchscreen Provides Powerful, Intuitive Control Of Up To 15 Devices -Harmony 950 Ir Remote Control

  1. Bonus: Full Color Touchscreen: Simply Swipe And Tap Like Your Smartphone To Control Channels, Volume, 50 Favorite Channels And More.
  2. Bonus: Motion-activated Backlit Buttons: Find The Right Button Every Time, Even In The Dark.

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This remote is awesome! you can do everything with it. It controls my smart tv, xbox one, apple tv, and fire tv stick (yes i have way too many products that do the same thing). I also have an online store dot and alexa is really cool to use with the harmony hub. It's pricey, but it is really cool and i do not have any complaints i can make. #Logitech 915 000162 Rechargeable Discontinued Best harmony ir remote | Logitech-Remote Control Review ( Nov 2019 ) Bonus Harmony 950 IR Remote Control One-touch activities: touch an activity like "watch a movie" to automatically power on and switch devices to the right settings. Full color touchscreen: simply swipe and tap like your smartphone to control channels, volume, 50 favorite channels and more. Motion-activated backlit buttons: find the right button every time, even in the dark. Charging station: keeps your remote powered and within easy reach ; change channels, adjust volume, fast-forward, or rewind using gestures on the bright 2. 4 inch touchscreen.. Works with over 270, 000 devices:  all in one remote controls your tv, satellite or cable box, apple tv, roku, tivo, blu-ray player and game console .

Harmony 950 ir remote control Review (915 000259)

I was hesitant to buy this remote but i am glad i did! it is the best remote for my situation. I needed a remote to control my projector, projector screen, receiver, and xfinity x1 box. Most importantly it had to be user friendly enough for my better half! if your situation is similar to mine this is the way to go! my opinions below. . Setup. Pros: easy, quick, and user friendly. Cons: have to connect remote to pc or mac. . Buttons. Pros: turn to 30 favorite channels on touch screen! great layout(easy to learn transitioning from xfinity x1 remote). Cons: no number keys but they can be accessed from touch screen(if you set your favorite channels up you will rarely need the keypad). . Feel. Pros: feels sturdy. Material on back to prevent slipping. Has two grips on the back one for the touchscreen and one for below the touch screen. Even though the buttons are plastic they don't feel cheep. Cons:you may find yourself using two hands to change the channel at times until you get used to it. -F. Paige

Harmony 950 Ir Remote Control

Logitech Ultimate 15 Device Universal
Product Dimensions
Height:2.13 inches
Length:7.56 inches
Weight:0.36 pounds
Width:1.14 inches
Part/Serial Number
Windows 8

harmony 950 ir remote Ce, Logitech harmony 950 is the best harmony remote yet for control of tv, movies, music, and games. its color touchscreen provides powerful, intuitive control of up to 15 devices Harmony 950 Ir Remote Control (915-000259-Logitech).

Harmony 950 Ir Remote Control Ce

  • I have had several logitech remotes before. Recently i "upgraded" to the ultimate all in one. Upgraded in quotes because it turned out to be a pos. Buttons in wrong places, sometimes button presses executed wrong commands, etc. I finally threw in the towel and bought the 950. Everything that was wrong with the ultimate, the 950 got right. It was easy to configure it to connect to the hub that came with the ultimate even though i had to look up the instructions on logitech website as the included short manual didn't mention it.
  • There are four devices connected to my harmony remote. They are:. - lg television. - panasonic blu-ray player. - lg soundbar. - directv. . All were easy to link to my harmony remote and all are easy to control with the remote. My favorite option is "activites. " i simply pick "watch tv" and all of the components turn on or off simultaneously. Then it's possible to choose any of the components and manage them with one remote. Even the directv commands are easy to use. Before i moved to my new home, i had tivos connected to each tv. I do not think i would want to use the harmony with my tivos because of the familiarity and ease of use of the tivo peanut remote. Since the directv remote is new to me, it's not a problem to use the harmony remote. . It fits easily into the charger and, therefore, is never lost. It has a home. . It took me a couple of weeks to feel comfortable enough to put the individual remotes in a drawer, but it's done and i'm not looking back.
  • Logitech 915 000237 Ultimate Certified
  • Good but response from buttons very unpredictable. Customer service is good but depending on who you get can be a bit of a language issue. They. Will not say where they are from.
  • Owned a couple of harmony one remotes which we loved because they worked so well. When one of them finally died, i decided to upgrade to a much higher level currently available one, but more expensive is not always better, it seems. . Problems with this remote are:. . Not enough delineation between the buttons. They look cool, but they are so low profile and sensitive that it's easy to hit the wrong button in the dark or a combination of buttons by mistake. . Very twitchy motion control. I pick up this remote and very often the screen changes to something like "pick a device" or some other screen other than one of the ones for the current activity. . Clicking on buttons and having something completely different than expected happen. This could be related to the first item i listed, but sometimes i can't even reproduce what happened. Bizarre. . I regret buying this as it was very pricey, but as it's too late to return it and replace it with maybe 350 or 650 model i guess i'm stuck with it.
  • I bought this product to replace my existing harmony one (one), that is dying of old age. I have had it for over 10 years. I also have the harmony 700 (700) products along with other logitech products. I say this as my experience with logitech products in the past has been positive and i am familiar with how to set them up. Unfortunately with the harmony 950 (950) i do not share this outlook. I'll get this out of the way . . . . I am not a fan of the i-droid generation who revel in swipe / gesture driven devices to which the 950 now subscribes. I'm sure any number of people view this as progress but i do not. If i wanted something that i could swipe until my hearts content to replace my one then i would have bought one of the i-droid devices and purchased any number of remote control apps that are available. In fact i have one that does just that but it is not my go to device. My one is my go to device so i was looking for something to replace this so settled on the 950 in the hope it was an improvement on the one. In my view it is not, so i am now in the position debating what i am going to do with this device, getting past the initial cost outlay. . Here is why . . . . . 1. On the one you could fit 6 commands on a page or screen, based on a 2 x 3 grid. On the 950 you can only fit 4. 5 commands per screen, which is based on 1 command per row that runs the width of the screen before you need to navigate to the next screen. 2. As the 950 now has 1 command per row there is typically space at the end of each row. Logitech has decided to add icons to represent the command, not the label. What this means is that if you have customised your remote as i have, the icon no longer has any relationship to the label. E. G. I have configured the red button command to launch kodi, my media centre application via a third party app. Therefore i am stuck with the icon for the red button which cannot be removed according to logitech's customer care. Minor but irritating for a remote marketed as customisable. I would prefer no icons as per the one, but alas not. And just to be ridiculous not all the coloured buttons have coloured icons. The red button command has a red icon but the blue button has no blue icon. It has a black square with a white border, go figure? . 3. As i now have the 950 i can no longer use the harmony desktop software v7. 7. 0 (legacy) software as the 950 is not compatible. Progress you say but i think not. Now i have to use the myharmony software it does not provide the same functionality as the legacy software. With the legacy software i could group commands onto pages. If i only wanted to put 3 commands on a page i could, and leave the other cells blank. With the new software you cannot. With the 950 that may be ok because all the commands run one after the other but remember i also have a couple of 700 remotes. These remotes are compatible with the new software and have a 2 x 2 button grid. But can i have a blank cell on a page of my 700. Nope. The new software does not accept any blank cells and there is no way to configure this according to logitech's customer care. Yet this was available on the legacy software. Progress? not according to me. 4. The functionality of the new software varies between remotes. The functionality available for the 700 is not the same as the 950. On the 950 you can unassign commands from buttons for commands / buttons you do not use. On the 700 you cannot. Every button on the 700 is assigned a command. You can change it but you cannot remove it. Using the example of the red button above i cannot unassign the red command from the red button, which now performs a totally different function. 5. Also there are a couple of command lists in the new software. The lists are inconsistent. Its almost as though the first list is being filtered and the second is not. I would expect them to be the same. When setting up assigning commands to buttons it can be missing from the first list so you navigate to the second list to add or fix a command and there it is. If i go to the trouble of adding the command from scratch again which is possible, you would expect it to populate into the first list so that it can be assigned a button. Does this happen? nope. You may accept that this is possible with some obscure device but we are talking about a hauppauge tv tuner card with windows media center. Doesn't sound like a very obscure combination to me. Once again another call to logitech's customer care. 6. Another little gem with the new software & the 950 remote . . . There is now a page / screen for favourite tv channels. If you choose not to use it still displays on your remote. My way of thinking is if its blank then it should not display. But hey what do i know? . . So in summary where am i at . . . . 1. I have 4 remotes that require 2 different software applications to configure. 2. The new software application functionality is worse than the legacy software. 3. I now have a new 950 whose usability is worse than that of my old one due to swipe / gesture driven devices typically requiring 2 hands to function effectively. 1 to hold the device and 1 to navigate the device. . Anyway that's about it. If you are happy with standard functionality with a few common devices or an 80% solution then you are probably going to be fine. If you are looking for a product that has built on and improved what has previously been offered then it may be a different matter but at the end of the day you have a bit more information than the standard marketing hype so hopefully this maybe useful to someone.

harmony ir remote Harmony 950 IR Remote Control (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Great once u learn how to use all the commands appropriately. Learning curve is a little challenging but an excellent product with more capability than most people will use.

Harmony 950 Ir Remote Control
Click to see NoticeHarmony 950 Ir Remote Control (Logitech)"I bought this as a replacement for my harmony one remote. It's very functional and quite similar to the old remote. I never used the number keys or channel icons on the harmony one and i don't use them (in the touch screen) on this remote either, that would require looking and the remote and probably using two hands. Instead, i use the "guide" button and up/down arrow function and "ok" to choose channels on the tv, which can be done one-handed without looking at the remote. Setup was easy since all i did was copy all the settings from my old remote in the harmony software. I also didn't buy and have no need for the hub just to control my 7 devices."

(0) Question: Can i transfer devices and activities from a harmony 850?

(1) Question: Replacing harmony one. does the 950 have a numeric pad. example, changing channels from 2 to 312 without scrolling through all channels.

(2) Question: Will this control bluetooth devices like ps3 or roku?

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Logitech Harmony Ultimate One 15-Device Universal Infrared Remote Customizable Touch Screen Control - Black 915-000224

Works great. Easy to set up. Only issue is that a few times it just shut off everything on its own. Seems isolated though. Battery life is good. Best to leave in charger all the time when not in use and look on youtube on how to change battery.

Touch-screen control comes to the entertainment room view larger logitech harmony ultimate one the simplicity of touch. The power of harmony. Now entertainment control is as personal, powerful, and easy to use as your smartphone. Access all your entertainment with simple swipes and taps on a large, color touch screen. Touch an activity like watch tv or watch a movie and the right devices switch to the right settings. You can even customize the touch screen with frequently used commands and favorite-channel icons for ultimate control over your home entertainment. Access tv, movies, music and games with one touch view larger swipe-and-tap color touch screen with a simple swipe or tap of the thumb you can change activities and channels, adjust volume and control movie and music playback. A gentle vibration tells you when a command is received from the touch screen. So you can control whatever you re watching without taking your eyes off the tv. Recharging station included view larger power at the ready the included charging station keeps harmony ultimate one fully charged, ready to use and easy to find. You ll never have to hunt for your remote or change batteries again. Display 50 favorite channel icons view larger customizable control no more scrolling through long on-screen guides to find a channel. Select up to 50 of your favorite channels, display their icons on the screen, and watch with one touch. * plus, you can organize and re-order buttons, activities, and channel icons the way you want them, right on the touch screen. (*channel availability subject to your local service provider. ) controls 15 entertainment devices view larger world s most compatible with support for over 225, 000 devices and 5, 000+ brands, harmony ultimate one controls up to 15 devices you own today or add tomorrow. Harmony s online database is updated regularly as new devices are released, so it s easy to add commands for new devices to the remote. Motion-activated backlit keys and touch screen view larger easy navigation, even in the dark both the screen and backlit keys light up when the remote senses motion, so you can easily navigate your entertainment in the dark. The touch screen also doubles as a number pad, clearing the way for a streamlined button layout and attractive minimalist design. Easy guided online setup view larger quick and simple setup just connect harmony to your computer, go to the set up website, and download the commands for your devices. If you have any questions, live customer support is ready to help.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate One 15-Device Universal Infrared Remote Customizable Touch Screen Control - Black 915-000224Logitech-Ultimate-15-Device-Universal-Customizable

Logitech Ultimate 15 Device Universal Customizable (915 000224) FAQ.

Really good automated remote. Set up is not bad. Controls everything fine. The touch screen works well and i like the extra options for favorite channels and some other things. The touch screen volume and channel change is tough to use and gets in the way. I turned that function off. The only reason i gave it 4 and not 5 stars is that there is not enough manual set up options. I wanted to configure a device slightly differently, but the software would not let me, the option just wasn't there. Not a big deal, but does cause some minor inconvenience. Bottom line. Would recommend to a friend. -Notice from Y. Annette, Midi-Pyrenees

Click to Show logitech ultimate 15 device universal customizable (915 000224) Details

This is my 2nd remote. So if your not use to this remote give it a while. Once your comfortable it will be awesome. Have them paired with home hubs. So need one paired with each hub.

Logitech-ultimate-15-device-universal-customizable-(915-000224) set picture

- . AldanaGreat product! easy to program, simple to use, and easily eliminated 4 remotes from the coffee table!

Hint. This is the second one that i bought and the first one is working fine.

W. Wimbish, Worcestershire

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Size :    1
Weight :    0.35 pounds
Model :    915-000224
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony Ultimate One 15-Device Universal Infrared Remote Customizable Touch Screen Control - Black 915-000224 available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $69.00 (was $85.00)
  • Upgradable with harmony hub, sold separately.
  • Easy customization: organize and re-order buttons, activities, and channel icons the way you like them, right on the remote
  • Swipe and tap color touch screen: navigate tv, movies, music, games and your most frequently used commands with one touch
  • Control up to 15 ir devices: works with 225, 000+ devices and 5, 000+ brands with new devices added regularly to harmony's online database
  • 50 favorite-channel icons: personalize the touch screen with icons that get you to your favorite channels with one tap

For Logitech Harmony Elite - 950 IR Remote Control Touchscreen Screen Protector 2 Units Invisible Anti-Bubble / Ultra HD Clear Shield Skin Anti Scratch By IPG

Ipg eliminates the need for bulky cases to protect your possessions from scratches and normal wear-and-tear. Traditional cases can hide your device manufacturers original sleek designs. The extra bulk can also make it feel awkward and prevent it from connecting to docks properly. With ipg, you get full protection with the worlds most durable materials!

For Logitech Harmony Elite - 950 IR Remote Control Touchscreen Screen Protector 2 Units Invisible Anti-Bubble / Ultra HD Clear Shield Skin Anti Scratch By IPGLogitech-Harmony-Elite-Touchscreen-Anti-Bubble

Brand :    ipg
Color :    Transparent
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  • Aerospace grade patented material engineered for your specific device wet application
  • Free lifetime replacement warranty for the life of your device
  • Virtually invisible
  • Ipg's unique ingredients provide self-healing for your existing scratches
Price :    $9.90
Model :    IPG 1524
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Home Theater System Or Htib (ipg product review) for For Logitech Harmony Elite - 950 IR Remote Control Touchscreen Screen Protector 2 Units Invisible Anti-Bubble / Ultra HD Clear Shield Skin Anti Scratch By IPG available ( Nov 2019 )

Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared All in One Remote Control, Universal Remote, Programmable Remote Silver

A universal remote with a colour screen and one-click activity buttons that bring you showtime in no time.

Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared All in One Remote Control, Universal Remote, Programmable Remote SilverLogitech-Harmony-Infrared-Universal-Programmable

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Silver
Size :    Small
  • Compatible with 225, 000+ devices from 5000+ brands, including devices you own today and add tomorrow
  • Support for 8 devices is enabled at software setup - replaces up to 8 remotes, reducing complexity and clutter in your living room
  • Bright color screen shows your channel favorite icons plus commands for easy navigation
  • Simple online setup using your pc or mac
  • One-touch activity buttons like "watch a dvd" automatically switch the right devices to the right settings
Price :    $27.99 (was $35.00)
Model :    915-000159
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared All in One Remote Control, Universal Remote, Programmable Remote Silver available ( Nov 2019 )

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Philips BDP7501 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player Wi-FiPhilips-BDP7501-Ultra-Blu-Ray-Player

Brand :    philips
Weight :    3.00 pounds
  • Wireless lan 802. 11ac with mmo antennas for seamless streaming of online 4k content.
  • Plays 3d blu-ray and dvd as well with real 4k upscale.
  • High dynamic range (hdr) for impressive detail in shadows and brilliant highlights.
  • Hdmi 2. 0 with hdcp 2. 2 on all hdmi ports means years of worry free 4k interoperability.
  • Dolby truehd for high fidelity sound.
Price :    $101.72 (was $229.49)
Model :    BDP7501/F7
Quantity :    1
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Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub & App

Easy set up, either via the iphone app or the my harmony app on computer. This replaces an older logitech remote that was pre-bluetooth compatible. . The elite is great! it controls all my devices and simply works. I set up the activities for all my stereo, dvd, streaming needs, touch the activity and sit back while everything starts. My wife loves this since it takes away the complexity of multiple remotes. Want pandora? it comes on. Netflix? ditto. Even better (and unexpected), you can set up which remote screen is your favorite for an activity. And for my roku, i can set spectrum as a favorite channel and streaming starts there. . A tad pricey, but well worth the investment. I would purchase this again, no question.

Logitech harmony elite is the most powerful and intuitive harmony remote that works with alexa. It controls up to 15 devices for seamless control of your entertainment and your home. The all-new design keeps the best features from its predecessors color touchscreen, motion sensing, and vibration feedback and adds an improved button layout, voice integration, dedicated connected home buttons, and a replaceable, rechargeable battery with 20% greater capacity. Internet access: wi-fi: supports 802. 11g/n, wpa personal, wpa2-aes and 64/128-bit wep encryption; for mobile setup and control: ios: iphone 4s or later, ipad (3rd generation or later), ipad mini, ipod touch (5th generation or later) device with ios 8. 0 or higher or; android: wi-fi enabled smartphone with android 4. 2 or later, bluetooth smart technology-enabled ios or android device

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub & AppLogitech-Harmony-Elite-Remote-Control

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub & App (915 000256) FAQ.

This is a much better remote setup than the harmony one! the hub allows control by voice when using alexa, by phone using their app, or by the remote itself. The hub can even connect using bluetooth, but not the remote. Setup is really easy for those who have used the harmony remotes before. . I did have a problem with the xbox one not working properly, it would respond sporadically. But the fix is easy, i set it up to respond to only the remote instead of both the remote and hub. I guess the cross signals were confusing the xbox. But the ability to do this makes fine tuning hte control more flexible. -Notice from Z. Clara, Shropshire

Click to Show logitech harmony elite remote control, hub & app (915 000256) Details

Works great. App is intuitive and menu based. Programming takes some trial and error - recommend a bit of patience that will be rewarded. I programmed via ios app. Rf signal between remote and hub works awesome with hub placed in a closed closet behind a solid wooden door. The ir blaster from the hub and the additional ones included work great and much better than expected - avoids the hassle of placing individual flashers. Hub connection to wifi router took place without a hitch and prompted for my wifi password without issue. Bluetooth paired right up with my apple tv too. Very pleased with purchase one week in.

Logitech-harmony-elite-remote-control,-hub-&-app-(915-000256) set picture

- I. AlmaThe set up was extremely easy using a laptop. I installed the new remote at the same time as a new avr into my home entertainment system. I was having trouble with the avr features, until i installed the harmony elite. After entering the model names for all my components, the harmony set up program walked me through several different activities. All worked flawlessly the first time-even the one i was having trouble with using the avr remote. Now that everything is working together, the remote makes it very easy to select and manage activities. This remote is expensive, but extremely capable.

Let me say that this remote is the best on the market now. What makes it the best? databases , of which , logitech has a very large database of ir controlled devices. It is almost impossible to not find a device you can control with it. As far as setup , its complicated but once you understand it , it works flawlessly. I did have the harmony ultimate with the hub , that was great too , but the direction forward and back controls and play button above the touchscreen was poor placement and the back of it was too smooth and the ergonomics made it somewhat difficult to use. The software was flawless as it is in this one. They redid the ergonomics and now its dead on , very very good. Battery life is great , options are great. As far as programming it , and programming the activities , it takes a little time but its not that bad. I commend logitech for making it as simple as they did. It could have been a horrible mess and it is with most programmable remotes but not this one.

R. Helen, Surrey

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Size :    Medium
Weight :    0.75 pounds
  • The most powerful and intuitive harmony remote works with alexa for voice control. all-in-one control of up to 15 home entertainment and connected home devices
  • Closed cabinet control: included harmony hub lets you control devices in closed cabinets, or even when away from home
  • Harmony app: turns ios or android smartphones or tablets into personal universal remote controls for the whole house
  • One-touch activities: touch an activity like watch a movie to automatically power on and switch devices to the right settings; compatible with 's alexa for easy voice integration and activation
  • Full color touchscreen: simply swipe and tap to control channels, movies, volume, 50 favorite channels and smart home devices like philips hue lights
Price :    $215.99 (was $295.90)
Model :    915-000256
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub & App available ( Nov 2019 )

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Logitech Harmony 950 Advanced IR Remote Control, Black Certified Refurbished

Logitech harmony 950 advanced ir remote control, black (refurbished)

Logitech Harmony 950 Advanced IR Remote Control, Black Certified RefurbishedLogitech-Harmony-Advanced-Certified-Refurbished

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.36 pounds
  • One-touch activities: touch an activity like "watch a movie" to automatically power on and switch devices to the right settings
  • Full color touchscreen: simply swipe and tap like your smartphone to control channels, volume, 50 favorite channels and more
  • This certified refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. the refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. the product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer certified refurbished products on
  • Works with over 270, 000 devices: all in one remote controls your tv, satellite or cable box, apple tv, roku, tivo, blu-ray player and game console
  • Charging station: keeps your remote powered and within easy reach
Price :    $149.95
Model :    HARMONY950-R
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Ce :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony 950 Advanced IR Remote Control, Black Certified Refurbished available ( Nov 2019 )

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Benchmade - 940-1 Knife, Plain Reverse Tanto, Carbon Fiber HandleBenchmade-940-1-Reverse-Carbon-Handle

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BAFX Products IR Repeater - Remote control extender Kit

Newly improved ir receiver for better compatibility and ease of use! same great product! want to place your cable box or other devices in a cabinet or other room and still be able to control them from in front of your tv? this bafx products ir repeater (remote control extender) allows you to do just that! simply place the ir receiver from the repeater kit where you wish to aim your remote control, run the ir receiver wire from the kit to the distribution block. Now run the ir emitters from the kit to the devices you wish to control and place them over the devices ir receivers, plug the kit into a wall outlet and your all set! the kit includes: 1 distribution block 1 ir receiver 1 power plug 4 dual ir emitters (control up to 8 devices) manual link to a setup video specs the ir receiver cord is 5' long. Can be extended using a 3. 5mm av extension cable the distribution block measures approx. 1. 9"x4. 3"x0. 87" & has slots for mounting if desired (screws not included) the distribution block can also be powered by a usb printer cable (not included) the kit contains 4 ir emitter cords to control 8 device & has slots for 2 more emitter cables 1 yr bafx products warranty against manufacturing defects! *important note for plasma tvs plasma tv's emit ir frequencies that can interfere with the ir receiver of this device (not applicable to lcd or led). This can usually be fixed by placing the ir receiver further away from the plasma tv or by placing a piece of scotch tape over the ir receiver to reduce it's sensitivity! this does not occur with lcd or led*1 year warranty only valid when purchased from bafx products or authorized dealers with a valid receipt

BAFX Products IR Repeater - Remote control extender KitBAFX-Products-IR-Repeater-extender

Brand :    bafx products
Color :    Standard
Size :    Single Zone
Weight :    0.82 pounds
Model :    54-5EXN-SYMF
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Networking Device (bafx products product review) for BAFX Products IR Repeater - Remote control extender Kit available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $27.90
  • 1 year bafx products warranty against manufacturing defects*
  • Improved! newly improved ir receiver for better performance and ease of use! compatible with all ir controlled devices including formerly incompatible, marantz devices!
  • Control your ir remote controlled devices that are hidden behind doors or in other rooms where they can't normally be reached by the remote control
  • New, smaller foot print & black in color to better blend in with your setup!
  • Kit controls up to 8 devices - expandable to 12 devices (additional ir emitters sold separately)

Harmony Ultimate Remote - RF Control - Black

I bought this remote as a christmas gift for my boyfriend. Our old universal remote died and we needed a new one. We have a clean, modern tv look in our master bedroom, with our dvd player, set top box, and several other electronics hidden in a closed closet. . We were a little concerned when we went to setup the remote, because there were no instructions provided for a closed closet system like ours. I double checked the online store page where i had purchased the product and it was advertised for closed cabinet installations. After a short google search, i found the logitech website provided more detailed instructions for setting up the remote in a closed closet configuration. The key was to place the hub inside the closet. Problem solved. I'm not sure why the remote didn't come with instructions for this, which was annoying, but i was still relieved that i had not bought a "dud" christmas gift. . We spent about an hour or two playing with the remote and setting up all of the controls. It could definitely take closer to an hour but we enjoyed learning about all of the cool bonus features this remote offers. I'm not a techie myself, so i appreciated the setup computer program which walked us through all of the steps. . One cool feature is the swipe to activate button. The touch screen must be swiped to the side in order to activate the remote. Many times, with our old remote we would often accidentally tap the touch screen and it would change the channel or suddenly turn on the radio- many times during the best part of a movie! we are glad we will no longer have this problem :). . Overall this is a great product and everything works flawlessly! we are both happy to have a wall mounted tv without any electronics clutter and my boyfriend is very pleased with his gift.

Easily control entertainment and devices in closed cabinets with a tap of the touch screen view larger logitech harmony ultimate rethink your remote. We did. Meet harmony ultimate, the most powerful harmony remote. It redefines ultimate control over your entertainment system including game consoles and devices behind closed cabinet doors. One simple tap of the touch screen adjusts your entire home entertainment system so you can switch between movies, game consoles, favorite tv stations and music without fumbling with multiple remotes or button presses. Customize it the way you enjoy your entertainment. It has the power and intelligence to do what you demand. Product features rf control of devices inside closed cabinets and behind walls controls up to 15 devices including cable tv boxes, apple tv, roku, sonos, online store fire tv, phillips hue, xbox one, ps3 and tv-connected pc or mac harmony app turns household smartphones into powerful personal remotes intuitive tap-and-swipe color touch screen powerful customization, including 50 favorite channel icons*, creating one-touch activities and reordering buttons illuminated buttons for easy entertainment navigation in the dark haptic feedback: a gentle vibration lets you know when the remote receives a command from the touch screen, so there s no need to look down recharging station included works with over 270, 000 devices easy online setup (*channel availability subject to your local service provider. ) included harmony hub for closed-cabinet control view larger ultimate control harmony hub turns rf signals from the remote into ir or bluetooth commands your devices can understand and can t see behind closed cabinet doors or walls. Control up to 15 devices including your xbox one, wii, or ps3, plus your internet subscription services, like netflix or hulu. Harmony supports 270, 000 devices from 6, 000+ brands, including devices you own today and add tomorrow. Just connect your remote to harmony s regularly updated online device database to download commands for new devices. Music, movies and lighting at your fingertips view larger controls sonos, online store fire tv, apple tv or phillips hue control your sonos* with harmony app to play, pause, change volume or launch your sonos favorites. Control philips hue lights* by integrating lighting control into your harmony activities like listen to music, play a game or watch a movie. Imagine starting a watch tv activity and your hue lights automatically dim to your favorite accent lighting settings. You can control online store fire tv, too. Just launch the harmony app, add fire tv, and create a watch fire tv activity. (*sonos music player sold separately. *phillips hue lights sold separately. Online setup required. ) easily find entertainment with your smartphone keyboard view larger find your content faster now you can avoid frustrating on-tv keyboards. Use your smartphone/tablet keyboard or speech recognition capability with the harmony app to find your content faster on apple tv, roku or online store firetv. Also works with windows pc and macs. Turns your smartphone into a harmony controller view larger harmony app for smartphone or tablet supplement the remote with touch screen gestures and personalized settings via harmony mobile app. The harmony app for iphone or android turns a smartphone or tablet into a personal entertainment controller. Everyone in the house can have their own set of custom gestures and favorite channels right at their fingertips. Download commands for devices you own today and add tomorrow view larger easy guided online setup simply connect the remote to your computer, go to myharmony. Com, and download the commands for your devices without having to enter endless equipment codes. Live customer support is ready to help if you need it. Tap-and-swipe touch screen with favorite channel icons view larger powerful customization the color touch screen gives you the power to access your entertainment the way you want. Tap an activity like watch a movie and the right devices power on to the right settings. Easily customize your remote by creating activities, re-ordering buttons, and choosing up to 50 favorite channel icons* . (*channel availability subject to your local service provider. )

Harmony Ultimate Remote - RF Control - BlackHarmony-Ultimate-Remote-Control-Black

Harmony Ultimate Remote - Rf Control - Black (Logitech) FAQ.

This works really well in our setup. We have been using it for about a year now and even my 3 year old can use it. The rf works great for the components in the media closet. Every once in a while i noticed the response was getting sluggish, and when i looked the transmitters in the closet had been moved or covered by something. Setting it up i was having some issues configuring the video select for my receiver, and logitech support was very helpful. . I rated it 4 stars because it doesn't give any warning before the battery dies. Its no problem if you charge it regularly, but if its been several days it just shuts off without warning in the middle of use. But that really is a minor complaint. -Notice from P. Lynette, Rhode Island

Click to Show harmony ultimate remote - rf control - black (logitech) Details

. But in fact it has a few minor problems that hopefully will be addressed in future firmware updates. The hub is pretty darn good at what it does. I had some difficulty finding just the right spots where the ir remotes would reach everything, but since then it's smooth as silk. The remote does have that strangeness of the play, ff, rew, pause buttons at the top, but i haven't found that to be an issue. The gesture controls mostly work, but it's really easy to get a gesture wrong, plus gestures introduce new latency in the command-response time ("swipe and hold" is an inherent delay). . My biggest issue is that the "favorites" screen is just about useless. There is only one favorites screen, and it can only apply to one activity: watching tv. If i'm watching a movie, "favorites" is useless, but it's there anyway. If i'm listening to the radio or an internet stream, i have favorites, but the "favorites" screen i get is the one for watching tv. So it's kind of stupid in that area. (i'm told it's being worked on. ). . Ultimately, it's not perfect, but it's the best universal remote you can find.

Harmony-ultimate-remote---rf-control---black-(logitech) set picture

- A. LaraI can't believe how easy this was to setup and integrate with alexa. . Within 30 minutes of opening the package i had the remote configured for watching regular and recorded programs from cable and blu-ray disks from my blu-ray player. . The instructions are clear and you can even make changes and adjustments from your smart phone. . This product is amazing!

I purchased this remote combo as we have been looking to replace our harmony one for awhile now. I was having issues with it freezing and rebooting, and had already replaced the battery but it was still having issues. I didn't really like the harmony touch on its own, or at least it didn't seem as useful. Then i saw this new ultimate combo, and it sounded really good. . Well i got it and unpacked it. Setup was extremely easy. It imported my settings from my harmony one, and i am a huge fan of the new software interface compared to the old and slower one. . The remote itself:. It is very responsive, and the on screen display is very nice. The ability to swipe from left to right to perform some actions is great, and easy to learn. After i day i had quite a bit of it figured out. Also, the long press on the forward/back and some of the other buttons is a huge improvement over the standard harmony touch. . Others have mentioned that once you set it up at your pc, you don't really need to use the pc again, and that is right on. The remote can do a lot of the tweaking that you had to do on a pc right from the remote. I had to set it up on our ps3, and was able to do the entire configuration from the remote, and it worked like a charm. . It feels good in your hand, and the fewer buttons to look over is actually kind of nice. So far my wife is a huge fan of it. . The base station:. . This thing doesn't have a lot of direct interaction, so i will mainly discuss the features you get from it. . 1. I am so far not using the included dual ir blasters that you can set in different places. I am instead just using the base station itself (which sends ir commands) and the remote. What really makes this a great combo is how well the base station/remote send commands. I had trouble often with my harmony one where unless i got it just right, it had trouble about 50% of the time turning on my xbox 360. So far this new combo has been 100% on all commands. . 2. The built in bluetooth is a great feature. I have so far used it for my ps3 as i mentioned, and i like how well it works. It turns on the ps3, and acts as a remote, and can turn off the system and everything. I am a big fan of this functionality which did not exist without additional hardware with the harmony one, and never worked this smoothly. . 3. The ir blaster extensions, while not being used now, are going to be a big help in the future when i get the rest of our media center cleaned up and organized. . Overall: 9. 5/10. I still don't love the forward/back/play/pause being above the touch screen, but give it a pass due to the gestures available on the touch screen. Plus, the harmony touch ultimate slides in your hand even better than the original harmony touch, making it not much of an issue to readjust the remote quickly to hit those. After a few days, it is like second nature. . I loved my harmony one, and the harmony remotes i had before it. But this one is without a doubt my favorite. I read the harsh reviews on this, and i can explain away most of the complaints with it just being people who liked their one (and there were a lot of reasons to like it), and don't like change at all. Given some time with it, most of them will find that all of its advantages over the one are well worth the small adjustment that comes with moving your hand for the buttons above the touch screen.

. Shawna, North Carolina

Price :    $148.00 (was $159.99)
  • Intuitive color touch screen: swipe and tap to access and switch between entertainment activities with shortcuts for your most frequently used commands. ultimate convenience features: vibration feedback touch screen, up to 50 favorite channel icons, back-lit buttons and recharging station
  • Os support(at least):windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8, mac os 10. 5+
  • Controls your entire home entertainment system: even controls game consoles and devices hidden behind cabinet doors and walls
  • Powerful remote control customization: includes the ability to create one-touch activity sequences, adjust and remap buttons, set device delays and timing, plus more
  • Works with alexa for voice control. it uses infrared (ir), bluetooth and wi fi to control various devices
Brand :    logitech
Weight :    1.57 pounds
Model :    915-000201
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Harmony Ultimate Remote - RF Control - Black available ( Nov 2019 )

Harmony Home Hub

Logitech harmony home hub integrates control of connected lights, locks, blinds, thermostats, sensors, home entertainment devices, and more-turning your smartphone or tablet into a universal home remote.

Harmony Home HubLogitech-915-000238-Harmony-Home-Hub

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Size :    1
Weight :    0.24 pounds
Model :    915-000238
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Harmony Home Hub available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $73.62
  • Closed cabinet control: included harmony hub lets you control devices in closed cabinets
  • Harmony app for ios or android smartphone or tablet: simply swipe and tap to control channels, movies, 50 customizable channel favorites
  • Combine up to 8 remotes and countless apps into one easy-to-use smartphone app.
  • Works with alexa to easily control your home entertainment devices with your voice
  • Create customized activities to control your home entertainment. for example, simply tap "date night" and harmony can turn on your sony android tv, launch netflix, dim your philips hue smart lights and turn on your sonos connected speaker

harmony 950 ir remote control Price : 139, was : 204 as 2018-01-10
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Harmony 950 Ir Remote Control (Logitech) Reviewed by on vufes.com

Top harmony 950 ir remote control (logitech) Content

F.A.Q. for harmony 950 ir remote control

Harmony remote set up. . . Step-by-step *easy* set-up instructions (and a review). . I was going to write a review but when i realized how many steps there were to getting this thing set up properly i decided to write instructions instead, as they seem like they are needed the most. But just to be thorough here is a mini-review (unboxing first):. . Please see pics. This is a truly beautiful remote. As much as it needs to do (controlling everything) logitech has somehow managed to use less buttons than either my tv or cable box remote but nothing beats the apple tv for pure minimalism. It also feels good in your hand. Now, that is all fine, but does it work? well the first thing i did was opened the box and looked inside at everything. Not too bad . . . Three layers of stuff (empty the box entirely because there are three plastic trays stacked on each other. The charging base is in the bottom tray, and apparently this is where logitech wants you to put the remote when it is not in your hand. As funny as that sounds to me, it does mean that this thing will *never* need batteries, so that s a good start. . This thing comes with two chargers: one for the charging unit (that plugs into the wall) and another usb to usb mini. That means you can charge the remote from your computer but it also means that before you can use this at all you have to download some software from logitech and install it on your pc/mac (no support for linux it seems). This was only a minor pita. The website has several remote control downloads available. Look for the one that specifically says 950 and ignore the rest. If you have a mac you have to go into your apps and search out an app called myharmony (which does not appear in alphabetical order for some reason btw). Pc users can ignore this. Coming to mac from 20+ years on a pc i mention this as it was frustrating to have to guess what happened after i installed the software and it did not launch automatically. . I am reporting my findings as i go through the software set-up. The first thing you do is to plug your remote into your pc/mac. Then open the software (myharmony app). It is extremely patient, and appears like a slide show, where you click through each screen as you complete the tasks. They chose a friendly blue as a background which for some reason actually makes me feel like i can do this (set up a touch screen universal remote) without the assistance of a 12-year old or a $75/hour hire-a-nerd. Side note: 99% of you will click new set-up and not copy settings. As simple as this screen was it confused me for a while (it s the picture). . Grrr . . . For this next part you are going to need a pen and paper. The next screen is a bit cryptic. It says to enter your device information. Naturally i grabbed the remote (still plugged into my macbook for set-up and looked on the back side for a serial number. Just in case you are as confused as i was, this is where you gab a pen and paper and write down the brand name ( manufacturer ) and device model number for *everything* you want you remote to control. Okay, so . . . Monitor, apple tv, sony dvd player, comcast cable box (did i forget anything? ) i will be at this a while. Hint: so will you :-d. . (yes, that is me laughing at your pain). . Okay, so that was (not) fun. I would imagine that if your electronics are in an entertainment console (large cabinet) this will require some help. The only model number i could not find was for the apple tv, so here is a link that will help (if you need: . ). The rest of this set-up will take you 45 minutes to an hour, just at your computer, so you might as well settle in. One thing that i found extremely useful is that you can rename the devices on your remote after you add them. Do this. Instead of my comcast cable set-top descrambler box being labelled motorola model dch70 /2089 it now reads comcast cable box. Make your device names user (that would be you ) friendly because this is how they will appear on the tiny screen of your remote. If you do this now you will avoid a lot of hassle later. . Okay, activities all set and manage devices is easy enough to understand (just play around with your remote a bit). Don t throw away your old remotes just yet. When you first try out each new setting you will get a haptic feedback (the remote will buzz) and it will ask you if everything is working properly. Don t make the mistake i did. Make sure (100% not a guess) that everything is off when you try an activity that turns on your tv (or whatever) and changes the channel/settings, otherwise you will spend another 30 minutes frustrated and trying to figure out why some things work and others do not. . You will have to manually power things off (with the remote) unless you set up a kill all command, which i did not see under activities but might just try. . Other than that this thing does what it says and it works amazingly well. Now i can dump four (4! ) remotes in a drawer and forget about them for a while. I will update this review if this thing breaks or if i figure out how to make my (non bluetooth) lights go on and off with this remote.

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(0) Question: Can the vibration feedback be turned off?

(1) Question: Can i manually add devices if i have a rf remote controlled device that isn't on the compatible list?

(2) Question: My harmony companion remote can only control 4 smart devices. how many smart devices can you control with this harmony 950 remote?

(3) Question: Does the 950 have sensible key layout for controlling a roku streaming box?

(4) Question: Does it works with appletv

(5) Question: Do you have to use the harmonyhub with the 950 remote or can i use the 950 stand alone?

(6) Question: I currently use the 650 with unique fast forward, skip (30 sec) buttons. this remote looks to be sharing the ff/rew and skips. how does that work?

(7) Question: Do the control buttons light up?

(8) Question: Does the 950 stay synced with the harmony hub? meaning, if i change channels on one, does the other know about it and remember the context next time?

(9) Question: Does this remote have voice commands

(10) Question: Will this control a firestick?

(11) Question: Is the 950 a good replacement for the harmony 890

(12) Question: Will this control a firestick?

(13) Question: Anyone use it with fire tv?

(14) Question: Can this control a ps3 and ps4?

(15) Question: Do i need a harmony hub to connect this to my online store fire stick that uses bluetooth?

(16) Question: Can you turn on and off and change inputs on both, tvs and audio receivers individually instead of having the remote "change" everything for you?

(note) Question: where/how to get Logitech (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Logitech's products

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Great remote with all the customization options you could need. We already had the hub so this was a great addition for my wife and guest. Now everything can be controlled including our lights and thermostats.

#Logitech 915 000239 Harmony Companion

Accessories & Supplies 704182, Audio & Video Accessories 235271, Electronics 282271, Remote Controls & Accessories 442371, Remote Controls 18576901Top Harmony 950 Ir Remote Control (Logitech) FAQ Content

Best harmony 950 ir remote control (logitech) in review

My old harmony 510 was on its last legs. I paired down my devices for decluttering and thought i could get away with having multiple remotes, but with the recent price drop, i had to try this new remote. Note that i had a horrific experience with the harmony companion/home control device about a year ago (so donated that to goodwill). So was very skeptical of this. I was pleasantly surprised and works well. It's exactly what i was looking for although still steep in cost.

S. Nicole, Oregon

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. Audrey, Derbyshire says

This remote integrates with the harmony hub so that when i activate an activity via the online store echo the remote knows that i am now in that activity (e. G. Watching tv). That integration makes this remote a must have for me. I previously had the harmony one, which as a standalone remote i liked better, but the lack of being able to track the changing of activities via the hub made it obsolete.

N. Michele, Redcar and Cleveland

Review : harmony 950 remote. This is not the first harmony remote that i ve owned and the last two left me a little skeptical. Clearly these programmable remotes can do a lot, but they re complicated and they don t always work. Further, trying to explain it to my technologically-impatient spouse can be a chore. What prompted the need for a new remote was that i wanted to be able to use one remote to watch tv, switch between netflix and tivo, make changes to receiver. If i could also get a remote to replace the ceiling fan remote bonus! right now, i need 3-4 to do everything i wanted to do it in one. I had hopes for the harmony (surely they ve figured it out by now. ) still not right, but going to spend a few days trying to figure it out. If i get it working ok, i ll come back and update the review and apply a corrected number of stars. Right now, for the time being, its 3 stars. I m a little underwhelmed, though it is better than the harmony remotes i ve tried in the past. First, the harmony 950 comes with a charging base (nice! an improvement from the last one i tried), a power cable for base to plug, a usb cable to plug into a computer and a small pamphlet that say s, basically, plug it in and charge it, then plug it into a computer and go to get their software. That s pretty much it (although it is offered in french as well) it took a while to download the software and their website didn t remember from the last two times that i did this (it has been several years ) in the meantime, i ran around gathering up brand names and models. I wrote down all the models and makes of equipment and i programmed them into the website. The sync took a while (see the first picture) and in the interim, the remote s screen simply said ! do not disconnect. Ok, fair enough. It got there and it did it pretty well. The remote doesn t seem to have enough buttons to do everything all the other remotes do but guide when in tivo mode does different things when guide is selected in tv mode. My challenge was to make this as simple as possible for my spouse, for whom simple is never simple enough, but not too simple to work right. I got most of the way there but i m not sure i ll use the remote everyday or particularly often. Right now, it will be mostly when i want to watch netflix and am too lazy to go get the three remotes i need to get my tv there . It wasn t long before i ran into a similar difficulty to what i ve run into before. Clicking watch tv should make sure the receiver is on, turn on the television, make sure the tivo is on (i didn t even know it could be off aside from removing the power cable, but apparently it can be turned off. ) sometimes, it gets it all right but other times, one component won t turn on or it will turn off while the remote is trying to turn it on. Other times, i keep getting a cannot find source error from the tv (that s usually because the receiver isn t on) and still other times, i can t easily find the guide (meaning the remote s in tv or receiver mode when it needs to be in tivo mode. ) it sounds like i ve pretty much figured it out, but still can t the volume to work and frankly, what i had is a lot simpler that what i got. There are some adjustments that can be done via software and screen on the remote. I ve fiddled with the fix controls, a submenuing system that literally says which device had trouble, which button should we have pushed? this should fix the problem, but i suspect the problem is that the communication between devices (tv, tivo, receiver, etc) is purely one way. I think it should go tivo tell me your status great, thanks, now go to this status, oh and tv, this input at this volume and pipe it out to the receiver to go to the stereo speakers for this setting for audio. But i m guessing the communication is from remote to device with nothing much coming back. Maybe one day! . Worth noting is that the software isn t hard to use but apparently finding it can be. I believe i may need to keep going back to the website, there doesn t seem to be a link or application on my desktop to find the software that runs the remote. I haven t had to go back to the website yet, but i may try some x10 style home automation devices, ones that might be able to talk back and make me more positive about the whole process! . I gave the remote 4 out of 5 stars. My criteria is that it does work, pretty much does exactly what it says and has changed to the better since the last time i had a harmony of my own. I gave up that last one because it didn t work right and the fixes weren t easy. Still haven t got this one right, but i m hopeful that i ll get there! . Last, if you are considering, chances are good that your system is simpler than mine and that your experience may be different. I believe this harmony is as good as universal remotes are likely to get, that the limitation may be in the plethora of dumb devices, not a failing of smart remotes. If you are considering purchasing, this is a good buy but be prepared to do some work to customize it to your needs. . The picture attached is from the synchronization of the remote with the software online.

E. Anonymous, Worcestershire says

I am using this with a westinghouse (ew32s5uw) tv as well as the western digital wdtv hd media player connected via hdmi. I have configured it so that when i press the watch tv button on the remote, both devices power up and the correct input medium is chosen. . Overall this works well. Of course need to make sure that both ir inputs for the devices are in the line of sight or else one will power up while the other will not. . The only reason i am reducing a star, is due to the requirement of having to log in to the logitech account when using the desktop software in order to modify the supported devices and controls of the remote. I would much rather have a software that can work in offline mode. . However, i have made this my main and only remote, and it works great for my devices. Overall, recommended!

U. Valencia, Pays de la Loire

This is a tough item to write a review on. In many ways this is a 5-star item, but in others, it's more of a 2-star gadget. There's quite a bit to like-it's sleek, the haptic feedback works well and is useful, the software is easy to download, comprehend, follow, and use (i am using a macbook), it's highly functional (you can add 15 remotes for literally hundreds of thousands of devices, 50+ favorite channels, and due to the software it is adaptable and dynamic), comfortable, has the right buttons (guide, dvr, info, up/down, vol, exit, menu, record, play, pause, stop, fast forward, rewind, select, direction controls, etc. ), and a reasonably sized touchscreen with buttons large enough that it's easy to hit the correct ones. In addition, it easily works the input controls for the tv and makes one remote a breeze to use when often you might need at least two and probably three. I thought the software (you'll need to download it from the myharmony website; east to do) was surprisingly intuitive and very easy to use-download was fast and adding devices was quite easy (10 minutes total). In short order i was able to control a cox cable box and a samsung tv without issue and with one remote (which isn't really such a big deal since i could already do that with the cox remote). Only now, i had a cooler looking more functional remote at the ready. The remote allows you to choose a device (tv, cable box, dvr, streaming device, etc) or an activity (watch tv, watch apple tv, etc. ). All this is great and the biggest (pleasant) surprise was how good the software was at making set up and troubleshooting easy. . Now for the negative. Adding a kindle fire stick is not possible (at the moment). Adding an apple tv is not trivial and took way more than 10 minutes and a bit of research online (more than i wanted to do). Although the initial set up only requires the device identification (tv make/model, cable box make/model, apple tv generation)-and it's best to write this down before starting-and entry into the myharmony app is easy and, for the most part, things work after correctly identifying the model type, this is not always the case. There is an option to train the 950 remote with the remote you're trying to mimic, but i found this to be imperfect. The bigger problem was with the apple tv. Whether correctly identifying in the app or training the remote with the little silver appletv remote, i've not been able to get the harmony 950 to do everything the simple apple tv remote does (moving up and down would work, but sideways wouldn't for example). The online users guide and several forums are helpful, but for the 3rd gen apple tv, this took more effort than it should. Nevertheless, overall, this is a very good, sleek, functional, and dynamic remote. But setup can be time consuming and occasionally frustrating.

C. Lorenz, Sachsen says

As far as remotes go, i would call this the rolls royce of remote controls. This remote powers my tv, my roku and two other boxes similar to the roku. Plus two different gaming consoles. Having said that, it is a huge pain in the booty to set it up. My advice? make sure you have a couple of hours free before you get started. Read all of the instructions, twice, before getting started. Read everything you can find about programming it before you get started. Then, when you get started, take your time. You will thank me if you do this, trust me. It's not that it's difficult to set up, it's only that it is time-consuming, depending on how many tv's and consoles you need to set up. You're going to need the name and model number of everything you want the remote to control. In fact, i would just take all that info and write it down before you even get started with the programming. . Now, this remote not only looks sleek and beautiful. It works beautifully as well. Once you have it programmed it is a dream to use. The remote comes with two chargers. One is a docking station that plugs into the wall and you set the remote in to keep it charged. No more hunting down batteries every few months when they decide to die in the remote. The other charger is a usb cable charger so that you can charge you remote by usb as well. You will need this cable in order to set up your remote as well. You do need to have internet service to use this remote. And you will need to download some software from logitech onto your computer. Once you get it all set up, you are going to fall in love with this remote. It totally puts my dish remote to shame. I love it!

G. Emma, Missouri

I purchased the logitech advanced remote harmony 950 to replace an aging harmony one. Having read all of the mostly negative reviews of the newer upper-end harmony remotes, i was trying to baby my harmony one as long as possible. When i started reading reviews of the 950, it seemed like it might be a good choice as a replacement. I finally decided to order it, and have been quite pleased with it so far. I did a new device setup (didn't port over my previous remote's settings), using the newer software (myharmony as opposed to logitech harmony remote software). This required making a new account, which took just a few seconds. Did the setup and everything worked just fine. It took a little time to learn the new feature set of the 950, but it is fairly intuitive. Button layout is good, the size is smaller than the one, the touch screen is snappy and scrolling/swiping are easy. I find that it starts up my devices faster than my one. After a day's use it feels quite comfortable and i find my fingers fall easily on the correct buttons. It charges vertically, so takes up less space while in the charger. I have it working with my samsung smart tv, a directv dvr, an oppo bd player, a pioneer av receiver and a roku stick that plugs into my oppo. All in all it has been a good experience so far.

A. Cunningham, Midi-Pyrenees says

You must have this, ergonomic and great for bluetooth devices too.

V. Rowe, Idaho

If your old harmony crapped out on you, get this one. The software allows you to transfer your old settings onto this one, plus the interface is clearly updated and works much better than the one on the harmony one.

. Alexia, Nebraska says

I have purchased several iterations of the harmony remotes over the years. I must say this is their best one yet. The screen is clear and the touch part is responsive. All the buttons have nice tactile feedback and equal travel. My only gripe is the battery life. I used to get several weeks with light use from my harmony 900. I do good to get a week out of this one. Not horrible but it seems it is always dead when i need to use it lol. Small price to pay for a unit that has less bugs and works as well or better than any other harmonys i have owned.

R. Fabian, North Somerset

So far so good. I bought this as a replacement for an older model harmony and i like the sleek design. One thing that took some getting used to is that unlike the former model when the remote responds to the touch of your finger, this one seems to respond with the release of your finger. I found myself holding my finger in place at first thinking the remote was defective. Once i discovered the trick, it was worked fine ever since.

W. Dorine, Trafford says

First, this review is by ken not cynthia. . Christmas day, my wife (cynthia) fried the remote that came with our b&k ref 50 as she attempted to clean it. As a result, off to buy a new remote. We reviewed a number of replacements. Specifically, there were many references on the web to harmony 650 remote as a current (modern) replacement for the b&k sr10. 1. After digging into the reviews, my concern was being able to easily setup a remote that would allow us to integrate the 8 devices hanging on the ref 50. Most importantly, allow remote integration with the digital tv converter (yes we cut the cord. 4 years ago) with the other devices. . After reading the reviews for the harmony 950 i was concerned, but having setup the sr10. 1 myself, i had a really hard time believing many of the reviews stating the difficult time they had programming the harmony 950. Well it arrived yesterday and i was ready for the process to take multiple hours, including taking some anger suppressants as i called tech support (woo-sa). I'm happy to report that the process was a snap. I am very sorry those other reviewers found this device so difficult to use, but using the download software made the process way too easy. . Now with one button i turn the projector, ref 50, and tv tuner, the ref-50 and projector sync to the proper video input and the ref-50 and tuner are set for the proper inputs. Sweet. . And most important, the wife is even happier. She blew up the other remote on purpose . Just kidding :d. Glad she did. . Surprises:. * found a few roku apps already programed on the device once i got it started. Now, no need to search my listing of roku apps just hit the button. * the "activity" setup was way too easy. Come on logitech at least make that part hard. Joking :). . I wish they had:. * i was a bit concerned when i opened the box and there was only a very small setup guide manual. Hey where's the software? i guess that's a way to save money. As long as the savings is passed on, i'm ok with it. Bottom line if you don't have internet that could be a problem. Oh, but you're reading this review so let's assume you have internet access. No big deal. * i wish the setup would/could have ability to read the roku apps i've already setup, that way when i use my remote all my apps are already there. Hey harmony 950 product manager . Go work on that partnership ; ). . All in all. Good job logitech. I guess i can start looking to you all for more than my mouse point device.

O. Dorothy, Corse says

I replaced my old harmony one that had been working just fine for 5 years. Then it got dropped and starting having issues. This is my replacement and so far it works great. In my opinion the screen sensitivity is a bit high but it works great.

P. Colleen, Birmingham

Nice quality. Feels good to hold. . Either i'm now old, or the type is just way too small on the buttons. The harmony one i replaced (because wear on the buttons made it so i had to press really hard for it to work), had larger text and an overall larger surface area. . I feel that they tried to compact this remote into a smaller form size and it somewhat hurt the functionality. You must be careful when using the touch screen if you have fat fingers or don't look carefully. . Take this remote and stretch it a bit taller allowing everything to be a little larger and it would be 5 stars for me.

M. Theresa, New Jersey says

This is a pricey little beast, but worth it if your a/v system is complex. My own system includes 8 devices, and a couple are "legacy" equipment (carver and marantz). Surprisingly, all these units were in the harmony library. Programming the remote at the simplest level is trivially simple, and the wizard leads you through it easily. But actually, you don't need to spend nearly this much if basic operation is all that's needed. Where this remote excels is in custom programmed operations that would be clumsy if done with the individual device controllers. It allows creation of "activities" which are setup scripts that perform chosen actions by a single button push from the touch screen. For example one of my activities is "watch roku". Tapping this icon executes all of the following:. Lg tv on, select hdmi 2 (arc channel) ; yamaha a/v receiver on, set to hdmi 3, select theater mode spectacle, volume to -30, ; roku on, home screen up. Watching roku actually requires all that, but without the 950 i have to juggle 3 remotes. . Currently i have programmed 7 activities, and will add another when i put the remote control gas valve on our fireplace. Maybe i'll name it get cozy. . It isn't perfect; battery life is a bit short (3 days for us) and if there is no power near your tv watching chair, the dock must live elsewhere. My 1 complaint is the hard-wired gesture screen which comes up automatically. This cannot be shut off or bypassed. The problem is (this actually happened) if someone unfamiliar with the remote, say a guest, picks it up with the gesture screen active, they can inadvertently run the volume up to max, which for my system is way too loud. (i since activated the yamaha volume limit function). Also the remote-to-remote ir learn function doesn't work reliably, so trying to insert a command that is not in the library is iffy. . Overall, this remote is very well thought out and really versatile.

D. Gilmore, Wiltshire

Replaced a much older version that did not support apple tv. This device was easy to set-up and easy to use.

K. Wells, Arkansas says

I was a little nervous buying this used, but when i did have to call logitech for help, they were wonderful, even knowing that it was used they didn't try to deny responsibility to help me fix it. The set up copied all of my settings from the previous logitech remote, though i did have to make a few minor changes. It actually works better that my original harmony in that it will completely control my roku, where the older one didn't.

X. Cageen, Delaware

Warning:excellent product only buy if you want to be satisfied. . This comment has been edited since my initial review. For those of you who are dubm like me, here is how you pair the remote if you already have a hub. Go into the my harmony program on your pc. Click on your hub and click the big huge update device button. Add your remote and follow the on screen instructions. . For those of you who had a previous harmony remote and upgraded before, this is not the same as adding a remote like you use to, but by following the instructions above you should have a much better time. I would also like to make a shoutout to logitech's excellent customer support. I waited quite a while for someone to pick up the phone, but while i was being serviced i never felt rushed. And if they weren't actively helping people like me on online store, i would have kept my review negative and moved on with my life. Thank you for being patient and helping me set up my device! . . . This remote is not functionally the same as a harmony elite hub combo. After purchasing this item separately from the hub, i come to find out it won't control any of my lights, nor is it possible to control my pc. Huge step back considering the price point. I struggle to find a reason to even purchase this device when you could get a hub for cheaper and control everything with your phone. Save yourself the trouble and either go all in with the $350 dollar purchase, or just buy a hub.

. Nancy, Windsor and Maidenhead says

I owned the basic logitech hub. I wanted to add the ultimate remote but didn't want to buy the $350 version with hub. . While it is super hidden on their website you can absolutely add this to your existing hub, here is how. 1) update you hub to latest software. 2) buy this remote. 3) ignore the instructions it comes with, charge it, ignore the instructions on screen. 4) open your harmony app on your ipad and choose 'harmony upgrade'. 5) choose add remote. 6) click ad now. 7) follow the prompts to add remote (press mute and menu on remote). 8) one this is finished you will need to connect the remote to your pc to update firmware, but that's it. . Now you have all the features of the most expensive remote for less money than buying new and not waste having multiple hubs - woo hoo. I hope this helps someone. . Note each hub can only have one touch remote + one smart keyboard + one non-touch remote, while the hubs get different names they actually all seem to be identical - i bought my first smart hub when they came out with the smart keyboard. This is working find with those. . Alex. Ps great remote, much better weighting and layout, you can customize what buttons appear on the lcd in activities and devices and re-order all from the remote.

I. Patton, Michigan

This is a well thought out and crafted remote control. Positive features are that it works seamlessly to control multiple devices once you set it up. It is also rechargeable so you do not have to buy any batteries. You can recharge it on the provided charging dock/cradle or with the supplied usb cable. The device does go into sleep mode about 10 seconds after you put it down but it wakes up when you pick it up again. It also has a nice, albeit somewhat small, color touchscreen. A feature that may be a bit of a drag for some is that this is not one of those remotes that you just point at the device you want to use it on and the remote recognizes the device, after programming in the make and model of the device. Instead, you have to first plug in this remote to your computer, with the provided usb cable, then download an app from logitech and set up an account. At that point you will have to input the make and model number of each device that you want the remote to operate. Setting up all this programming can be a bit time consuming depending on how easy it is for you to find the model number of your devices and how many devices you want the remote to operate. After that, it's all pretty much a breeze, except if you need any help there is no manual that comes with the remote to provide any operating instructions, other than to plug into the device to your computer, etc. , as described. So, internet access is critical to the whole operation. Finally, i must say that this remote has a sleek and well-crafted design to it, with just the right amount of heft, balance, and snazziness.

Top harmony ir remote Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

A. April, Oregon says

I want to love this beautiful remote, which i'm sure other folks adore. However, while it does work in a very basic way with our television and entertainment center (turns it on and off), it is virtually useless for any other functions. We have it programmed to turn on netflix, but it seems to do something different every time we press that action. It is a disappointment, and i do wonder if it is because of the age of our smart tv (it is from 2013). The model is: lg electronics 60ph6700 60-inch 1080p 600hz active 3d plasma hdtv with smart tv (black) (2013 model). Both my daughter and i have worked with the remote, but we just can't seem to get it working. When i try to get the two remotes to communicate, nothing happens-so i can never set a button for my smart menu on my tv. . The remote itself is really nice. It comes with both a usb charger (which you use to connect to your computer for programming) and a stand charger, which is really nice, so you a. Hopefully never lose the remote again, and b. Never need batteries for the remote again! the remote wakes up when you pick it up and has a clear screen that is easy to read. It is a "smart" remote. However, i do wish the programming process was a little simpler. I believe maybe more could be done with my remote, so we could at least use it to operate the tv without programming in actions, but i haven't figured that out yet. It is just too complicated and i don't feel like spending time on the phone with customer service at this point. . I'm not giving up, i'm just trying to work with it every couple of days. It may never work. Who knows.

O. Wimbish, Virginia

The remote has a good feel. The recharging dock ensures the battery is always ready to go. Also, they finally put the transport buttons below the screen where you can reach them. The remote works well with most devices. However, i subtracted two-stars because it's too slow when used with a tivo. I have adjusted all the available delays, but, it's just too slow to effectively skip commercials as the response is greatly delayed from when you push the play button. You then have to rewind much too far to correct. . This is not a "get used to it" issue. The response from the keys are just too slow.

. Sarah, Leicester says

Every time i start tv active i have to push help button. Sometime another activities too.

N. Fabian, Gloucestershire

Many functions didn't work on the first press. When entering a 3 digit channel number, it often missed one or more of the digits. Very annoying. $250 for this? it was returned.

T. McCarthy, New York says

I really, really wanted to like this expensive remote control. I've had a harmony 670 for close to a decade, and it has been rock-solid, but i've grown weary of loading aaa's into it every few months. So i decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to a device with a charging cradle, a vastly updated user-interface, added flexibility, etc. After charging the unit, i installed the new myharmony software (used my old logitech harmony credentials to create a new account), had it transfer the settings from my old 670 to the new 950, and then proceeded to test. The 950 worked just fine, *until* i got more than 10 feet away from my home theatre system. The infrared (ir) signal just would not reliably carry any further than that. I have a very large tv, and some of my seating is up to 15 feet away from it; hence the remote just won't work from those seats. My old 670 works just fine at that distance, however. It could be that if i spent an extra $100 and invested in the harmony elite (which is basically a 950 with a hub), i might have better luck, but i have no way of knowing for sure. Plus i really don't want to add yet another device (the hub) to my media console. I should note that none of my av equipment is enclosed or behind glass. It is wide open, center facing, and i really don't think 15 feet is an unreasonable distance for an ir remote to work at, given that a nearly 10-year-old discontinued logitech remote works fine at that distance. Given that nobody else seems to be complaining about this in the reviews, i have little hope that logitech will ever "beef up" the ir signal on their future remotes, particularly as more and more newer av equipment switches to rf. So, for now i guess i'll just clean up my 670 and keep on using it.

M. Maria, Wiltshire

I am the sorry owner of 4 of these overhyped and overpriced devices. One is used in a home theater, and two others are intended to run multiple devices other a tv. One simply operates a tv. I am using these devices along with a direct tv genie. I have a 4k "client" and have 4k netflix service that i can view on an lg oled 4k 55" set. The problems with the 950 are multiple. It is impossible to program without a computer and harmony software is complex and very user unfriendly. The program has no way to identify which 950 you are programming or editing; that's up to the user, a problem if you have multiple remotes as i do. All 27 buttons are small, crammed together in a 2 in x 3 and a half inch space and can be very difficult to identify in dim light. The worse feature is the touch screen which just doesn't work consistently on any of my devices. You can trigger a response by just passing your finger over a number or icon. Often this is not the number or icon you intended to touch. Or sometimes you have to touch an icon or number multiple times to get any response. This can be very frustrating when you are trying to enter a 3 digit channel number. The 950 measures 7 and half inches by 2 and weighs 6. 0 onces. Dedicated remotes for your electronic devices, especially the direct tv genie remote, are infinitely more user friendly and reliable. I have had these for 10 days now and have asked both the dealer and logitech for a refund on my purchase. Logitech won't respond and the dealer simply became very angry with me when i expressed my disappointment.

B. Shawna, Lincolnshire says

We are so happy with it! this one is our third one. The first was good the second was okay but extremely hard to program it was model 650 i think, this model is a dream to program. My husband loves it!

L. Rita, Derby

Works as described, but ir signal is weak compared to previous logitech remotes such as harmony 880.

W. Widmer, Hillingdon says

This is the *t o u c h yest* thing! it's my 4th logitech remote since they starting making them 10-15 years ago? the screen on this is overly sensitive - and i can't see any way to adjust that. Seems like i look at it cross-eyed, and it just starts flipping thru screens. I miss my previous model - which isn't sold anymore - since i cracked it's screen. Have always loved logitech products, but not this one so much.

I. Mable, Sefton

Purchased this remote to replace older harmony one, but even though the logitech software found all of our home theater components (samsung tv & bluray dvd, yamaha a/v receiver & apple tv) & made proper inputs into the remote for all of them, it failed to operate them much of the time. For example, it would not turn power on or off, failed to use the correct hdmi inputs or outputs, & on a number of occasions sent signals to the system that completely mixed it up & were difficult to sort out & restore to normal operation. I tried a number of times to use the software to check, restore or change settings but found the software to be very user unfriendly in doing so. Also the new remote unit has been made much smaller with more difficult to use buttons & caused us to accidentally hit the wrong ones. So after much frustration, we have returned it & will continue to use our older harmony one remote. We had hoped that the harmony 950 would be better than what we had, but it wasn't.

E. Lisa, Yukon Territory says

I have had a harmony one since they first came out. The battery was finally going and when i went to replace it i found the old battery was stuck in the body. Turns out that is a common problem. As a baseline i would rate the harmony one at 4. 5 stars. My only real objection to it was that it didn't have the abcd buttons that my dvr and online store seem to always want. I have been using the 950 for about a month now. I like the layout of the buttons, the high definition screen is very easy to read, and the ability to put icons for the channels i watch on the remote is convenient. Unfortunately there are a number of cons that bring my rating down. First, by now i would expect that logitech would have made the transfer to a 950 seamless. Not. It wasn't that hard, but i basically had to go through the whole install. Not much different than if i hadn't had the harmony one. Second the lcd screen has issues. First when picking the remote up to put into the charger, my system will often go on, or change what i'm watching. In order to put it in the charger you have to hold the bottom of the remote. Second the screen often doesn't take input, requiring multiple touches before it sends the signal. Third, while the remote has abc & d buttons, they don't have a backlight. They are a minor pain to use in the dark. The final con is the price. In my opinion the remote is overpriced. At $249. I actually paid considerably less via a logitech deal from their web site so i haven't deducted that from the points on my review. Bottom line is that it is a good remote that could have been great.

C. Susana, Barnet

I have mixed feelings. I originally bought the harmony companion with the hub and i was not aware that it was limited to only 6 devices. During setup i found my denon receiver counted as two devices (zone 2 is a separate device). I only had 4 left and i had a tv, apple tv, dvd, ps3, a hi def player, and several sonos players to go. 15 devices in all. I called logitech and found i could add 8 more devices (total 15) by buying this remote. That is the only reason i bought this second remote. The installation of the second remote was not straight forward and i had to get tech support to walk me through it. . Anyway, setup was fairly easy. Harmony had all my devices in the database and even linked up with both my ps3 and the apple tv. A nice feature is harmony can upload the sonos favorites list and set the favorite of your choice on the activity start. The remotes have a nice feel to them and i especially like the companion. The companion has the bare minimum in buttons. It has only 3 activity buttons and you can "long press" these buttons for three more. There are very few extra buttons for custom programming, a major bummer for me. . I bought this system to interface with online store echo and smartthings and it does do this but i found i rarely use this feature. As i rarely use the smartphone app. The remotes are always the first to be grabbed. I was trying to replace the wonderful urc remotes i have now. My oldest remotes required windows xt and i can't program them anymore. The newer urc r40 remote is still the family favorite and after hiding it, my wife declared that she hated the new remotes (harmony companion and harmony elite (950)) and i had to retrieve the urc. Now we have problems since the harmony remotes keep track of what is on and off and the urc remote changes are unknown to the harmony. My wife turned on the system with the urc and i later tried to change volume with the harmony and it didn't work. I pushed the "watch tv" button and it changed the channel to the harmony initial channel i specified for startup. Argh! . Then, i wanted to turn on our deck speakers (zone 2) for guests and harmony did it perfectly but it also turned off the main zone where we were watching a movie. I'm still not sure if i can fix that with programming. . The 950 remote by harmony is sometimes challenging as it has a lot fewer buttons (no numbers for example) and puts the missing buttons in the touch screen menus and controls. It also puts the frequently used buttons like guide, & dvr below the arrow keys. I like the placement with the companion and the urc much better. . I think overall, the harmony remotes are ok. But the urc remotes are an almost perfect button layout and harmony is a slight step down in comparison. Harmony remotes have no backlighting (urc does) and finding the buttons in a dark room is almost impossible.

R. Guest, Richmond upon Thames says

Solid remote. I own the 650 and honestly can't say it's worth the enormous price difference. It's slicker, but not mind blowing and not worth $200.

V. Garner, West Virginia

Once you get the harmony 950 properly set up, it is fabulous-when it works. One press on its touch-sensitive screen and the tv, cable box (or roku) and sound system all turn on and set themselves appropriately. The problem is that this doesn't always happen the way it's supposed to. Often, one or more of the devices either won't switch on or won't choose the right mode. Then, you must either turn everything off and try again or switch from "activity" mode to "device" mode to manually correct the problem. . I suspect that this has more to do with the individual devices than with the harmony, but i don't know that for sure. It can't be an easy assignment to build one controller that can speak to the electronics of multiple different manufacturers who are probably all doing things differently. Even when i use each individual manufacturer's remote, button presses are sometimes missed. Still, i have to rate the product on its utility to me, and the harmony's frequent malfunctions detract significantly from my satisfaction. . Set-up was also not simple. The codes that the harmony was trying to use to set the input mode for my toshiba tv to either hdmi1 or hdmi2 were incorrect. To logitech's credit, their myharmony software (that installs on your pc) allows you to fix an issue like this by selecting the proper codes and reprogramming the remote, and while they don't actually provide step-by-step guidance for this process, they do point you in the right direction. After a little perspiration and head-scratching, i was able to make it work. . If the 950 worked right every time (or even almost every time), i'd be happy to forgive the one-time set-up problems and give the product 5 stars. But, as is, the flaws are too serious to overlook.

. Wells, Michigan says

Good, but too complicated and doesn't do some things that the harmony one did.

. Aldana, Corse

Piece of junk. Website will not download harmony pc software so i can program the remote - keep getting an error message. This is the 3rd and final attempt i have made at using a harmony product - all have failed. This one i will return. Will try to find something out there that actually works.

K. Anonymous, Texas says

Bought this to replace the 650 that you constantly have to press the help button to get it to work correctly. Have the same problem once again. . Customer service is fantastic when you have a problem. The problem is you have to constantly call or email them with the same problem over and over again. This device is nicer to use than the 650 but i am no convinced that its an improvement. Frustrating.

G. Olga, Pennsylvania

Probably the best compatibility out there for all your devices. Unfortunately, the is a slight but very noticeable delay from when you press a button and the corresponding device responds. After about a week i became fed up with this compromise and subsequently returned the remote. Kind of mind boggling a $200+ dollar remote responds slower than a $10 universal remote. The remote does have a surprising amount of settings regarding delay of inputs, i re calibrated these based on direction from customer service as well as community forums, but couldn't get the response speed to acceptable levels. . The software for programming new devices was very easy to use. The ui on the phone is simple and intuitive, though again, a bit on the slow side. Please do note, while this was able to control every device i threw at it, it couldn't do everything the packed in remotes could do; for example, some functions on my tv (2016 samsung ks8000) aren't possible with this remote, and trying to do so would prompt a message from the tv saying "this function is not possible. Please try again using your samsung smart function remote. ". . I could see this not being an issue for most, with the convenience of one remote to control over a dozen different devices being more important. But for me personally, it was a deal breaker. If you're the type who upgrades tech frequently for minor upgrades, i'd imagine you may have similar issues with the slowness of this remote. Ultimately, i've settled for two remotes, the standard remote that came with my tv and a ps4 universal remote. *my use for the remote was intended primarily with my home theater setup (tv, audio equipment, game systems, multiple set-top boxes), while i did test it with my hue lights the native hue app on smart devices is far superior.

Q. Paige, Minnesota says

I have to give logitech support a 0 out of 10. The original remote had issues with the touch screen. The number, 0 (zero), worked intermittently. I sent an email to logitech requesting technical support. At first i received a couple of procedures to put the remote through but they did not work. Additional support requests to logitech went unanswered. So finally, i just replaced the remote through online store and the new one appears to work fine. Nothing good to say about logitech support

. Lara, Medway

My issue is with the apparent lack of quality of the new harmony remotes. I had a harmony one for many years and, frankly, it was a fantastic piece of equipment. . I bought a harmony 950 27 days ago to replace it. Design is lovely, functionality is good. I would have rated it 5 stars. . However, in that period of time i have had to reboot the remote almost every week. . First time, the display went completely on the fritz. The other times are right after i remove from charging cradle when battery is low. After charging overnight and removing from cradle, the battery still shows low battery. The switch between battery level and time does not work either. Once remote is rebooted, all is ok and battery shows correct level. . I called today and asked for a replacement, which logitech is processing. However, i am concerned with longevity. . Let's hope this was a one off.

X. Dorine, Ohio says

I bought this to replace the pile of five remotes on my chairside table. Thought that i would do it right the first time and get the top of the line model. I am almost on a first name basis with harmony tech support. It is way too touchy so that needed to be addressed. Activities are too close together so it is easy to hit netflix when i wanted to watch tv. Buttons are confusing and small. It sometimes worked on the soundbar and sometimes didnt. So. I still have five remotes on the table next to me and i added a small flashlight.

P. Wilson, Northumberland

This particular logitech harmony 950 is a definitely do not buy. It has heat sensitive button controls and display. Placing your had on the controller to pick it up or put it down will turn on or change your tv, start a movie un intended, change channels but most probably get itself mixed up and hard to get to any tv channel , get it turned on or off, and if you have a sound system, it will change the input source of the sound, turn off the sound system and generally make a mess of things before you know it because the controls are so sensitive to touch. It is the very worst remote i have seen in the last 35 years f owning a remote controlled tv. . Also, logitech customer support is the worst i have ever experienced in the 25 years i have been on the internet. Try to find a place to ask a question on their site. Try even to "contact" them like most companies. Pitiful. Sure makes me want to buy from another company. And this goes for the harmony 350 which i bought, two harmony 700s which i bought and now the harmony 950. Of all their remotes, the 700 is best which they have now discontinued. Lcj

Y. Wayt, Midi-Pyrenees says

These were great 15 years ago, but they haven't done nearly enough to bring them up to date. The touch is way too sensitive at times and not enough at other times. Also not capacitive touch, so if you lay the remote face down on something (anything) it can easily trigger actions. It's a lot of money for 15-year-old technology that hasn't really progressed at all in that time.

D. Suzanne, Languedoc-Roussillon

Old one was better design. Easier to use and worked much better

Z. Elanor, Washington says

The basic idea and design of this remote is great, but the execution is frustrating. The touch screen is imprecise and laggy, the buttons aren't very responsive, and switching between tv functions often doesn't work. It is way too expensive for how unsatisfying it is to use. Disappointed.

H. Janice, Darlington

I've been a harmony user since the 880. Logitech continues to go backwards since the harmony one. This one went back. Using a basic harmony 700 which works for our use and it's 50 bucks. . Logitech just can't seem to figure out new products. The remote should not be the focus of an entertainment experience. Swipe screens? come one harmony. If we want to use swipe screens we'd use irule on our iphones.

S. Kristen, Swindon says

It's a good product but for the price that costs, they need more robust funcionalities. Some activities don't work 100% accurately.

. Noguera, North East Lincolnshire

Waste of time setting this up. Sync to the cloud on every step. Spent hundreds of hours trying to get this to work correctly and as i intended. Zero documentation support. Tweak, wait, test, wait, endure disappointment, wait, repeat . Ad nauseum.

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