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Price was $21.99. At first, it didn't look like it was going to fit my epson 5030ub as the mounting holes on the projector are in a particular configuration that was sized between the larger and medium arms. The instructions don't mention this, but if you completely remove 2 of the screws that hold the legs in position, you can further shorten the largest arms (line up with one of the holes) and re-add the screws afterwards. Doing this, allowed a perfect fit that didn't require any machining. There are a variety of different screws/bolts to fit your particular set up. . I bolted it to a horizontal joist above the ceiling that we added specifically for this purpose, and it felt snug with no noticeable wiggling, even using the extension arm. The mount offers some vertical tilt, which is helpful in aligning it with the screen. The cable management groove worked fine. . Overall, took about an hour to install twice (don't repeat my mistake. Make sure you have enough cable length to reach your hdmi and power connections before installing you so that don't have to redo the installation of the extension. I was not able to move the cables afterward everything was assembled, granted both the cables i had were on the thick side. ). . Overall, worked great and i would gladly recommend it.

-D. Jacqueline

Universal projector ceiling mount, product overview projector ceiling mount for mounting dlp/ lcd video projectors to ceiling. cold-rolled steel construction. almost zero vibrations compared to aluminum models. perfect -qualgear qg-pm-002-wht universal projector ceiling mount, white

  • Addition: Fits Most Projector Brands With Mounting Holes On Projector Between 1″ And 17. 5″.
  • Addition: 2-in-1 Design Can Be Installed As A Flush Mount Or Telescopic With Height Adjustment 16. 9″ – 25. 6″.

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Very good mount, and much smaller and more low-profile than i expected. I have a large-ish projector, an epson 8350, and it holds it well. The adjustments are a little tricky to make in the non-extended configuration, lots of fine finger-work getting into the allen screws and bolts, and when you're lining up an image that can be frustrating since every movement of the bolt can skew the image, but once it's set it works well. Hasn't budged so far, after several days of use. I'm happy with it, and for the price you can't beat it. #Qualgear Universal Components 17 6lbs Qg Db 003 The Best universal projector ceiling mount ( Sep 2019 ) | Qualgear-Audio Or Video Review Addition QualGear QG-PM-002-WHT Universal Projector Ceiling Mount, White Cold-rolled steel material; durable construction. Fits most projector brands with mounting holes on projector between 1" and 17. 5". 2-in-1 design can be installed as a flush mount or telescopic with height adjustment 16. 9" - 25. 6". Angle adjustments: pitch plus or minus 15 degrees, pivot plus or minus 10 degrees. Features cable management to conceal hdmi, audio, video cables .

Qualgear Qg-pm-002-wht Universal Projector Ceiling Mount, White Review (qg pm 002 wht)

This is my first mount, and it was relatively easy to use and set up. I have an optoma hd143x attached to it, and while there were a bazillion screws to attach projectors, nothing in the box fit the optoma. Thankfully, i have lots of spare parts around and was able to use them to mount it. Also, the holes in the projector are quite close together, so it was tricky using this mount. It probably is easier on a projector that has hold far apart. . Mounting to the ceiling was super easy. I have a drop ceiling in my home theater room, so i just pulled out a panel, nailed a 2x4 between two joists, and used the included lag bolts to attach the mount. No problem. . I'd recommend this for your projector. -R. Wilson

Qualgear Qg Pm 002 Wht Universal Projector Ceiling

  • Order: Electronics
  • Comparable: Qualgear Prb 717 Wht Universal Projector
  • Brand: QualGear
  • Color: White
  • EAN: 0853770005153
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:2.40 inches
    Length:12.40 inches
    Weight:2.80 pounds
    Width:4.10 inches
  • Manufacturer: QualGear LLC
  • Model: QG-PM-002-WHT
  • MPN: QG-PM-002-WHT
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: QG-PM-002-WHT
  • Sub-Type: Receiver Or Amplifier
  • Category: AUDIO OR VIDEO
  • UPC: 608938659309
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

universal projector ceiling mount, Receiver Or Amplifier, Product overview projector ceiling mount for mounting dlp/ lcd video projectors to ceiling. cold-rolled steel construction. almost zero vibrations compared to aluminum models. perfect choice for classrooms and home theaters. product benefits easy installation as 1-2-3 1. install the ceiling mount 2. attach projector to the mounting bracket 3. hang the projector mount assembly over the ceiling mount quick connect features quick connect/release of projector assembly from the bracket cable management built-in cable management to conceal hdmi, audio and video cables adjustments features telescopic height adjustment from 16. 9 to 25. 6 inches features horizontal and vertical angle adjustments for perfect projection projector compatibility designed to fit most popular brands note: if your projector has holes more than 17. 5 inches apart or weighs more than 44 lbs, this mount will not work for your projector. please check specifications to see if this mount is compatible with your projector specifications color: white maximum weight supported: 44 lbs/20 kgs ceilings supported: regular ceilings (drywall or wooden beams) note: this mount does not support vaulted ceilings and walls mounting options 2-in-1 design can be installed as a flush mount (or) telescopic with height adjustment 16. 9 - 25. 6 inches minimum distance from ceiling (w/o extension column): 4. 7 in/ 12 cm minimum distance from ceiling: 16. 9 in/ 43 cm maximum distance from ceiling: 25. 6 in/ 65 cm minimum distance between mounting holes: 1 in/ 2. 5 cm maximum distance between mounting holes: 17. 5 in/ 44. 5 cm adjustments pitch: -15 to +15 degrees roll: -8 to +8 degrees Qualgear Qg-pm-002-wht Universal Projector Ceiling Mount, White (QG-PM-002-WHT-Qualgear).

Qualgear Qg Pm 002 Wht Universal Projector Ceiling Receiver Or Amplifier

  • Full disclosure, i have been offered a gift in return for a review. . I ordered this mount to install a new epson hc2030. The packaging was good, item was secure and arrived in perfect condition. The materials are top notch, solid steel all around. It might be heavier than the projector. It looks good with a low gloss finish. Installation was a bit tricky, took a few tried to get a good mounting position with the 3 mounting holes on the epson. Instructions were clear and easy to follow, once to take your time and read them. . There are a lot of adjustments that can be made to get the projector level. I was able to get it mounted without needing any keystone adjustments pretty quickly. I like the easy cable management up the extension arm, makes for a cleaner install. There are a ton of parts in the box, but the screws are nicely labeled. I'm sure this would allow installation on just about anything you could want to hang from a ceiling. . If i had complaints, it would be that it was a little confusing deciding the configuration i needed to get the mount onto the projector, but that's what happens when you use a universal mount. . Overall, i'm very satisfied with the mount. It works great and looks good too.
  • You get a solid ceiling mount with interchangeable brackets to fit any projector and different size screws as well! all that for $17? worth it! it's even adjustable on the x and y axis to ensure the projector makes an even screen! i love it!
  • Qualgear Qg Kit Ca 3in W Projector Accessory
  • Kinda hard to get exact adjustment
  • Iv got to be honest i chucked this one it does not look good at all off white metal pole coming down just doesn't fit into any room in my opinion it was perfectly functional sure if i put to much time and effort into my home theatre to have something tacky in the middle id recommend to the company to go with black or stainless steel
  • The product itself seems strong and versatile, however be careful, you may not receive the right color. My order was from ehotcafe. I cannot file a claim about the color or against the seller for some reason.

universal projector ceiling mount QualGear QG-PM-002-WHT Universal Projector Ceiling Mount, White (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This was my second attempt at a mount for my new viewsonic pro8530hdl projector. But i have an odd setup with the shape and composition of my area. I have cathedral ceilings in my great room, so i knew i wasn't going to support this from the ceiling. But i do have a 3/4 floating wall between the kitchen and the great room, with cabinets on the other side. I had figured on using one of these mounts, but "upside down" from their normal position of hanging, and use it to mount something up while mounted to the top of the kitchen cabinets, holding this up so it would peek over the wall. . The first one i had wouldn't span the slightly larger distance between a couple of the oles, and one of the mounts was just not sized right. I returned that, and hoped this would do better. . I loved the layout of this compared to the other. Everything was similar, just better. Especially the claw that you mount the projector to. The options for parts made it easy to size and mount my projector. . My downside is that this is designed to be used hanging from the ceiling, just like a ceiling fan mount is designed to allow you to hang the ceiling fan from it until you get things hooked up. This is the same - the mount by the claw has notches so you can literally hang it from the pole, giving you time to insert the bolts that will tighten it into a specific position. Doing what i was doing, the base mounted on the bottom and the arm sticking vertically up with the projector on top is the opposite, so it was more of a pain to get set. But it went fine. . Even this way, used in a direction it's not designed to handle, it was very solid, and stable. I was able to line things up right and had no issues with movement. Unfortunately, it turns out that this position is 12 to 18 inches too far from the wall mounted screen, and i can't shrink the picture enough to fit the screen without it being over the edges. So i have a relative who owns a metal fabrication shop making me a custom plate i designed that i'll mount to the wall directly, with a diving board type platform sticking out past the wall now for this to sit on. . So while i can't use this mount due to the positioning of things, it worked flawlessly. I have no complaints.

Qualgear Qg-pm-002-wht Universal Projector Ceiling Mount, White
Click to see NoticeQualgear Qg-pm-002-wht Universal Projector Ceiling Mount, White (qg pm 002 wht)"Setup was relatively simple. Installation was not super difficult, although my projector does not have a zoom function, so it required precision placement. The fine tuning could have been a little more simplified (multiple bolts to tighten on all 4 sides), but eventually got there. Not sure why the attachment bolts are silver when the entire unit is black. Black bolts would have been nicer, but a little black paint will get the job done."

(0) Question: The only threaded holes on my projector are on the bottom, would i just mount it upside down?

(1) Question: Can the mount twist 360 degrees? there is no mention if it can twist, and how many degrees. any recommendations on anchors if mounted into drywall?

(2) Question: Will this work on the optoma hd70?

Best Choice Products 119in Ultra HD 1:1 Gain Indoor Pull Down Manual Widescreen Wall Mounted Projector Screen Home, Cinema, TV, Theater, Office - White

It works well, and was shipped well packaged. It rolls up and down nicely. Remember, however that it is a square screen and things you may want to use it for (especially stuff intended to be viewed on a tv) may not be square, so you do not fill the whole screen. It is a great buy, however.

Experience crisp, bright images like never before with this projector screen, featuring a 1:1 high gain and an easy-to-maintain anti-static, anti-acid matte white screen. Complete with a white metal carrying case that s easy to mount and use, this smooth-operating projector screen is perfect for home theaters, businesses, and classrooms. No matter your audience, you deserve quality with this 119 manual projector screen from best choice products! specifications: overall package dimensions: 94. 5 (l) x 6. 0 (w) x 5. 3 (h); screen dimensions (within white lines): 92. 5 (l) x 74. 5 (h); diagonal screen dimensions: 119 ; case dimensions: 92. 5 (l) x 4. 75 (w); weight: 21. 9 lbs. ; operation: manual; gain: 1:1; viewing angle: 160 ; color: matte white; case color: white; material: fabric, metal; no assembly required;

Best Choice Products 119in Ultra HD 1:1 Gain Indoor Pull Down Manual Widescreen Wall Mounted Projector Screen Home, Cinema, TV, Theater, Office - WhiteBest-Choice-Products-Projector-Entertainment

Best Choice Products Projector Projection (sky1182) FAQ.

I'm writing a review to help people like me who's undecided on every purchase i'm making. So anyway, got the package in 2 days. Very fast shipping, i didn't expect a huge package in front of my doorstep. It is on good packaging box. The screen itself is huge! a little wrinkle on the left side but no big deal i already expected that from reviews and it didn't bother me since it got straitened up after 1 movie. Installing is a no brainer. 2 screws and it's already mounted. I would say the quality for me as a new projector owner is a a+++. It's cheap, huge, and good quality. I was ready to purchase a 3 year old screen on craigslist for $50 and here i found a brand spankin new screen for $20 more and i got me a bombiznitz projector screen. Very happy . F. Y. I i installed it on my new patio deck. Outdoor. It's summer time and i will practically use this almost everyday until i get tired of it. But on winter i might take it inside to avoid moisture. Thanks for reading. -Notice from P. Jennifer, Westminster

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Husband loved the size of the screen and the ease of use.

Best-choice-products-projector-projection-(sky1182) set picture

- Y. ElidaIt's very nice it works great and the price was fantastic thank you so much

It was easy to install i got wall mounts and was able to mount it. Although other users have complained about a plastic smell, it does go away after 2-3 movies :). I loved the way it rolls back into place after use. Taking a star off since the middle section frame looks like it was punched ( other users have uploaded the pic ) but i look at the functionality aspect of this screen. Please remember this is a 1:1 ratio screen and i could still throw a 16:9 image which means you are wasting the bottom portion.

O. Meghan, Rutland

Price :    $57.99
  • White matte screen and black border results in uniform light diffusion and optimal picture contrast for a clear display
  • Easy to mount and maintain, featuring a lightweight and durable metal casing and an anti-fabric, anti-static screen
  • Experience crisp images with this 1:1 high gain screen for high-resolution display and hd projection, suitable for led, lcd, and dlp projectors
  • Perfect for homes, entertainment rooms, businesses, and classrooms; screen dimensions: 92. 5"(l) x 74. 5"(h)
  • Built-in self lock mechanism: simply pull the screen and it will stay put
Brand :    best choice products
Color :    White
Size :    119in Pull Down
Model :    SKY1182
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Ce :    Best Office Electronics (best choice products product review) for Best Choice Products 119in Ultra HD 1:1 Gain Indoor Pull Down Manual Widescreen Wall Mounted Projector Screen Home, Cinema, TV, Theater, Office - White available ( Sep 2019 )

VIVO Universal Extending White Ceiling Projector Mount/Height Adjustable Projection MOUNT-VP02W

It's not quite universal, as i found when trying to make it fit to my optoma. But removing one of the arms and twisting things around to fit, it seems to work - though it looks a little awkward. The instructions are pretty much word-free and the images are not always that clear,

Mount-vp02w is a brand new, heavy duty, universal ceiling projector mount. Ideal for any home or office, this high grade steel mount is weight tested at 30lbs and designed with adjustable arms to fit most projector brands with mounting ranges from 2" to 12. 5". Mount-vp02w extends from 15" to 23" from flat ceilings to fit the user's needs. Features include 15 degree tilt, 15 degree swivel, and 360 degree rotation to maximize projection angles. Simple tightening of joints makes this as fluid or stationary as desired. This is a quick assembly and comes with common mounting hardware. The projector mount comes in a white finish. Important note: as mentioned above the mounting arms for this projector mount have a maximum reach of 12. 5". Before purchasing, be sure to find the mounting holes on top of your projector and measure the distance between each one (especially the ones diagonal from one another). If all diagonals measure 12. 5" or less then this mount will fit your projector. Compatibility fits most projectors on the market. Distance between mounting holes on back of projector must be 12. 5" diagonally or less high-grade steel supports projectors up to 30 lbs features 15-degree tilt, 15-degree swivel, and 360-degree rotation, hitting all optimal viewing angles adjustable mounting system extends your projector from 15" to 23" from the ceiling surface possesses quick release hooks that detach and attach by loosening and tightening mounting bolts quick assembly and comes with common mounting hardware

VIVO Universal Extending White Ceiling Projector Mount/Height Adjustable Projection MOUNT-VP02WVIVO-Universal-Adjustable-Projection-MOUNT-VP02W

Vivo Universal Adjustable Projection Mount Vp02w (Consumer Electronics) FAQ.

Works good. Thin but very inexpensive as well. Worked well for the kids room i put it in. -Notice from H. Widmer, Michigan

Click to Show vivo universal adjustable projection mount vp02w (consumer electronics) Details

Very sturdy and easy to mount. Assembling the pieces is a jigsaw puzzle since manual isn't that great, but it is not rocket science and you'll get thru that part. Once you are past that, its a breeze. They come with anchors if you are mounting on drywall (i wouldn't recommend) but i loved the expensive hexnut/philips screw head. If you are mounting on a stud, use your ratchet and you'll love the mounting part. Worth every penny

Vivo-universal-adjustable-projection-mount-vp02w-(consumer-electronics) set picture

- E. ElanorThis is a really well made projector mount, easy to put together and very solid construction. The only downside is - it doesn't fit some of the larger projectors - like the epson 5040ub or epson home cinema 4000. I was only able to get 3 of the 4 legs attached to it.

The vivo mount worked perfectly to mount my optoma hd142x to the ceiling. The mount is extremely versatile and designed to not only securely hold your equipment but also allows for it to be adjusted at multiple angles at multiple points on the mount to get your picture just right. I was hesitant about whether i could mount my projector to the ceiling behind my ceiling fan and still get the picture where i wanted. With this mount and its adjustable extension it was a piece of cake. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a solid projector mount.

U. Joanna, Southampton

Price :    $15.78 (was $17.99)
  • Universal mounting fitting the majority of projectors on the market. distance between mounting holes on back of projector must be between 2" to 12. 5" diagonally
  • Telescoping height adjustment mounting system extends your projector from 15" to 23" from the ceiling surface
  • Solid construction made entirely of high grade steel, supporting projectors up to 30 lbs
  • Fully adjustable with 15-degree tilt, 15-degree swivel, and 360-degree rotation, hitting all the right viewing angles
  • Easy installation with quick release hooks that attach and detach by tightening and loosening mounting bolts
Brand :    vivo
Color :    White
Model :    MOUNT-VP02W
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (vivo product review) for VIVO Universal Extending White Ceiling Projector Mount/Height Adjustable Projection MOUNT-VP02W available ( Sep 2019 )

Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater Projector

When i received this it was fantastic great picture really bright and i was very impressed , now 2 months later the picture has dimmed considerably and i cannot get any help from optoma customer service, this is the most disappointing part. The bulb started having issues at only 300 hrs and is rated for 10, 000 hrs. I even tried to order a replacement bulb myself to fix it as optoma doesn't seem to care, the bulb is not in stock which leads me to believe they might have an issue if they cannot keep a std part in stock. As a fyi i waited a full 10 days of getting no response from them after they opened my issue ticket and my last contact from them , before writing this review, i wanted to give optoma a chance to fix this before i reviewed the product, i have emailed them back several times in the last 10 days to no avail. If its working it is amazing. * update - after writing this i was contacted by marty, who did a great job in resolving my issue and getting me a replacement bulb. With the new bulb everything was back to normal and the picture brightness issue was fixed. (thanks marty) i hope in the future the rest of the customer support staff can react like marty and not let a small issue turn into a large one. I am able to now run virtually all the time in eco mode again with a great , bright , picture even during the day.

Uhd60 is a state of the art 4k ultra high definition (uhd) projector for home cinema and home theater capable of delivering ultra sharp images with a high level of detail and breathtaking color. With 4 times the pixels of 1080p, an ultra high resolution of 3840x2160, 3000 lumens, 1, 000, 000:1 contrast ratio, high dynamic range in the form of hdr10, vertical lens shift and a massive 1. 6x zoom, the optima uhd60 has been engineered to deliver the ultimate 4k uhd home viewing experience. Incorporating ultra hd 4k resolution it brings content to life with thrilling detail, colour and contrast for a stunningly immersive experience. The optima uhd60 is powered by a revolutionary texas instruments 4k dlp uhd chipset with a high performance dmd utilizing xpr video processing technology with fast switching to display 8. 3 million distinct pixels as mandated by the consumer technology association s 4k uhd 2160p specification. The uhd60 can project 4k uhd images up to 140 inches, allowing viewers to be in optimum viewing area to enjoy all 4k uhd pixels, from a distance of up to 16 feet. The average 50-65 inch 4k uhd tv simply cannot match this, as viewers typically sit further away from their tv than the optimum viewing area of 6-9 feet. High dynamic range is the true star of the 4k uhd show, leveraging rec. 2020 and dci-p3 color gamut's to deliver bright and luminous whites, the deepest black levels, and beautiful, life-like, real world color that was previously only possible on the big screen at the movies. A generous 15% vertical lens shift and 1. 6x optical zoom provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of installation location within any home, while dual 4w stereo speakers generate audio that is loud and crisp. The lamp life on the uhd60 is a robust 10, 000 hours in eco mode and 15, 000 hours in dynamic mode.

Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater ProjectorOptoma-UHD60-Definition-Theater-Projector

Optoma Uhd60 4k Ultra High Definition Home Theater Projector (Video Device) FAQ.

The 4k works really well. Connected my xbox one s through a yamaha 7. 1 channel 4k receiver and the picture quality is terrific. The up/down shift helps get the image perfectly aligned to the screen. There is no shift left/right and so you need to make sure to install this right. Used the "optoma technology ocm818w-ru" as the mount for this. Was planning to put some pictures here, but, the photos don't do justice. A non 4k photo on a 4k image does not do justice to the image -Notice from . Wells, Isle of Wight

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I have been using 1080p projectors for the last couple of years. This projector is out of the world. You shall be blown away by the picture quality. Though i project on a wall it gave an amazing picture quality. Using it with chromecast ultra for now.

Optoma-uhd60-4k-ultra-high-definition-home-theater-projector-(video-device) set picture

- T. Shawna until now you had to spend $8000 or more to get a real 4k projector. Optoma has changed everything with the release of the uhd60 and uhd65. I had been anticipating the release of a reasonably priced 4k projector for the past 3 years so when i heard that optoma these new models i couldn't wait to get my hands on it. After receiving my pre-ordered uhd60 and testing it i can say i'm truly satisfied. . Although the uhd60/uhd65 are certified 4k projectors, it should be noted that they only have 2716x1528 micro-mirrors but they use pixel shifting to display a true 4k image, unlike the epson 5040ub, which is 1080p with pixel shifting. In short, you're getting real 4k with the uhd60. . Pros:. Price! . Amazingly crisp image quality. Quieter than i expected. It's nice and bright! . Lots of input/output port options. . Cons:. No negative vertical lens shift. (see video for more info). No keystone correction. Only 1 hdmi 2. 0 port. The other one is hdmi 1. 4a. Rec. 709 - it's not a true hdr projector, although it supports rec. 2020 signals. (see video for more info). Size - it's pretty big. Mediocre contrast ratio. Black levels could be better but image quality makes up for it.

I am super excited to have a 4k project to watch movies with my family. The image quality is fantastic. I have this setup in my basement with blackout currents (so low ambient light). The project is super bright under those conditions. Setup took a bit to get the image right, but once i did i could not be happier.

U. Ruby, Bracknell Forest

Brand :    optoma
Color :    WHITE
Weight :    23..11 pounds
Model :    UHD60
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Hdmi 2. 0 and hdcp 2. 2 deliver a full 18gbps for the best 4k uhd video bandwidth, image quality and device compatibility
  • Hdr-compatible - hdr10 produces the brightest whites, deepest blacks, and life-like color due to the rec. 2020 wide color gamut and dci-p3 color gamut compatibility
  • Dynamic black delivers 1, 000, 000:1 contrast ratio for exceptional black levels. displayable colors: 1073. 4 million, aspect ratio: 16:9 native, 4:3 compatible
  • Vertical lens shift and 1. 6x zoom provide an intuitive and flexible installation
  • True 4k uhd 3840x2160 2160p resolution, bright 3000 lumens, and cinematic color with rec. 709. keystone not supported
Price :    $1679.99
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (optoma product review) for Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater Projector available ( Sep 2019 )

QualGear QG-PM-002-BLK-S Projector Ceiling Mount Accessory

Adjustments: low profile flush ceiling mount, easy installation, and cable management. This projector mount works with both regular and sloped (vaulted) ceilings. Features horizontal and vertical angle adjustments for perfect projection. Projector compatibility: universal design that fits most projectors in the market. If your projector weighs more than 29. 7 lbs. , this mount will not work for your projector. Adjustable extension arms are included and they extend up to 400mm to fit wide array of projectors. Specifications: maximum weight supported: 29. 7 lbs. / 13. 5 kgs. Color: black. Ceilings supported: regular wooden ceilings or concrete ceilings. This projector mount supports both regular and sloped ceilings. Pitch angle adjustment: -15 to +15 degrees. Roll angle adjustment: -15 to +15 degrees. Swivel: 360 degrees. Vertical tilt: 0 to 90 degrees.

QualGear QG-PM-002-BLK-S Projector Ceiling Mount AccessoryQualGear-QG-PM-002-BLK-S-Projector-Ceiling-Accessory

Brand :    qualgear
Color :    Black
Weight :    2.76 pounds
Model :    QG-PM-002-BLK-S
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Office Electronics (qualgear product review) for QualGear QG-PM-002-BLK-S Projector Ceiling Mount Accessory available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $11.23 (was $14.98)
  • Features horizontal and vertical angle adjustments for perfect projection
  • Fits most projector brands
  • Cable management
  • Easy installation
  • Durable construction

QualGear QG-PM-002-BLK-L Projector Ceiling Mount Adjustable Extension Column Accessory

Adjustments: features telescopic height adjustment, easy installation, and cable management. This projector mount works with both regular and sloped (vaulted) ceilings. Features horizontal and vertical angle adjustments for perfect projection. Projector compatibility: universal design that fits most projectors in the market. If your projector weighs more than 29. 7 lbs. , this mount will not work for your projector. Adjustable extension arms are included and they extend up to 400mm to fit wide array of projectors. Specifications: maximum weight supported: 29. 7 lbs. / 13. 5 kgs. Color: black. Ceilings supported: regular wooden ceilings or concrete ceilings. This projector mount supports both regular and sloped ceilings. Pitch angle adjustment: -15 to +15 degrees. Roll angle adjustment: -15 to +15 degrees. Swivel: 360 degrees. Telescopic height adjustment: 545 - 900mm. Vertical tilt: 0 to 90 degrees.

QualGear QG-PM-002-BLK-L Projector Ceiling Mount Adjustable Extension Column AccessoryQualGear-QG-PM-002-BLK-L-Projector-Adjustable-Extension

Brand :    qualgear
Color :    Black
  • Durable construction
  • Cable management
  • Fits most projector brands
  • Easy installation
  • Telescopic height adjustment
Price :    $11.43 (was $29.99)
Model :    QG-PM-002-BLK-L
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Office Electronics (qualgear product review) for QualGear QG-PM-002-BLK-L Projector Ceiling Mount Adjustable Extension Column Accessory available ( Sep 2019 )

Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p Miracast, 3LCD projector

I had a difficult time choosing a projector. The specs as well as price varies immensely. I finally took the plunge and have not regretted my decision. This projector has it all. Great picture at every size i have tried. I unboxed it plugged it in, projected on a textured white while and the picture was great. I have no regrets with this purchase but now i want one for the bedroom.

Discover your new home entertainment hub with the home cinema 2150 wireless projector, delivering full hd content from a variety of devices. Get widescreen 1080p images up to 11 feet or more over 4x larger than a 60-inch flat panel. Offering 2, 500 lumens of color/white brightness (1), the projector delivers vibrant images. Stream movies, games and more from wireless or wired hdmi devices with 2x hdmi ports, miracast and mhl (2) support. It also features amazing dynamic contrast up to 60, 000:1. With 3lcd technology, there s no rainbow effect. Plus, enjoy hd content out of the box with vertical lens shift, 1. 6x zoom and a built-in 10 w speaker 1. Color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Color light output measured in accordance with idms 15. 4; white light output measured in accordance with iso 21118. 2. Includes one mobile high-definition link (mhl) hdmi port. 3. Depending on your mhl device, charging may not be supported. 4. Color brightness (color light output) in brightest mode, measured by a third-party lab in accordance with idms 15. 4. Color brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Top-selling epson 3lcd projectors versus top-selling 1-chip dlp projectors based on pma research sales data for dec. 2015 through nov. 2016. 5. Gamut volume in brightest mode, measured by a third-party lab in 3d in the cie l*a*b* coordinate space. Top-selling epson 3lcd projectors versus top-selling 1-chip dlp projectors based on pma research sales data for dec. 2015 through nov. 2016. 6. For convenient and reasonable recycling options, visit our official site. 7. Smartway is an innovative partnership of the u. S. Environmental protection agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency.

Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p Miracast, 3LCD projectorEpson-Cinema-Wireless-Miracast-projector

Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p Miracast, 3lcd Projector (hc2150) FAQ.

Amazing picture quality for the price. When paired with a 1. 1 gain screen this projector performs well in a room that gets direct sun light. Picture quality is very good. In a dark room the 60, 000/1 contrast ratio really helps darken the blackest bits of the image. For the price and quality you can't touch a 75" or larger tv. . Fan is rather quite, but when the brightness is about 75% the noise can be noticed. -Notice from . Wade, Aquitaine

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I was skeptical about purchasing a projector since i didnt know much about them and was thinking about the projectors that were used when i was in grade school. Assuming the picture wouldn't be that clear or bright - this projector was a huge shock. I painted my wall an off-white color and projected right against the bare wall and the picture is incredible. It's like having a 125' flat screen and really provides that theater feel i was hoping for. It's not too noisey but i definitely recommend getting a soundbar. I use online store fire stick with this and it works perfectly.

Epson-home-cinema-2150-wireless-1080p-miracast,-3lcd-projector-(hc2150) set picture

- G. FabianThe colors are bright but accurate. The images move smoothly without any use for the built in interpolation functions. We keep it set on the cinema which is one of the darker settings and it is plenty bright even with the lights on. Everyone who has come over has commented on how clear the picture is. Full 1080p on a screen 4 times the size of a 55 tv makes quite the impact. My home theater has adequate light control, but some sunlight can still leak in and cascade across the screen from the side. This is considered the worst case scenario for ambient light to degrade your image and this projector has little trouble dealing with it. I did quite a bit of research and i am very happy with our purchase. This epson is being used with a 110 screen from silver ticket which was purchased on online store and includes a free projector mount. I have zero complaints about the performance and plan to use the projector for years. I see no need to upgrade until more 4k content is streaming and true 4k projectors drop down to a comparable price. The picture on the 2150 really is quite remarkable. Pros:. Colors are true (not too cool, not too warm). Images are sharp. Movement is smooth. Setup is easy. Vertical lens shift is very nice to have if you want to mount close to the ceiling. Small footprint. Affordable replacement lamps (i haven t needed one yet). . Cons:. Fan noise: it s not nearly as loud as some of the competitors in this price point, and cannot be heard during regular surround sound levels, but if you have never had a projector before, you should know that they have a little hum to them. . Final take away, we love having this projector in our home. The epson 2150 makes watching even tv shows an event. If you are considering getting a projector, i suggest you give this one a try.

Don't use the built in sound with my system, but the image clarity and brightness works very well in our home theater/library room. Replaced a 2008 era 720p/1080i projector that wasn't bright enough to watch movies with the room lights on. No problem at all with this projector. The lens shift capability and image adjustment features of this projector made set up a quick process.

O. McCarthy, Leeds

Price :    $688.00 (was $699.99)
  • Wireless screen mirroring - mirror device photos, videos and apps using miracast (android/windows 8. 1/10).
  • Widescreen full hd 1080p entertainment up to 11 feet (132 inches diagonal) or more - over 4x larger than a 60-inch flat panel.
  • Stream hd tv, movies, videos and games - supports mhl-enabled devices (2) for mirroring and charging (3). color processing : full 10 bits. lamp type:200 w uhe
  • Bright - ideal for a variety of lighting conditions, the projector has 2, 500 lumens of equal color and white brightness (1).
  • Amazing dynamic contrast ratio - up to 60, 000:1 for even richer detail in dark scenes and enhanced projection technology - image enhancement and frame interpolation for smooth, sharp, true-to-life images
Brand :    epson
Weight :    7.70 pounds
Model :    HC2150
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (epson product review) for Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p Miracast, 3LCD projector available ( Sep 2019 )

Optoma UHD50 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater Projector

Transform your living room into a high-quality home cinema with the affordable optoma uhd50 4k uhd home theater projector. Its high 4k uhd resolution, 2, 400 lumens of brightness, wide color gamut support and up to 500, 000:1 contrast ratio combined with hdr compatibility delivers amazing detail, clarity and vibrant colors that bring your favorite hollywood blockbusters and games to life. The latest texas instruments 4k uhd dlp chipset with high-performance dmd and xpr video processing technology forms the heart of the optoma uhd50 and meets the cta s definition of 4k ultra hd. This innovative fast-switching technology displays 8. 3-million simultaneous distinct pixels at screen sizes up to 140-inches for immersive home cinematic experiences. A pair of hdmi 2. 0 inputs with hdcp 2. 2 support ensures the optoma uhd50 works with the latest 4k uhd video playback devices and game consoles with hdr at 60 hz refresh rates for unmatched eyecandy and smoothness. A 1. 3x optical zoom and 15% vertical lens shift provide installation flexibility. Projection lens f 2. 5 3. 26, f 20. 91 32. 62 mm manual focus

Optoma UHD50 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater ProjectorOptoma-UHD50-Definition-Theater-Projector

Brand :    optoma
Weight :    11.75 pounds
Model :    UHD50
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Dynamic black delivers 500, 000:1 contrast ratio for exceptional black levels
  • 4k uhd hdr gaming ready with the latest consoles and gaming pcs; vertical lens-shift and 1. 3x zoom for easy and flexible installation
  • Hdmi 2. 0 and hdcp 2. 2 technologies ensure compatibility with 4k uhd video sources for amazing details, clarity and vibrant colors
  • 4k uhd and bright 2, 400 lumens with rgbrgb color wheel
  • Hdr technology with hdr10 and dci-p3 wide color gamut support for brighter whites, deeper black-levels and vivid color
Price :    $1206.92
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (optoma product review) for Optoma UHD50 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater Projector available ( Sep 2019 )

QualGear QG-PM-002-WHT-S Projector Ceiling Mount Accessory

Nice solid mount only problem i had was i had to take it apart a little bit to be able to use it. But it worked perfectly and i would totally use this again and for my home theater business. Probably one of the best mounts i've ever use to mount a projector. Super adjustable and aligning the image was as easy as pie. I highly recommend this product to the do it yourselfers. I don't work for this company but i love this mount.

Adjustments: low profile flush ceiling mount, easy installation, and cable management. This projector mount works with both regular and sloped (vaulted) ceilings. Features horizontal and vertical angle adjustments for perfect projection. Projector compatibility: universal design that fits most projectors in the market. If your projector weighs more than 29. 7 lbs. , this mount will not work for your projector. Adjustable extension arms are included and they extend up to 400mm to fit wide array of projectors. Specifications: maximum weight supported: 29. 7 lbs. / 13. 5 kgs. Color: white. Ceilings supported: regular wooden ceilings or concrete ceilings. This projector mount supports both regular and sloped ceilings. Pitch angle adjustment: -15 to +15 degrees. Roll angle adjustment: -15 to +15 degrees. Swivel: 360 degrees. Vertical tilt: 0 to 90 degrees.

QualGear QG-PM-002-WHT-S Projector Ceiling Mount AccessoryQualGear-QG-PM-002-WHT-S-Projector-Ceiling-Accessory

Qualgear Qg-pm-002-wht-s Projector Ceiling Mount Accessory (qg pm 002 wht s) FAQ.

Love this ceiling mount. Able to fit even my very old video projector with ease. Mounted to ceiling easily, thanks to their very detailed instructions and the complete set of hardware provided. Priced unbelievable inexpensively! great product at a great price. -Notice from Q. Betty, Warwickshire

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Adjustments are a little difficult to pull off but it did the job.

Qualgear-qg-pm-002-wht-s-projector-ceiling-mount-accessory-(qg-pm-002-wht-s) set picture

- L. PattonReally well made, solid steel build. Wish i bought it with my last projector so i didn't need to upgrade the mount. Should work with all future projector's i get.

I got the "qualgear qg-pm-002-wht-l" (long white version). Works nice with my epson 8350 (16lbs) . I think same as in their stock pics. I'm using fully compressed at about 22 inches, but i think it can also be re-configured and used without the adjustable-bar installed as well (more like the shorter flush-mount version). Hardware assortment pieces were excellent, and had everything i needed. Comes mostly assembled, so be sure to double-check tightness of all nuts and bolts (but don't over-tighten). . It seems adequately sturdy and we have never seen any image shaking or vibrations. However, i guess it should be noted that this is a single-level residence (no walking on floor above projector). . You can make fine adjustments, but there are no actual "fine adjustment" knobs . But it's not like you need them with the epson 8350. I just hold projector perfectly level, lens parallel to screen, and tighten all the screws down (fairly permanently). Since install, there has been no movement or drift requiring re-adjustment of mount. We like it.

. Kellie, Pennsylvania

Brand :    qualgear
Color :    White
Weight :    2.76 pounds
  • Easy installation
  • Cable management
  • Durable construction
  • Features horizontal and vertical angle adjustments for perfect projection
  • Fits most projector brands
Price :    $19.95
Model :    QG-PM-002-WHT-S
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Office Electronics (qualgear product review) for QualGear QG-PM-002-WHT-S Projector Ceiling Mount Accessory available ( Sep 2019 )

Elite Screens Manual B, 100-INCH 16:9, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K / 8K Ultra HDR 3D Ready Slow Retract Mechanism, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, M100H

If my previous 72" screen was like having the movie theater at my house, then this 120" is like having imax at my house! (relatively speaking of course). . Just stunning. Movies, games, & sports are just massive on this thing. I've always kept a 50" hdtv in the same room so i don't burn up all my lamp hours on my projector for just my 'casual' gaming and 'casual' sports watching. But with this new screen, it's getting much harder to do that. . Best screen for the money anywhere. The material and construction are quality. Don't let the price fool you. I would highly recommend for any home theater enthusiast looking to upgrade as i did. Yes, elite screens is a quality brand if you were wondering like i was. I can testify to that now. . I've had this for a month now. I just love the manual slow retract feature. This helps a lot because i have this hanging from a 9' high ceiling. It has retracted successfully each time for the past month, no hangups or getting stuck. And it will lock into place at any level you want it, not just preset positions. The feature works very well. The smell isn't that bad and is nothing funky or anything. It's just the factory smell of fresh vinyl. It doesn't fill the room. It goes away after a few minutes and only comes back after fully retracting and un-retracting again. Seriously, not really a big deal. It gets less and less with time. . Again, this was an upgrade to my current home theater setup and i had already sworn off going to local theaters with my old screen, except for 1 or 2 summer blockbusters. Now this has really kept me from the local cineplex for another thousand years!

Elite screens manual b series is a great choice for any home/business/professional video presentations. It is easy to install and comes with an auto-lock mechanism that allows for various height settings. Manual b series features include: sturdy steel casing in your choice of black or white finish flush wall or ceiling installation auto-lock mechanism for aspect ratio versatility 2-year manufactures warranty and lifetime product support by elite screens; a iso9001 manufacturer since 2004 manual b series includes elite screens' maxwhite front projection screen material which features: 180 wide viewing angle 1. 1 gain active 3d, 4k/8k ultra hd, and hdr ready! black-backed for a bright image four sides of black masking borders black backed to prevent light penetration/loss greenguard & greenguard gold certified * minor waves may appear on the screen when first use, it can be easily removed by applying heat from a common blow dryer at the medium setting making sure to apply heat consistently in a circular motion to prevent a burn to the surface. * *manual b series screens are not recommended for ultra short throw or short throw projectors elite screens is focused on providing the best quality products at affordable prices while offering exceptional service. Since 2004, elite screens has become a global leader in projection screen manufacturing through its headquarters in the us and branch offices in europe, japan, australia, india, taiwan, and china. With a focus on superior product and service, elite screens is dedicated to making projection screens for any projection environment. Ask about elite s 2-year warranty and 3-year enr-g enhanced warranty.

Elite Screens Manual B, 100-INCH 16:9, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K / 8K Ultra HDR 3D Ready Slow Retract Mechanism, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, M100HElite-Screens-Manual-100-INCH-Projector

Elite Screens Manual 100 Inch Projector (m100h) FAQ.

I've had this product for just a day and am very happy with it. It was easy to hang (i bought the wall mounts and would recommend to everyone that they do the same as it makes installation easy and feels sturdier than using the stock mounting bracket). The screen pulls out and retracts very smooth and the materials feel of good quality. . As other reviews have stated, there is a little bit of rippling at the bottom but it's hardly noticeable. I read about this before purchasing but for $130 bucks, i figured i'd take the risk. Honestly i can't even tell when i'm watching a movie. . The issue i have at this time is the smell. The screen gives of a chemically smell (which i've read about in most projector screens). I'm confident the smell will dissipate after a short time. . Overall i'm very happy with this product. -Notice from . Arnett, Warwickshire

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Screen is as described, and basically works. Retract mechanism is fine, and seems to re-position quite well, i never have to adjust the projector. Using this as a "temporary" setup, will probably get a tab-tension powered screen at some point. It does work plenty well enough to watch movies, etc. . Currently using with an epson ultrabright series home theater projector, in a room with good, but not total, light control. The pj is great, by the way, almost any of them in the ub series are highly recommended. . This screen does have a few large waves or wrinkles. These become apparent in certain pan shots, and/or flat white illumination. 99% of the time you don't see them. I expected this, at least a little bit, on a manual screen at this price point.

Elite-screens-manual-100-inch-projector-(m100h) set picture

- R. HaywardGiving this 4 stars because of shipability. Mine came damaged like someone had tried to bend it in half. Since it's so long, it's almost a guarantee it will get damaged or dented in some way. . Installation to my ceiling was simple. The hanging points were spot on for stud mounting. My ceiling is 24" spacing. Bought some long eye bolts, measured and screwed them in. Got 2 bolt closing links to secure it to the eye bolts, hung the projector, then leveled it by screwing in or out the bolt on one side. . The screen has some waves on the sides that get better over time leaving it out. They haven't quite disappeared but are less noticeable. The fresh vinyl smell is also strong at first but goes away after about a week of leaving it out. The auto retract is nice and takes a little less than 10 seconds to retract i think.

This screen has been great. It is a great size for a giant living room, or small venue, great size for small crowds. Watching movies plopped down in the center feels downright kingly. I was concerned from a few of the other reviews, but no problems here with ripples or waviness, i can tell it is not perfectly flat with a light off to the side, but it is not noticeable at all watching a movie, because the projector's light is coming from the front. My projector is even off the the side a bit, and no noticeable weirdness with the image, and that kind of thing bugs me, like watching movies in backyards on wrinkly sheets. I'm really glad i didn't spend a fortune on tab stretched screen, or have to trot out a giant awkward fixed screen. I thought about getting a specialty grey screen, but after testing the projector on some grey and white surfaces, i'm glad i got the standard white, because it looks better in the dark (the grey probably would look better if you need to leave lights on). I think the spill from ambient light might be a little better if i painted the ceiling, and walls black, but it looks great as is. Impressive. . The pulling and locking mechanism is solid. I had to make a hook on a stick to pull the handle down, which hangs straight down and is easy to grab. I used u-bolts from the hardware store to mount it. I had to bend the bolts inward, in a vice (threading nuts on the u-bolt, to protect the threads during the squeezing of the u shape), to get it to fit in the bracket on the screen. . The shipping was quite inexpensive for such a large object to be delivered by an independent freight company.

G. Glenda, North Yorkshire

Brand :    elite screens
Color :    MaxWhite B
Size :    100" / 16:9
Weight :    17.60 pounds
Model :    M100H
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (elite screens product review) for Elite Screens Manual B, 100-INCH 16:9, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K / 8K Ultra HDR 3D Ready Slow Retract Mechanism, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, M100H available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $64.07 (was $76.00)
  • 100-inch diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio. view size: 49. 0" h x 87. 0" w. overall size: 59. 8" h x 93. 8" w x 2. 8" d. white case.
  • Easily installs to wall or ceiling. mounting kit included (wood screws x2, dry wall anchor x2)
  • Maxwhite b; a 8k / 4k ultra hd and active 3d ready front projection screen material featuring a 180 viewing angle and 1. 0 gain. fully black backed, mildew resistant and easy to clean surface. greenguard and greenguard gold certified. compatible with standard uhd/hd projectors.
  • 2-year / 3-year enr-g, manufactures warranty by elite screens' an iso9001 manufacturer since 2004 and lifetime tech support by email, web chat or toll free phone call by elite's professional service team.
  • Features a 2-inch interval auto-lock mechanism that allow for various height settings and a screen lanyard for easy pull down

Epson Home Cinema 4010 4K PRO-UHD 3-Chip Projector HDR

The epson home cinema 4010 4k pro-uhd projector is a new type of 4k home theater projection technology from epson. With proprietary dedicated processors for resolution enhancement, hdr, and image processing the result is incredible brightness, color accuracy, and image detail faithfully displaying all your favorite content from the classics to the latest blockbusters. If you re looking for the ultimate 4k home theater experience look no further.

Epson Home Cinema 4010 4K PRO-UHD 3-Chip Projector HDREpson-Home-Cinema-4010-Projector

Brand :    epson
Weight :    24.30 pounds
Model :    Home Cinema 4010
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Dedicated 4k pixel-shift processor - advanced 4k pixel-shifting hardware precisely controls three-individual high-definition lcd chips to parallel process up to 12 million pixels of information. this new type of resolution enhancement technology results in an exceptional 4k visual experience - surpassing virtually all other forms of 4k home theater projection.
  • True 3-chip projector design - advanced 3lcd technology ensures 100% of the rgb color signal is displayed for every frame. this ensures outstanding color gamut while maintaining excellent brightness, without any "rainbowing" or "color brightness" issues typical of 1-chip projectors.
  • Dedicated hdr processor - full 10-bit hdr color processing accepting 100% of the hdr source information to faithfully reproduce hdr content for an exceptional visual performance.
  • Dedicated digital imaging processor - realtime 12-bit analog-to-digital video processing ensuring smooth tonal transitions, while eliminating banding, blocking, and other compression artifacts from the final visual performance. this powerful processor faithfully reproduces the source material the way it was intended to be shown.
  • 4k pro-uhd projection technology - a new type of 4k home theater projection utilizing dedicated hardware processing for resolution enhancement, hdr, and image processing - resulting in an exceptional 4k home theater experience.
Price :    $1699.99 (was $1799.99)
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (epson product review) for Epson Home Cinema 4010 4K PRO-UHD 3-Chip Projector HDR available ( Sep 2019 )

qualgear qg-pm-002-wht universal projector ceiling mount, white Price : 21, was : 0 as 2018-12-20
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Qualgear Qg-pm-002-wht Universal Projector Ceiling Mount, White (qg pm 002 wht) Reviewed by on vufes.com

Top qualgear qg-pm-002-wht universal projector ceiling mount, white (qg pm 002 wht) Content

F.A.Q. for qualgear qg-pm-002-wht universal projector ceiling mount, white

Pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product and the ease with which it was installed. The product is very sturdy once installed and versatile in its universal category. One of the best parts was how the instructions were written in such a way that they were easy to understand and one of the reasons it was installed fast and with ease. Would buy product again and recommend to anyone wanting to mount projector to ceiling.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on QualGear-QG-PM-002-WHT-Universal-Projector-Ceiling

(0) Question: Does this company have a hanger that will drop about 15 feet ? or, is there a version that i would attach to the bottom of my own conduit ?

(1) Question: Does this come with the screws to bolt on to the projector?

(2) Question: Benq pb2240

(3) Question: Does it work for hitachi cp-x3030wn?

(4) Question: Is it compatible with epson power lite 2000

(5) Question: Does the mount fit smaller projectors? have an epson ex7200, only 5. 5" between center mount and side mount hole (3-mount pattern).

(6) Question: Hi. does this work with viewsonic pjd7280hd?

(7) Question: Is it compatible with a drop ceiling?

(8) Question: Will it easily release and connect if i have two one for the room and one for the backyard?

(9) Question: Does the mount come with extension column?

(10) Question: What is the distance between the mounting holes? is it a 4 inch pattern?

(11) Question: Has anyone tried this with either a benq wd1070 or optoma hd131xe? thanks.

(12) Question: Will this fit an epson 2040 or epson 2045 projector?

(13) Question: Does this fit the optoma hd66 projector?

(14) Question: Does this work with epson 3020 without the need to buy an extender?

(15) Question: What is the distance between the mounting holes at the top of the squre shaped bracket?

(16) Question: Can this be installed into ceiling studs? from the picture it looks like two of the holes would have to go into drywall

(note) Question: where/how to get Qualgear (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Qualgear's products

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Good product, relatively easy to setup. But the setup instructions were a bit confusing. For example, the orientation of the ceiling mount should have been explicitly specified. This is important to leverage the tilt support. I h ad to eyeball the diagrams to make out which way the ceiling mount should be installed.

Accessories & Supplies 704182, Electronics 282271, Mounts 11966901, Projector Mounts 12576901Top Qualgear Qg-pm-002-wht Universal Projector Ceiling Mount, White (qg pm 002 wht) FAQ Content

Best qualgear qg-pm-002-wht universal projector ceiling mount, white (qg pm 002 wht) in review

We bought this ceiling mount for our epson projector. After some changing out of the included mounts, we were able to get it to fit our projector. The telescoping option is great that it is included, but we ended up not needing it. A few reasons why not 5 star rating. When you get the projection in the desired location, tightening the screws moves it slightly out of alignment. So that took some time to figure out. Also, the ceiling anchors that were included are meant more for concrete, and did not work in our sheetrock so we had to use our own anchors and screws. Overall, worked great and i like the white because it blends more with the ceiling.

P. Patton, Tennessee

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Or you might like to consider Universal ceiling mount projector tilt: 0 -60 , swivel: 360 , roll: +/-20 , pitch: +/-30 , shift: 1", weight capacity: 30 lbs supported angel of mounting holes on projector: 6. 6"-16". low profile flush mount- holds -qualgear prb-717-blk universal ceiling mount projector accessory
  • Special: Universal Design Fits Most Projector Brands Snap-on/snap-off Design For Quick Installation.
  • Special: Heavy Gauge Cold-rolled Steel Material Durable Construction.
Modest Qualgear Prb-717-blk Universal Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory (Office Electronics) Prb 717 Blk Qualgear Prb-717-blk Universal Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory (prb 717

X. Wells, New York says

Absolutely love it. All those movements are a plus. . 2 year update:. My white mount is still working very well, after removing it several times. One screw hole lost its thread because i unloosened and tightened many times. . I bought, two years ago, for a 7 lbs projector and am using it now for a 34 lbs projector. I tested the load with a backpack for 5 days and it worked out well, so i decided to save money and keep this projector mount. I added some nuts to add more support in some areas. . Customer services: a+. After 2 years i lost one leg of the projector, and contacted qualgear, they sent me the leg free of charge so that i could enjoy my new projector!

I. Anonymous, New Mexico

Lets keep this review short and sweet. Epson home cinema 3000- this bracket has 4 arms, the 3000 has 5 holes. 4 arms is more than enough to support the projector, no complaint there. I had to use 3 long arms and 1 short arm. I don't know if you'll believe me but because of the placement, it was almost centered on the projector, not perfect, but quite close. The only issue i have with this is when you try to angle it correctly to fit the screen the way you want its quite hard to make it stay in a spot. I had to almost bend parts to keep it where i wanted it. I will never touch the projector so it really isn't an issue to me but. Ya know. I would buy this again all day long. Very nice and cheap.

. Shawna, Thueringen says

It's very user friendly, not all 4 brackets lined up to my optima projector, but 3 does the job just fine. It is wobbly a little, but i have had no trouble adjusting it to the perfect position, so if you need to change the direction often, then you might want something more advanced than this, but if you will adjust it and leave it, you will do fine.

. Wayt, Saskatchewan

This is one of the many and i mean many projector ceiling stands i have installed in the 30 years of projection animated attractions that we manage and work with some of which are six flaggs, universal, lagoon of utah, and the disney company. This particular stand can be seen in the frightnight attraction at the lagoon theme park when the halloween scare and scream 2018 opens. This stand is used in a tight space but handling a projector that requires no vibration for it is mapping several terrifying and i mean scary scenes on various areas of the veranda entry. Also something that is nice, by writing a review doesn't have to be positive of negative just the honest truth like mine they currently offer giving you a free 10ft 3d hdmi cable. That's cool. But even if they didn't they deserve this comment. I also made sure your company name was appearing on the front face so if those looking back to see what is creating the scary scenes they will see your qualgear logo on the extended arm. I am preparing my requisitions for sept and ill need about 35 more. Please don't buy them all. I am in need of these mounts, the others are a headache and bend and shake. Thanks qualgear.

. Linda, New Hampshire says

This is a very elegantly designed ceiling mount for our epson 3010 projector. The item arrived on time, and was very well packed. What i liked a lot was that the hardware items were packed in individually labeled plastic bubbles. The labels easily identify and place each of the items in the assembly instructions. The mount is designed to accommodate many different projector models; however, the instructions and parts packaging made it very easy to assemble the mounting bracket to our projector. Also, the cable management is good. We had a vga cable, an hdmi cable, and a power cable, and they all easily fit withing the vertical extension piece and through the middle of the ceiling mounting bracket. The fully assembled mount looks really good in our church. I fully endorse this product.

K. Mahood, Iowa

Mounted a benq w1070 with this, just removed the extra leg and changed the other 3 to use the smallest legs for attachment. Would recommend getting drywall screws or inserts to keep this to the ceiling as i was only able to mount two screws into wood stud. Fyi the manual recommends only mounting this on wood, concrete or brick.

. Rose, Kansas says

I bought this to be used with my new epson home cinema 2150 wireless 1080p miracast, 3lcd projector. It was a little time consuming to set up, but the fact that it is intended to be used for a wide variety of projectors, with so many sizes and placement options, it must be uniquely adjusted to fit right. After getting it installed, it keeps my projector in place, even though i have it attached to an angled ceiling. . For the price and quality, i definitely recommend this mount.

L. Emma, Alabama

Overall, outstanding bit of kit. Yes, there is a minimum distance that the risers will shrink to, if you don't use the flush mount configuration. Adjust-ability is good, and there are many screws provided for attaching the projector. The pivot head to projector attachment method could not possibly be better - it seems like every possible (reasonable) configuration of screw holes is covered. . There are two screws inside the pivot head that arrived loose, and there were no instructions to check or tighten. These two screws are not meant to be adjusted by the end-user - it is part of the factory build. If you buy this model, please check these screws. I purchased lockwashers and secured then with a 10mm box wrench. . Other than that, it is a very good mount.

. Sarah, East Sussex says

I am using this with a epson home cinema 4010 4k pro-uhd 3-chip projector, a monster of a projector that weighs 25 lbs and has a hole pattern over 15". This mount is perfect. It is heavy duty and was a great value under $25 at the time of purchase.

F. Melissa, Durham

This mount fits my optomo hd142x perfectly. I had to remove one arm since the projector needs only one arm. Also i had to reverse one arm since the holes on the projector were closer. I intentionally bought this model though there is a new version since this has the option to install either the short version or the extended version.

V. Teresa, Stockton-on-Tees says

Very solid piece, had a home theater place put it together so i can't comment on that. . I will say that you have to be pretty dead on with it's mounting as it won't allow much wiggle room for your pj left or right. This caused a need to relocate it a few inches and even then still not dead on for a perfect picture placement. Close enough, but i should have gone with one of the $100 mounts that allows for some horizontal movement of the projector rather than just swivel/tilt

W. Crawford, Minnesota says

The installation was relatively easy. I have had the mount installed in the basement for more than a year and a half now. We have young kids in our house that run around and at times jump pretty much right above where the projector is mounted. I made sure that it was installed properly, and, fortunately, it has held up so far.

N. Benton, Buckinghamshire

Seems a little flimsy but that may be just the length. I might buy one a little more heavy duty if i were mounting to a ceiling that has foot traffic above but this one was good enough for me. I'd buy again for my application.

M. Angelica, Texas says

I bought this for an epson projector we use at work for a training classroom. We have false ceilings, so it was a bit more of a challenge to install and we had to get a little creative. All in all the mount went up fairly easily. My only compliant is trying to adjust it. It requires a lot of tweaking in order to get it just right, and the design slows you down in the process. For the money though, i think it is worth the additional hassle. It is capable of hiding the cables through the post, but i choose to simply tie-wrap them to the outside and the black color hides them well enough. I'm happy with the purchase.

H. Miller, Middlesbrough

Hold very secure. The extra am to drop it lower works well, although it does make it more prone to shaking with vibrations. Pretty easy to install. The instructions are s little muddled, but it is pretty straight forward. Can be adjusted in multiple ways fairly easily. Just make sure it is straight on when installed. You are not able to twist right to left without taking it down and adjusting the attachment points. Also make sure you take in to account where the lens is on your projector. Most are off center. So when you measure on where to install the mount, it will need to be shifted slightly to account for the offset lens.

Z. Kellie, Wigan says

Great mount, tons of adjustment options and very sturdy. Everything is well packed and it came with all the mounting hardware needed for many different projectors

C. Hayward, Vermont

Sturdy and holds projector ok. Not for professional applications but fine for budget man cave. Plenty of adjustments and universal connections but not rigid enough to maintain picture alignment. As the bolts are tightened, the mount moves the projector a lot. Also, any cable movement causes the mount to flex which makes the projector move. This can make lining up the picture on your screen a very frustrating process. However, the bottom line is that this thing is pretty good for the price and ultimately gets the job done.

Q. Newell, Devon says

I have a epson 4010 that i already bought two mounts for and ended up returning. Finally, someone on the epson 4010 page wrote a reviewing claiming that this mount was perfect so i ordered it. I got it setup in a few minutes and installed in less than 20 minutes. Overall a great projector mount that seems very sturdy this far!

. Susan, Ealing

This projector mount was perfect. I purchased a projector locally for under $100 that was not good so i returned it and purchased a different one here on online store. The new projector didn't have the tripod type mounting so i purchased this mount instead. It is very sturdy and i like the way i can hide the cables in the tubing of the mount. I still need to get some channels for the ceiling for the cables. I highly recommend this mount.

G. Patricia, South Australia says

Projector (acer 5360) is hanging on the ceiling, mounted safely just above the couch. Length is good to clear the ceiling fan with lights attached. Ceiling mount feels solid. . At first, it feels like this projector mount will not work either because of the many bolts, because of the arm length, or because of cable management. The bolts and washers that it comes with are relatively difficult to organize. There are pictures in the booklet, but you may find yourself at the end of the assembly process, and have used the wrong bolts somewhere. Meaning, you're now required to take all of them out and swap them around. Reassembly went pretty quick. . The arms seem intended for larger projectors. The screws were also too short. . Also, maybe it's my fault, but i was trying to use the cable cover and almost dropped the projector. Ended up not using the cable cover. Unnecessary risk. So, it was a lot of work, but i think it was worth it.

E. Beale, Quebec

Works perfectly with my optoma hd20. The instructions are terrible though. They show the sliding mechanisms coming together on the wrong ends. They forget to tell you to run the wire through the piece that connects to the sliding mechanism before you put the sliding mechanism together. Also you may have to get creative when you're connecting the rods to the projector. I had to slide one of the pieces that screw into the projector in backwards.

U. Walsh, Suffolk says

Needed this to mount my new optoma uhd51a projector closer to my screen due to the decreased zoom compared to my epson 5030ub. This is an extremely well built mount with adjustment in just about any direction. The cables route down through the center of the rectangular sliding center with an exit out the bottom rear. The mount comes with 3 different sets of projector mounting legs to fit just about any home projector. The giant well organized/ labeled bag of retainer bolts/screws/washers is fantastic as it has everything i need. The black coating looks great and helps it blend in with the dark environment. The multitude of adjusters allowed me to get my protector image centered on my screen easily. The mount came with the black coated lag bolts and a nice paper template to get all the holes marked and drilled easily. This is highly recommended to anybody looking to mount a small to medium sized home projector.

Top universal projector ceiling mount Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Kathlene, Kirklees says

Bad experience with this product. Not suitable for epson 3000 projector though online store recommends it. First of all, the instructions are not clear. The four long legs does not fit as instructed. I had to remove one of the main screws completely and push the long leg deeper and then screw it. Took me a few hours to figure out. This product is weak and shaky after you hang the projector. Even when all the screws/nuts are tight, my projector still moves horizontally. One of the screw just keeps rotating, does not tighten. Also, the telescopic mount is not straight after installation. I wish online store refunds my money back.

R. Glenda, North Tyneside

This is definitely heavy duty. It was easy to assemble, the instructions tell you which bolts and nuts go where. Running two of the bolts into a ceiling joist and two into the provided heavy-duty anchors give the assurance that the whole assembly isn't going to fall on your head during an earthquake. Its adjustments allow fine pointing and azimuth adjustments to align your projector with your screen. I was able to put the projector about dead center with my screen. I am at the end of the length adjustment so be sure it's long enough. A nice touch is length limits won; t allow the bar to slip out during the adjustment process. It would have been nice for fine tuning to somehow make those movements smoother. It takes some doing to get all the angles just perfect as the movement sticks a little then jumps too far, back and forth and back and forth. There may have been a better way for me to approach this part of the process, any little bump puts the image a little off. Even fine-tuning has the hazard of moving the image off center. Once it's perfect - hands off - or it'll be pointing and inch or two off. It does what it's supposed to and didn't cost a fortune. It's useful to have some assistance to put that heavy projector up in the air. I recommend it for anyone to use.

A. Janice, Virginia says

Packaged very well with all the bolts and screws needed for multiple types of projector mounts. The metal is thin and you could possibly twist the extention arm with just a little more force. On the description it mention that it can be used for vaulted ceiling, this is why i bought it but its false. This mount is for flat ceiling if you will be using the extention arm. But i used it anyway. So i have the arm at a 15% angle brining the projector more forward but turned out to be an almost perfect position. In hind sight i should've bought the other type of mount which is made for vaulted ceiling.

S. Fabian, Nottingham

This is a well-made item with a good finish. There appears to be plenty of adjustability in the projector mount, so i would imagine this would fit most projectors. As the ad states there is 15 vertical movement, and i believe about the same amount of horizontal movement, which is actually kind of excessive, but better too much than not enough. . One disappointing feature is it does not adapt for cathedral ceilings. I missed this part myself, so it will not work for my situation. So, if you have something other than a flat ceiling you may want to look for something different. For a standard 8 foot ceiling i don't think a person would need the extension, but it's nice it's included.

I. Nicole, Barking and Dagenham says

The adjustments are weak. No matter how tight you set he swivel head, it changes the projector position over time. Better spend bit more money to get getter product. If you are on a budget, this is ok.

E. April, Maryland

It's complicated, hard to setup and almost impossible to aim within your first five try's, but it holds my projector up. For its hassle and many head aches it caused me i'm giving it three stars. If i didn't need a 20" drop and didn't blow my budget on everything else i'd have gotten a better one.

. Mable, Brent says

I am using the qualgear qg-pm-002-wht with the benq w1070 projector. Pros: it works "ok", hence the 3 stars. The height adjustment through the included extension arm is perfect, because i need to mount the benq below and behind another projector. Cons: it lacks fine adjustment, meaning while you tighten a bolt, it makes the projector move a lot. Because of the tightening issue, if the cables attached to the projector moves, the project will experience some movement. It also lacks horizontal rotation with the way i had to mount it to my ceiling support - if they have use a circular base, instead of the rectangular design i would have added 1 star. . Bottom line: i would return it i could easily do so, but will have to make do with it. I am just "ok" with it.

B. Bethany, Wiltshire

Very difficulty system to be adjusted. Now is working but took me time to do it.

M. Terry, North Dakota says

I did not have to use the extension, so i cannot say if that component is as bad as some of the reviews would suggest. I definitely feel as though my projector is secure. It is fairly straight forward to set it up. The only issue i had is that one of the screw holes that secures the fine adjustments was too large for the screw which was included (the screws come conveniently labeled in a plastic bag though, which is a nice touch). Solutions could range from exchanging it (not an option for me as i am impatient and wanted to enjoy my new entertainment setup pronto) to getting a slightly larger screw or a tap and die set and making the hole as big as you want. . I would imagine, however, that mine just had a slight defect. Apart from that hiccup it has done everything i have needed it to do (even though i only have needed it to hold my projector in place in a stable fashion). . I would recommend this as it is less expensive than most other options and at the end of the day it may take you 10 more minutes to hang, but your projector will be mounted.

N. Anonymous, Bury

Contrary to pictures, and the information in the manual, this will not mount without the extension bar. . At least not the one i received. . After installing it thinking that i needed the extension bar, turned out that i could have installed without it. . So i checked the mount, looked like it should work without the extension. Checked the manual, yup . Says it'll work. . Took it all apart, to find that yes . It goes together properly . But no . The bolt holes are not correct to be able to use it this way. . So for those looking, this is for extension use only!

Y. Franklin, Mississippi says

Unfortunately i found out this is not a universal mount as such. I have an epson powerlite 3020 which is a big projector. This mount could only reach 3 of the 4 mounting screws - but unfortunately only on one side at a time (4 of the holes are a square on the corners of the device, 1 hole in the front). This meant the project hung crooked and looked like it would fall down at any moment. . I got some metal strapping and an appropriately sized drill bit and screws/nuts and essentially "extended" one of the arms to reach the other side. Now it hangs well. . Outside of this issue, i found it difficult to adjust to get the projector level and square to the room. This might be par-for-the-course, i haven't ever ceiling mounted a projector before - but it seemed like it could have been done easier (just as an example, something more like a wingnut instead of hex bolts everywhere). . Overall - it could work for you, and if you're willing to get creative, most likely it will work for you.

X. Teresa, Stoke-on-Trent

Let me start saying that this is no way premium quality. It's cheap quality and design. . The bolts are unable to lock the tilts and the projector simply refuses to stay in position. We tried with the shortest possible axle length and is still wobbly. It shakes, it tilts, the projector will stay at wherever the center of gravity is at, the is thing is useless as it's impossible to keep your projector in position. . After trying for hours we just gave up and bought something more expensive at best buy and that did it, on 20 minutes we had the projector setup and in the right position. So if you don't have hours to spend trying this and don't want to get frustrated just keep away from this product.

H. Joanna, Leicestershire says

Bolts stripped, holes didn't line up. To install and mount was a pain. If you need adjustments other than straight ahead i don't recommend.

D. Mathis, Arizona

Finally got to install this last night. I have a very high ceiling and doing it alone is no fun, yet i was able to accomplish the install. First issue really was the mounting hardware that came with the package. It was only for concrete install and not for dry wall. That means i had to remove the concrete anchors and replace it with a toggler. The second issue which is more important is the capability to swivel up/down (please look at the manual's illustration as to which was the lens is facing in relation to the mounting bracket) and side left/side right. It can swivel wide in one direction and very minimal in another. The manual does not indicate how to install the mounting bracket must be installed in a certain direction meaning i had installed it on the swivel side and not the front up/down side. That resulted in a very limited angle to play with. Good thing my screen was fully adjustable.

V. Paula, Stockport says

Its strudy but is not universal, did not fit my epson powerlite home cinema 3020 2d and 3d 1080p home theater projector. Had to rig it to fit all four arms. The arms were too short. The site said it will fit epson projectors so bought it, but does not.

Q. Morgan, Sandwell

I have a couple problems with this mount:. 1) the extension tube has no backup security mechanism- meaning that if the single allen bolt comes loose, it's entirely possible that your heavy projector will go crashing to the floor. 2) the base plate cannot be mounted perpendicular to the projector. This is really more my fault than the mount, but i assumed a universal mount would be able to be mounted to a floor joist above a drop ceiling and pivot 90 degrees to allow the pj to be parallel to the ceiling. My bad.

Z. Heidi, Prince Edward Island says

When opening the box, it seemed like there were enough configurations that installing the projector to this would be a snap. It actually wasn't. Installing to the ceiling was easy enough, but trying to balance the mount with a center point on the projector and trying to use the small and big adapters proved to be very difficult. At the end, we ended up using 3 long parts, 1 short part, and have a unbalance install. Even after tightening up the screws, every few weeks we have to adjust the alignment of the projector.

. Guest, Colorado

The plate screw and washer that holds the external and internal casing is not high quality and weight resistant, the washer lost the threads for one try and because of that the entire mount will not hold , not great design and quality , and my entire struggle time and effort to mount is invain as the washer piece is crap

L. Lindsey, Minnesota says

Read the description carefully. This mount is only for flat ceilings. The angular adjustments are at the projector end of the mount and do nothing to mitigate a less-than-level mounting surface. . Sorry, for the late review, but the project has been slow and when i took this out to do the installation the other day, i was greatly disappointed.

K. Cindy, North Somerset

So i consider myself to be relatively handy and this isn't my first time mounting a projector. That said, i'm not very happy with this thing. If i didn't have 4 holes in my ceiling i'd replace it with another unit. I'm not sure why the other reviews are so positive. . I used this for an epson 3500 (relatively large, i think it's about 15lbs). Once it was up, the whole thing is just . Flimsy. Despite going over every one of the (too many) screws and bolts and tightening as much as possible, the projector shakes and wobbles if you touch it for any reason. My next step is to put some sort of shim in between the inner and outter posts, which you shouldn't have to do, but i think it will help. . On the plus side, it does look decent and the thing hasn't fallen onto the floor. Yet.

J. Elida, Mississippi says

Works but at the same time it doesnt. I have an epson 3020 and it mounts. That's where it ends. When adjusting the projector on the swivel bar, it gives you two hex nuts and a set of washers to secure it. The epson 3020 is big, and heavy, and it cannot be leveled using this set up. They should give you a nut on the inside of the swivel mount or an all together different configuration. To be honest i had to take what i had(a small ratchet strap) to level this thing out. I would return it, if it wasn't a pain in the ass to take off the ceiling and disassemble, and drive 30 min, each way to ups. Works but at the same time it doesn't.

W. Alexia, Devon

This item although inexpensive compared to other items like it is somewhat troublesome to setup and mount on ceilings. Its functional and once again not very expensive so if to save some money and willing to do extra effort then this will do.

T. Cecilia, Manitoba says

The screws do not go with the holes; they don't match.

P. Allen, North Dakota

This thing is a tank. It fits my optoma h25-lv well, but i painted it black. The white with the chrome. Colored screws is not very attractive. I painted it all black. It should fit everything and it will hold a. Bunch of weight.

C. Anonymous, Alabama says

It is universal, which is the good thing. But the plate part that screws on to the wall is not wide enough, nor are the screws sturdy enough to support a "larger" projector without wobbling.

U. Lara, District of Columbia

The product seemed great quality however it didn't fit my projector well. And also it was to wide for the beam i was attaching it too in my gameroom. I would have rated it 5 if it fit my beam.

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