Samsung Electronics Un65mu8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (un65mu8000fxza) 964

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Price was $1,397.99. Samsung tv's are exceptional. Quality, longevity makes this a great product. Had sony tv's for years before and they pale against the samsung.

-T. Parker

Electronics Un65mu8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Every Scene Deserves A Brilliant Picture. Experience Lifelike Color A Billion More Shades Than Regular 4k Uhd And Enjoy The Expanded Depth Of Hdr. Extreme Contrast Between The Darkest -Samsung Electronics Un65mu8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model

  1. Details: See Extreme Contrast Between The Darkest Darks And The Lightest Lights, Plus Expanded Color And Depth.
  2. Details: See What You’ve Been Missing, Even In Dark Scenes.

Competitive Samsung Electronics Un65mu8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) Un65mu8000fxza

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Introduction : Samsung Electronics Un65mu8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (un65mu8000fxza)

Love this tv. Fantastic picture and the 4k and hdr will blow your mind. The only con i have is that it did take me over a hour to get the color adjusted to where i like it. Would definitely buy again. Delivery with tv setup was a plus. #Samsung Electronics Un65mu6500 Curved 65 Best electronics ultra hd smart led | Samsung-Television Review ( Nov 2019 ) Details Samsung Electronics UN65MU8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model) An extreme step up in color with a billion more shades than regular 4k uhd.. See extreme contrast between the darkest darks and the lightest lights, plus expanded color and depth.. See what you've been missing, even in dark scenes.. Enjoy smooth, crisp action, even in the fastest scenes, bringing sports and fast-moving content to life.. Please note the differences between the mu8000 and the mu800d. mu8000: gray cabinet, 500 nits hdr sustained brightness, mega dynamic contrast mu800d: dark titan cabinet, 470 nits hdr sustained brightness, ultra dynamic contrast .

Samsung electronics un65mu8000 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2017 model Review (un65mu8000fxza)

Unfortunately, online store's support for 4k hdr on samsung tvs stops at samsung's 2016 models (ks series) for some reason. Which is weird because both samsung and online store are championing the hdr10+ standard. I contacted online store support and all i got was an apology without any real explanation. This doesn't impact my review of this television, i just think buyers should be aware when making their decision. Hopefully this will change. I'll note that netflix's hdr content does support this television and it looks great. All other non-hdr 4k content also looks. . This really is a stunning picture once you get it dialed in and the sound is pretty good for built-in speakers. My other gripe is that it only comes with samsung's minimal oneremote which, as far as i can tell, has no way to access the main menu with the advanced features. I had to load a remote control app on my phone to get there. -R. Heidi

Samsung Electronics Un65mu8000 65 Inch Ultra

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Comparable: Samsung Et Yo324bbegus Gear Vr
  3. Brand: Samsung
  4. Color: Black
  5. EAN: 0887276200644
  6. Product Dimensions:
    Height:36.00 inches
    Length:56.90 inches
    Weight:53.10 pounds
    Width:11.40 inches
  7. Manufacturer: Samsung
  8. Model: UN65MU8000FXZA
  9. MPN: UN65MU8000FXZA
  10. Total Items: 1
  11. Quantity: 1
  12. Part/Serial Number: UN65MU8000FXZA
  13. Type: Home Theater
  14. Category: TELEVISION
  15. Size: 65-Inch
  16. UPC: 887276200644

electronics un65mu8000 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2017 Home Theater, Every scene deserves a brilliant picture. experience lifelike color with a billion more shades than regular 4k uhd and enjoy the expanded depth of hdr. with extreme contrast between the darkest darks and lightest lights, you never miss a detail. mr 240 brings fast action to life, and you can take it all in on a tv that's streamlined from every angle- from a sleek frame to a clean back. Samsung Electronics Un65mu8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (UN65MU8000FXZA-Samsung).

Samsung Electronics Un65mu8000 65 Inch Ultra Home Theater

  • First tv had a bulb burn out, online store did a wonderful job of replacing it. The second tv is working great right now. Very nice picture quality and color clarity.
  • It s a great tv but really fragile the tv will break easily if you not careful with it. This is my 2nd one
  • Samsung Snh V6414bn Smartcam Monitoring
  • I have never been able to get the tv to accept our home wi-fi network. After following the set up instructions carefully several times, i went on the internet and found numerous suggestions, however none worked. I spent most of a sunday morning online with samsung via their chat feature following their instructions, including downloading a software update and manually updating the tv s software with no result. I asked for a tech to come to our house to fix the problem, and was given a link to fill out a repair request online, which i did. This request only resulted in an email from samsung usa. I had already tried many of the fixes in the email previously, at least the ones i could decipher. At this time, i am done doing their job, and i will not call out our internet provider, because i am not convinced that it is their problem in any way. My wife and i both have laptop computers and ipads that are connected through our wi-fi, and i have a work iphone constantly connected as well. We have a strong signal, and we are able to access wi-fi in the garage and outside by the pool. At this point, the only thing that will satisfy me is for samsung to either send out a tech and successfully affect a repair, or have someone come pick up the tv and provide a full refund.
  • Out of the box this tv barely worked. The setup menus run really slowly, and tv will turn off screen after about 10 minutes. Called support and they said the tv needs a new brain. No kidding. They are sending it by snail mail and promised to get it to me in 8-10 days. Really disappointed.
  • While downloading new software on the 7000 series, which the tv told me to do, the main board failed resulting in a $500 repair. Samsung says this is what happens if the internet fails. Their position is that it's too bad and i have to eat the repair. It's too bad that no one seems to know this will happen. Total piece of crap. Their position is that it is not the tv's fault its the internet and my fault. Maybe there should be a caution in the manual

electronics ultra hd smart led Samsung Electronics UN65MU8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I have never seen a picture as clear, bright and sharp as this. I see where reviewers find negatives, using measuring instruments, but when you look at the image, i can't imagine how the human eye could see improvement with another tv such as oled or qled. The pictures without 4k were beautiful but when i connected it to the directv 4k channel i truely was blown away. My wife, who never seems interested in electronics, just clothes, came into the room when i was looking at the tv and went "wow". Enough said! i'm surprising myself with my enthusiasm because i'm not that impressed with their customer service. When a samsung smart watch broke after warranty, i e-mailed them, only way to cantact, and told them i was willing to pay to fix, they told me that they don't do that, get a new one and asked me to remain a loyal customer!

Samsung Electronics Un65mu8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model
Click to see NoticeSamsung Electronics Un65mu8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (un65mu8000fxza)"The tv it self is really good, but the one seen on the page is frameless, while the one i got (at least the 75") is with a frame"

(0) Question: How does the quality of this model compare to js8000? i've been saving up for the js8000 but may get this one instead if it's about the same.

(1) Question: Is the voltage dual voltage 110v and 230v

(2) Question: Can i watch netflix, online store, hulu and youtube red built in?

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ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount With Low Profile Design 32-70 inch TVs - Eliminates Screen Glare With 15 Degrees of Smooth Tilt - Easy Install With All Hardware Included - EGLT1-BK

I ordered this mount on a tuesday and it was delivered yesterday. It was incredibly easy ton install. I'm fairly handy and had all my tools ready to go. Found my studs. Leveled it out, made my marks, drilled the holes, and had the tv hanging on the wall in just under 1 hour! i was fortunate to have the studs 16" spacing, centered in front of my bed, so with some minor adjustments left/right i got the tv right where it needs to be. Overall, would highly recommend!

Glare got you down? it won't for long with this large tilting tv mount, capable of up to 15-degrees of fingertip tilt technology. Safety tested and ul certified to hold 32" - 70" led, lcd or plasma screens up to 125 lbs, you'll get the best view from the couch, the bed or even the floor. If you're into that sort of thing. What the h is "ul certified" you ask? that means that we've tested this tv mount to verify that it will hold 4 times the weight rating and some safety science guys (that's a real thing) certified it. We'll do the math for you. 4 x 125 500 lbs! technical specs:vesa compatibility: 100x100 up to 600x400 (universal increments) profile from wall: 2. 5" tilt degrees: 5 up and 15 down wall plate dimensions: 25. 6" (w) x 10. 2" (h) maximum mounting hole dimension: 24" (w) x 7" (h) wall plate openings for in-wall cable management: 10. 7" (w) x 5. 1" (h) - two openings on each side construction: 100% high grade steel favorite color: beautiful echogear orange (that's right - we called it) hdmi: v1. 4 high speed cable with bandwidth to support 1080p, 3d, and 4k/uhd 2160p picture 60 fps length: 6 feet long installation hardware included: 5/16" x 2. 75" lag bolts (4) lag bolt washers (4) m4 x 12mm screws (4) m4 x 35mm screws (4) m6 x 12mm screws (4) m6 x 35mm screws (4) m8 x 16mm screws (4) m8 x 20mm screws (4) m8 x 35mm screws (4) m4/m5 washers (4) m6/m8 washers (4) 22mm (7/8") tv spacers (4)

ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount With Low Profile Design 32-70 inch TVs - Eliminates Screen Glare With 15 Degrees of Smooth Tilt - Easy Install With All Hardware Included - EGLT1-BKECHOGEAR-Tilting-Mount-Profile-Design

Echogear Tilting Mount Profile Design (fba eglt1 bk) FAQ.

I purchased this wall mount after reading other peoples reviews and i am pretty happy with it. There is no reason to go out and waste a ton of money on more expensive wall mounts when this one does the trick. I used it to hang my samsung un65js8500 4k tv and i am totally confident with it hanging on my wall. The only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is with my 65in tv it is somewhat difficult to tighten the security screws to lock it into place once on the wall. I did manage to tighten them it was just hard to reach. Same thing with tightening the locks for the tilt. Those are hard to reach with a 65in tv. The hdmi cord is a nice bonus. Very happy with this product! -Notice from X. Sheila, Essex

Click to Show echogear tilting mount profile design (fba eglt1 bk) Details

I researched for a good while before choosing this wall mount. I chose this one because it was less expensive than many yet seemed sufficient for my needs. The max. Weight limit is 125 pounds, which is less than many other mounts, but since my 65" hdtv weighs 67 pounds anything more than this seemed like overkill. And i was right. The included bag of parts to hang/install was well organized and gave my several alternatives to choose from. The install went easily and looks great on the wall. . The only small issue i had was that the tv ends up being quite close to the wall - making it difficult to tighten down the angle bolts. But got it done. Overall happy with this mount.

Echogear-tilting-mount-profile-design-(fba-eglt1-bk) set picture

- . PamelaI have installed several wall mounts before. This was one of the easiest and most straight forward. The kit came with screws/washers for 4mm and 8mm tvs. . I did get a little confused when trying to tighten the locking screw. My 65" samsung was tilted forward and did not give access to the screw. You need to loosen the angle lock to get to the screw. Then you can set your angle. . Necessary tools: phillips head screwdriver, cordless drill, ratchet, and a stud finder. . Total install time including measuring and hanging: 25 minutes

I don't have a problem with the mount itself however the screws that attach the bracket to the back of the tv are too short. I have a samsung 32" led tv and it is not flush in the back, therefore we can't get the scews to screw all the way in. We waited too late to put the tv on the wall so it is too late to return the mount so we will have to look to purchase longer screws to make it work :-(. . *update*. After reading through other reviewers who complained about the same problem i decided to call echogear to request longer screws. I bumped my review up from 3 to 4 stars. They get 4 stars because customer service was friendly and she knew right away what type of tv i had and was familiar with the problem. They lost one star because they know about the problem with samsung tvs so i think it should be noted in the description. Also, today is saturday and i have to wait until wednesday for the longer screws to delivered so no tv for me today!

Q. Jacqueline, Hammersmith and Fulham

Brand :    echogear
Color :    Black
Weight :    9.00 pounds
Model :    FBA_EGLT1-BK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • We're here for you. echogear tv mount experts are available 7 days a week to help you finish your project. we guarantee satisfaction with echogear, or your money back.
  • The low-profile design securely holds your tv only 2. 5" from the wall, while still giving you easy access to cables.
  • Eliminate annoying screen glare with up to 15º of effortless tilt. no tools required.
  • Our durable steel mounts are designed to accommodate almost any vesa pattern & tvs up to 70". they come with an extensive hardware packet to ensure compatibility.
  • Diy in no time. our easy to follow instructions and simple 3-step install process makes mounting your tv on 16" or 24" wood studs a breeze.
Price :    $26.24 (was $34.99)
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (echogear product review) for ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount With Low Profile Design 32-70 inch TVs - Eliminates Screen Glare With 15 Degrees of Smooth Tilt - Easy Install With All Hardware Included - EGLT1-BK available ( Nov 2019 )

Samsung Electronics UN65MU9000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

The samsung mu9000 ultra hdtv redefines the viewing experience by producing over a billion rich colors with 4k color drive extreme and triple black extreme for a deeper high dynamic range (hdr) picture. Our new smart tv user interface (ui), the new smart remote controller with voice navigation capability provides faster access to your favorite streaming content choices and more.

Samsung Electronics UN65MU9000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSamsung-Electronics-UN65MU9000-65-Inch-Ultra

Price :    $1187.59 (was $1697.99)
  • An extreme step up in color with a billion more shades than standard 4k uhd.
  • Triple black extreme brings out extreme detail even in the darkest scenes.
  • See extreme contrast between the darkest darks and lightest lights, plus expanded color and depth.
  • Enjoy smooth, crisp action even in the fastest scenes. motion rate 240 brings sports and fast moving content to life.
Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    63.90 pounds
Model :    UN65MU9000FXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics UN65MU9000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )

Samsung Electronics QN65Q7F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV 2017 Model

Introducing qled tv - you ll immediately notice a difference. Experience a brilliant picture, enhanced by a billion unique colors created by samsung s proprietary quantum dots. As smart as it is beautiful, qled tv senses which devices are plugged in and controls them with one remote, giving you an incredibly intuitive tv experience. The invisible connection streamlines connections to the tv and other devices. Watch it all on a gorgeous tv with 360 degree design that elegantly fits into your home, whether mounted on the wall or on a tv stand.

Samsung Electronics QN65Q7F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV 2017 ModelSamsung-Electronics-QN65Q7F-65-Inch-Ultra

Price :    $1629.29 (was $2497.99)
  • Inputs and outputs:hdmi-4, usb-3, ethernet-1, rf in (terrestrial/cable input)- 1/1(common use for terrestrial)/0, digital audio out (optical), audio return channel support (via hdmi port)- yes
  • Get more than a billion colors and 100% color volume with exclusive new quantum dots. absolutely stunning blacks reveal secrets in the shadows with elite detail.
  • Easily access your favorite content and control connected tv devices from one source using the samsung smart remote
  • Designed with a no-bezel screen that spills over the edge, the q looks gorgeous from every side, whether mounted on the wall or on a stand
  • Revel in brilliant whites and layers of depth, revealed even in the deepest, darkest nights. that's q contrast
Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    62.20 pounds
Model :    QN65Q7FVMFXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics QN65Q7F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )

Samsung HW-M550 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2017 Model

I got this to replace a component av stereo i bought new for my parents 20 years ago (onkyo receiver, cd, cassette tape remember those? ! , and infinity speakers that didn't fit well into the living room of their new house & was too complex for them). My mom was complaining that my dad always had the tv blaring - which was probably because the tv speakers fired downward & thus dispersed the sound instead of directing it toward him. With this soundbar, the sound is pointed at him, which allows him to reduce the volume - significantly reducing the amount of noise that went out at a 90 degree angle into the kitchen & irritated my mother. This soundbar was easy to set up and the controls are obvious enough for my 79-year-old parents to understand & use. There are a few different sound settings, enough to change the effect significantly, but few enough my parents get what's going on & may actually use them for their intended purpose (i. E. , news vs. Movies vs. Music). The sound quality is quite good for a mid-priced soundbar ( $300). I carefully considered the consumer reports reviews in picking this one; i just couldn't bring myself to buy an el cheapo, even though i'm not sure my parents could tell the difference. My girls (9 & 7) were dj'ing music from my iphone (using the bluetooth connection to the soundbar) within minutes, which blew my parents' minds. It certainly doesn't compete against my new component av system, and probably isn't quite as good as the soundbars that are twice the cost; but i will be happy knowing that my parents have a system that they can manage, is way nicer to listen to than the tv speakers, and they might even listen to a little music (at least whenever the grandkids come over).

Enjoy a dynamic home audio experience with 3. 1 channel surround sound. Feel the action of your favorite movies, shows, and sports with dynamic, powerful bass. Connect wirelessly for one-touch control of your soundbar from bluetooth-compatible devices.

Samsung HW-M550 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2017 ModelSamsung-HW-M550-Channel-Wireless-Soundbar

Samsung Hw-m550 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2017 Model (hw m550 za) FAQ.

Love this sound system! just got it connected today and the sound is awesome! i can't believe the surround sound coming from this speaker! very happy! -Notice from S. Elida, Telford and Wrekin

Click to Show samsung hw-m550 3.1 channel 340 watt wireless audio soundbar 2017 model (hw m550 za) Details

If you are going to buy this, make sure you also pick up the wireless side speakers to create a 5. 1 system. Wireless connection to sub and side speakers are very stable. Some people say the sub is a little weak, but it is just right for me. Besides you can turn up the sub volume, you can also boost the bass using the sound setting menu. You can adjust the high, low and side speakers level in the settings. The cons for this sound bar would be the very limited supported format. It only supports encoded dolby 5. 1 and dts 2. 0 (no dts 5. 1, truehd, dts-hd)

Samsung-hw-m550-3.1-channel-340-watt-wireless-audio-soundbar-2017-model-(hw-m550-za) set picture

- V. LindaI have nothing bad to really say about this soundbar. I was loyal to 5. 1 systems that came in a box but when i researched the latest trends in home theater i discovered that soundbars were the new thing. The great thing about samsung's is that you can purchase, which i did, a wireless rear speaker module which gives you an additional two speakers and enables a true 5. 1 surround system just like the 5. 1 systems in a box do. . Pros:. -soundbar itself is 3. 1 channels. This means that voices have their own, center channel which make them clearer and more natural than a 2. 1 system will. - no speaker wires. Everything is contained in the soundbar and the included subwoofer is wireless. - expandable to 5. 1 channels via the rear speaker module (sold separate) . - plenty of power and clarity to these speakers. 320 watts in the soundbar itself. Much better than using your tv speakers. - this model, unlike the majority, offers hdmi in, and hdmi out. Which means formats such as dolby hd and dolby true are supported. If you purchase an hdmi switch, you can have all of your sound input delivered to the soundbar system via hdmi, which is ideal. . Cons:. - the only thing i can really think of is that the sound bar is long, but its a soundbar and it fits with room to spare on my home theater center.

After weeks of reading reviews all over the net i landed on this soundbar for its bluetooth connectivity and clarity in bt mode and the hdmi input and outputs. The product showed up on time and packaged as it should be. Opened the box, plugged in the bar and the woofer and each paired instantly. All of my devices connect within seconds, the app is great for controlling the system. It works for ios and android. I used to own a home theater company which meant i prewired, installed, designed etc and this little bar can produce a true rms sound experience for music and tv without the bulk and wires of a traditional ht. Very warm and room filling sound with very crisp high notes. The clear voice option (designated center channel speaker really made a huge difference)works perfect for those hard of hearing speech during viewing. Very impressed so far. I would recommend this bar.

K. Whiteman, City of London

Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Weight :    5.73 pounds
Model :    HW-M550/ZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (samsung product review) for Samsung HW-M550 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $219.63 (was $377.99)
  • Enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and sports with higher quality audio. the hdmi connection transmits digital video and audio over a single cable, delivering a superior entertainment experience.
  • Connect wirelessly for one-touch control of your soundbar from bluetooth-compatible devices.
  • Pairs with wireless speaker kit (swa - 8500s) for an immersive experience1 (1 sold separately)
  • Feel the action of your favorite movies, shows, and sports with dynamic, powerful bass.
  • Enjoy a dynamic home audio experience with 3. 1 channel surround sound.

Samsung SWA-W700 Sound+ Subwoofer

First of all, thank you to all who took the time to give detailed reviews and troubleshooting- this really helped. I can honestly say i am thoroughly enjoying the complete system. I bought the ms-650 soundbar first and then began research and reviews on the sub on every site i could find. I had the sub-woofer only a day before the satellite surround sound speaker arrived. The total system is phenomenal! i'm waiting on the wire-hiders to arrive since this is a semi-wireless system, but i reviewed and planned for this before the purchase. The reviews that say the soundbar, bass, satellite speakers come alive with the complete system are spot on. I'll put the similar bose system in my movie room in the basement, but this one comes very close with matching the overall sound and separation of the higher end bose system ($1050 vs $1700). If you can pull trigger - do it. Linking sub and satellite speakers were easy using the remote as long as you read the instructions correctly. . Enjoy!

Want to experience extra rumble? add the sound+ subwoofer to shake the room with ultra-deep bass. This powerful wireless sub pairs seamlessly with sound+ sound bars, making it easy to add any time you're ready. A beautiful unibody design looks great from any angle, blending elegantly with your home decor.

Samsung SWA-W700 Sound+ SubwooferSamsung-SWA-W700-ZA-Sound-Subwoofer

Samsung Swa-w700 Sound+ Subwoofer (swa w700 za) FAQ.

Sounds good, but shuts off quickly is the tv is paused for some reason. It is also not syncing with my samsung tv remote. -Notice from E. Joanna, Maine

Click to Show samsung swa-w700 sound+ subwoofer (swa w700 za) Details

Speaker was the perfect addition to my entertainment center. I currently have the samsung 65" mu8500 and the ms-650 sound+ soundbar with the rear surround speakers. The equipment works together flawlessly and the sound is amazing. I am extremely pleased with the price, and if you have a sound+ soundbar this subwoofer is exactly what you need to get that deep rattling bass we are all looking for. Just make sure your unit is compatible because there is no port to wire this speaker it only works wirelessly.

Samsung-swa-w700-sound+-subwoofer-(swa-w700-za) set picture

- K. MathisThis is great! it doesn't blast you through the walls unless you want it to!

A bit tricky to get the wireless handshake at the beginning, but since then it's been wonderful.

C. Elizabeth, Saarland

Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Weight :    32.00 pounds
Model :    SWA-W700/ZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Add room-shaking 27hz bass to your sound+ sound bar.
  • Connects wirelessly to your sound+ sound bar and can be placed virtually anywhere in the room.
  • Designed to look seamless, front and back.
  • Pairs easily with samsung sound+ sound bars. the subwoofer automatically tunes itself to the sound+ sound bar it is connected to, for just the right level of bass.
Price :    $497.99
Speakers :    Best Speakers (samsung product review) for Samsung SWA-W700 Sound+ Subwoofer available ( Nov 2019 )

Samsung UBD-M8500/ZA 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player

Samsung's uhd blu-ray player is simply the best way to experience your favorite movies and shows. With samsung s uhd blu-ray player, scenes burst with vivid color, stunning contrast, and deep detail. 4k uhd resolution delivers four times the detail of hd, and with an expanded color spectrum and high dynamic range (hdr), you ll experience your favorites in a whole new way. 2 1 4k uhd tv required. 2 hdr capable tv needed to view hdr content. 3 internet connection is required.

Samsung UBD-M8500/ZA 4K UHD Blu-Ray PlayerSamsung-UBD-M8500-ZA-Blu-Ray-Player

Brand :    samsung
Weight :    4.19 pounds
Model :    UBD-M8500/ZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Dvd Player Or Recorder (samsung product review) for Samsung UBD-M8500/ZA 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $299.99
  • Sync and stream all your favorite tv shows, games, apps, and more with built-in wireless.
  • Play 4k ultra hd movies at 4x the resolution of full 1080p hd, letting you watch your favorite scenes with a level of detail and clarity like never before.
  • Hdr allows for a greater range of color contrast and brightness, enhancing details. the player recognizes hdr content and automatically optimizes settings.
  • New for 2017, turn your tv into the ultimate home entertainment hub. seamlessly access your favorite apps, content, and sports with samsung smart hub.

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/ VESA patterns up to 600 x 400 - 16 Extension - EGLF1-BK

This is my third full motion articulating tv wall mount. This one is the best by far. Lightweight, easy to follow instructions and strong enough to hold up 132 pounds. No new flat screen weighs that much (or not that i have seen) my new samsung weighs under 40 pounds, so this mount is perfect. A couple of things, it will fit flat against the wall with everything folding together. So it does not project the tv out into the room. Next, it will extend out a full 16". I had a cavity set into the wall to mount a tv. The contractor must not have know that all tv's were flat screen and he made it 16" deep. A problem for my old mount and why i replaced it. Finally, even i can learn after two units and i released some of the tension on the swivel bolts. Turning them somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 a turn. That made all the difference. Now it functions smoothly, before it was too tight to adjust without serious effort. I am still using the old one at another location and loosened the bolts on it. Works better, but clearly inferior to the echogear.

Featuring up to 150 of smooth swiveling capability, this large full-motion tv mount is a real mover. Not a shaker. Safety tested and ul certified to hold up to 132 lbs, you can rest assured your 37" - 70" led, lcd or plasma tv will be safe on the strong arm of this echogear tv mount. What the h is "ul certified"? it means we've tested this tv mount to verify that it will hold 4 times the weight rating and some safety science guys (that's a real thing) certified it. We'll do the math for you. 4 x 132 528 lbs! tech specs:vesa compatibility: 200x100 up to 600x400 (universal increments) tv extension from wall: 16" profile from wall (recessed) 2. 6" swivel: up to 150 degrees side-to-side (37" tv) tension adjustable? (for smoother/stiffer articulation): yes, using 7/32" hex key on joint bolts tilt: 5 up and 15 down post-install tv leveling adjustment: 3. 5 left or right wall plate dimensions: 17. 1" (w) x 10. 2" (h) max mounting hole dimensions: 16" (w) x 8. 9" (h) wall plate openings for in-wall cable management: 5. 6" (w) x 7. 6" (h) - two openings on each side construction: 100% high grade steel with plastic end caps for tv interface favorite color: echogear orangehdmi: v1. 4 high speed cable with bandwidth to support 1080p, 3d, and 4k/uhd 2160p picture 60 fps length: 6 ft. Install hardware included: 5/16" x 2. 75" lag bolts (4) lag bolt washers (4) m4 x 12mm screws (4) m4 x 35mm screws (4) m6 x 12mm screws (4) m6 x 35mm screws (4) m8 x 16mm screws (4) m8 x 20mm screws (4) m8 x 35mm screws (4) m4/m5 washers (4) m6/m8 washers (4) 22mm (7/8") tv spacers (4)

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/ VESA patterns up to 600 x 400 - 16 Extension - EGLF1-BKECHOGEAR-Motion-Articulating-Bracket-patterns

Echogear Motion Articulating Bracket Patterns (eglf1 bk) FAQ.

Outstanding design and construction! easy to assemble. The hooks from which the tv hangs are large, making it very easy to mount tv once the main assembly is attached to the wall. I had the follow issue-where i want to center the tv was right over a stud. I mounted a 3x1 ft by 3/4"piece of maple to the the studs to either side of the center stud. I would have also put screws into the center stud if my tv was heavy but at only 37 lbs did not feel that necessary. I then screwed the tv mount to the board with 10 3/8 by 1" lag screws. Using this system, you could attached the mount anywhere left-to-right on the board, would not need to be centered -Notice from L. Wells, Colorado

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I just hung my brand new 65 inch lg tv (65uf9500) and love this mount. I've used other mount companies in the past with much cheaper and smaller tvs. I've never had a problem with the others, but wasn't going to take a chance with this large and expensive tv. While i'm sure it is made in china like everything else; i liked that it was ul tested and is marketed/sold by an american company. It is very evident in the way their listing and all their installation materials are written and how everything is packaged and labeled. So many other products, including other mounts i've purchased use what i like to call "google translated english", that doesn't usually make much sense. Everything about this mount was as advertised and easy to install. If i had any complaints one would be that i wish it extended further from the wall, but that's just because of where i installed it and how i intend to use it. For most applications this mount is perfect. The other thing that would be useful is if the wall mounting plate had more lateral mounting flexibility. With 16" o. C. Studs, you have to center it on the studs because it's about 18" wide. I ended up having to make some field adjustments to shift it 8 to 10 inches to the right, because a full 16" wasn't doable. Maybe even if the mounting plate stayed similar, but where the arms attached to it was able to be changed.

Echogear-motion-articulating-bracket-patterns-(eglf1-bk) set picture

- . EmilyThis is an early feedback but will update as needed. The product was one-day shipping so that was awesome. The shipping was horrible since it came in the original box with a shipping label. The box was broken up and thankfully nothing fell out. . The product. So far it is holding up amazing. It did not have the correct proper screws for my samsung suhd 55" curve tv but thankfully it was on a stand that required me to purchase bolts in the past. I had to reuse 2 of them and able to use the longer m6 x 35 with spacers for the bottom. . The mount feels very sturdy and since i had studs at 16" i did not have any issues during install. The tv weighs only 38 so very lightweight for what the mount is rated at. . Overall, i would recommend it and purchase again when needed.

Absolutely wonderful tv mount. This tv mount is very heady duty and has very smooth and secure operation. I did have to supply my own 8m x 1. 25 mm screws, because the supplied screws for the mount were a little short to mount my samsun 40" 6350 tv. Otherwise, however, the mount is fantastic and very well thought out. The mount allows for tilt and slight level adjustment, which is nice. It holds the tv very securely and was easy to mount. Tv hangs on the mount easily and then locks into place. The scissors operation leaves room to run cables back to a recessed data box also, which is nice. Really, there is nothing i would say is lacking in this mount. If i were to add or redesign the mount, it would be difficult to think of much to add - maybe a small center indexing hole or mark, but this is rather trivial. . If you are looking for a mount that would go well in a multimillion dollar house, in order to mount and hold your tv, this is it. In fact, i remember last year i looked at a $3. 2m home up the road and recall it had a very nice and smooth operating tv mount for a very large tv. Now, after having installed this mount myself and seeing how nicely it operates, i'm guessing that home had an echogear mount of some type or other, since the operation is very similar. . Again, if you are looking for a very high quality, well made mount, you can't go wrong with this one.

Q. Wayt, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Brand :    echogear
Size :    37-70 inch
Model :    EGLF1-BK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Our heavy-gauge universal tv mount holds 37"-70" tvs weighing up to 132lbs. don't worry, we'll do the heavy lifting: echogear tv mounts are tested to hold 4 times the weight they're rated to. safety tested - ul certified.
  • Feel the love with our 5-year warranty - included with all of our tv mounts.
  • Pulling out to 16" and back in to 2. 6" from the wall gives your tv smooth moves. swivel your tv 150 degrees to the left or right to get all the views your room could ever need.
  • Mounting has never been so easy: 30 minutes to install on 16" studs, with all hardware included and pre-divided. our u. s. -based customer care team members will even pick up the phone on sundays. seriously.
  • Window glare bugging you? 15-degree tilt capability makes adjustments easy. no tools, no fuss, no hands. just kidding, you'll need your hands.
Price :    $54.99 (was $79.99)
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (echogear product review) for ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/ VESA patterns up to 600 x 400 - 16 Extension - EGLF1-BK available ( Nov 2019 )

Samsung Electronics UN65MU6300 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Watch out for the tv ads agreement during set up! i read all reviews and made sure i didn't accept those extra agreements when i was setting up my tv. Other than it tv is great! as an inexperienced tv owner i think it's perfect. Delivery was awesome! guys were professional and quick. They set it up and turned it on to make sure it wasn't broken and that's it! just watch for the ads if you don't want any. They will ask you at the beginning.

The samsung mu6300 ultra hdtv redefines the viewing experience by producing a colorful high dynamic range (hdr) picture. Our new smart tv user-interface (ui), the new smart remote controller with voice navigation capability provides faster access to your favorite streaming content choices and more.

Samsung Electronics UN65MU6300 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSamsung-Electronics-UN65MU6300-65-Inch-Ultra

Samsung Electronics Un65mu6300 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (un65mu6300fxza) FAQ.

Superb picture, easy to setup, easy to use. The best tv i have owned -Notice from G. Peggy, Texas

Click to Show samsung electronics un65mu6300 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2017 model (un65mu6300fxza) Details

This is my first 4k tv. Beautiful is am understatement. I can't say enough good things about it. My previous one is a 1080p plasmal which also kicked butt. This one is a brilliant tv with all the controls you could ever want in a 4k gorgeous screen. You won't regret this purchase.

Samsung-electronics-un65mu6300-65-inch-4k-ultra-hd-smart-led-tv-2017-model-(un65mu6300fxza) set picture

- L. CarolynI unboxed it today, i have no complaints, the 4k looks pretty good, especially with apps on the smart hub, like netflix, my basic channels def have a 4k quality, though some of my cable channels have a grainy look to them, however i am guessing this is due to my cable provider. Setup was easy and smooth, i was able to connect it to my samsung 8 phone, and control the channels and things of that nature directly from my phone. The remote is simple, and easy to use, it has voice command features which are nice. Overall looks great!

Great tv. Fits perfectly in the niche above the fireplace. Picture is terrific, great color and clarity.

A. Walsh, Ealing

Brand :    samsung
Color :    NA
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    56.70 pounds
  • Oneremote automatically detects and controls all your connected devices and content with no manual programming required*.
  • Please note the differences between the mu6300 and the mu630d. mu6300: black cabinet, 450 nits hdr sustained brightness, mega dynamic contrast mu630d: dark titan cabinet, 430 nits hdr sustained brightness, ultra dynamic contrast
  • Smooth action on fast-moving content with motion rate 120
  • 4x more pixels than full hd means you're getting 4x the resolution, so you'll clearly see the difference.
  • See vibrant and pure color for a realistic experience. stand size (wxhxd): 37. 9 x 8. 7 x 14. 5 inches
Price :    $754.05 (was $1191.90)
Model :    UN65MU6300FXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics UN65MU6300 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker. Works Alexa.

I'm very happy with my sound bar, and my sonos system in general. I have 2 play 3's, one play 5, and now the soundbar with 2 play 1's for surround. I may move the play 1's to another room, however, because they don't seem to make a difference. I put them right up to my ear during surround playback and can't hear anything. I suspect it's because my panasonic viera st50 tv audio out does not support surround, but i can't be sure. When playing stereo music via the controller (i. E. No tv involved) i also hear very little coming from the play 1. I've use dthe play 1 as a standalone speaker in the garden and it performs admirably for something so small.

Playbar s nine-speaker design floods your home with huge waves of epic, full-theater sound for tv, web, movies and video games. It is also a stand-alone all-in-one sonos player that allows you to wirelessly stream all the music on earth-your itunes library, your favorite music services, and thousands of internet radio stations, shows and podcasts. Playbar connects to your tv using a single optical cable and power cord and plays everything that is connected to your tv, from cable boxes to gaming consoles. Connect playbar or bridge to your wireless router and link all sonos players wirelessly with one touch. Note: to get started, you must wire either one player or bridge to your home network using a standard ethernet cable.

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker. Works Alexa.Sonos-Soundbar-Wireless-Streaming-Speaker

Sonos Soundbar Wireless Streaming Speaker (pbar1us1blk) FAQ.

Great way to add sonos to your living room without "overdoing it", especially if you live in an apartment building. Music on this thing sounds great, as it does with all sonos products. As i'm sure others have mentioned, unless your tv outputs dolby digital 5. 1 from it's optical output, you won't get the full experience unless connecting your product directly to it. Other than that, i'm perfectly happy with it -Notice from R. Evelyn, Missouri

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Love this thing have to get sub for best experience possible

Sonos-soundbar-wireless-streaming-speaker-(pbar1us1blk) set picture

- N. ZeldaI think the sonos system is fantastic. I've had it for a few weeks now and had no problems. It works seamlessly right out of the box. The app works great and the sound is flawless 99% of the time (you might occasionally experience some static but i believe that has more to do with my network than the speakers). I have the play 1, 3, 5 and soundbar and love how it works so easily and intuitively. Guests are always impressed. Using pandora, spotify and other platforms work like sonos had them in mind in designing the product. I really can't recommend this enough.

Great product that simplified tv and music playback. All around great sound when paired with a sub and surround speakers. I have p1s in one room and built -ins in another and both sound great with the playbar and sub.

A. Newell, British Columbia

Price :    $609.88 (was $697.00)
  • Pair with two play:1s and a sub for a 5. 1 surround system, the ultimate home theater experience.
  • Syncs wirelessly with other sonos speakers so you can listen to tv or music in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • Simple two-cord setup. one for power and one for the tv. control from your existing tv remote, or wirelessly connect on the sonos app from your smart device.
  • Connect your playbar to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love.
  • Complements hd television screens with crisp and powerful sound from nine amplified speaker drivers. wirelessly streams all your favorite music services too.
Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    11.90 pounds
Model :    PBAR1US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker. Works Alexa. available ( Nov 2019 )

Samsung UN65KS8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2016 Model

The samsung 4k suhd tv completely redefines the viewing experience with the revolutionary quantum dot nano-crystal technology. The ks8000 features innovations that produce a remarkable high dynamic range picture experience, regardless of room-light interference. Access your favorite streaming content services easier and faster with our premium design smart remote controller.

Samsung UN65KS8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2016 ModelSamsung-UN65KS8000-65-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Brand :    samsung
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    52.90 pounds
  • Hdr 1000 mirrors the high contrast and vividness the way movie makers intended
  • Get richer colors and deeper contrast with uhd dimming
  • More than just pitch black, get the best shades of black with triple black technology. never miss a detail in the dark
  • Smart 2016 - use one universal remote to switch from live tv to streaming seamlessly. easily access everything you want to watch
  • The premium flat 4k suhd picture with quantum dot color drive. fires off a billion more colors than hd tvs for a life like picture unlike anything else
Price :    $900.01 (was $3500.00)
Model :    UN65KS8000FXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Television (Home Theater product review) for Samsung UN65KS8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2016 Model available ( Nov 2019 )

Sony XBR65X900E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

4k hdr processor x1 powered by the 4k hdr processor zx1, the sony x900e pairs the brilliance of 4k clarity with the brightness, color, and detail of high dynamic range. Combined with 4k ultra hd resolution, hdr delivers exceptional detail, color and contrast, with a wide range of brightness, brilliant highlights and fine detail. Smart functionality from movies and tv shows to thousands of apps, sony s google home-compatible android tv brings you everything in an instant. Enjoy a huge range of apps from google play, youtube, netflix, online store video, hulu, pandora, and contract-free playstation vue. Stunning colors the sony triluminos display showcases vivid colors, faithfully reproduces reds, greens, blues, and skin tones with precise gradation. 4k hdr super bit mapping optimizes colors individually for satisfyingly rich and natural results. 4k x-reality pro upscales images to near 4k clarity, bringing details into clear, smooth focus. Incredible contrast sony x-tended dynamic range pro 5x projects five times the contrast range of a conventional led-edge lit tv. Balanced light output across the screen produces even greater brilliance in every scene. Motionflow xr technology maintains an ideal refresh rate to allow fast moving action sequences in sports and movies. Beautiful design delivering incredible viewing experiences, the slice of living concept for home product design reimagines the aesthetic style of the entire living space. The x900e s narrow, exquisitely designed aluminum frame keeps you focused on the screen, while cables stay cleverly hidden at the back and the front. -sony 4k ultra hd smart led tv (2017 model xbr-65x900e) -4k hdr processor x1 -dimensions without stand: 57" x 32. 8" x 2. 4" with stand: 57" x 35. 3" x 10. 3" -inputs: 4 hdmi, 2 usb2. 0, 1 usb 3. 0, 1 component/composite hybrid, 1 composite -compatible with online store alexa

Sony XBR65X900E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSony-XBR65X900E-65-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Brand :    sony
Color :    65-Inch
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    77.16 pounds
  • Full-array local dimming technology, you get enhanced controlled contrast and incredible brightness in a stunningly slim design.
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 57" x 32. 8" x 2. 4", tv with stand: 57" x 35. 3" x 10. 3"
  • 120hz native refresh rate plus motionflow xr gives you fast moving action scenes with virtually no motion blur
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using sony's android tv.
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture.
Price :    $1400.85 (was $1698.00)
Model :    XBR65X900E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony XBR65X900E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 42 -80 TVs - Easy To Install On 16 24 Studs & Features Smooth Articulation, Swivel, & Tilt - EGLF2

I bougt this on a lightning deal. Had my handyman install and he said it was a very solid mount. Works great for my 55 in led tv.

Wall mounting is the best way to get the most from your new large tv. Not only will it keep your investment safe, but will drastically enhance your viewing experience. You'd swear charlie sheen came over with all the winning you'll be doing once that 4k beauty is on the wall. So how will mounting your tv improve the viewing experience? so glad you asked. 1. Your screen will be at eye levelif you set your tv on an entertainment center, the screen is often below the best viewing angle. By mounting, you can hang the tv in the sweet spot, with the middle of the screen lining up with your eye level. That gives you a better picture plus reduces fatigue during your overwatch gaming marathons. Dibs on zenyatta. 2. Point the tv almost anywherethis is the biggest benefit of full motion mounts. By extending from the wall, you have space to swivel the screen to point at any seat. Now you can get the perfect picture while sitting in that comfy recliner you found on the side of the road. Trust me, watching the fast & furious movies from your favorite spot enhances the enjoyment tenfold. Man, the rock is so bad-ass. If you're feeling wild, you could even point the tv to a different room, like the kitchen. That means catching up on silicon valley while pan-searing that delicious bass you caught. 3. Eliminate screen glarethe only thing more annoying than screen glare is carl clicking his pen at the office all day. Cripes carl. If you pick a full motion mount, tilting the screen will lessen or completely eliminate your screen glare issues. Without needing tools, you can tilt the screen down and get the best viewing possible. Not to mention all the safety improvements putting your tv on the wall gives you. Rather than your flat screen dangerously wavering every time you touch it, you can keep the screen securely connected to the wall and eliminate the risk of a tip-over.

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 42 -80 TVs - Easy To Install On 16 24 Studs & Features Smooth Articulation, Swivel, & Tilt - EGLF2ECHOGEAR-Motion-Articulating-Mount-Bracket

Echogear Motion Articulating Mount Bracket (eglf2 bk) FAQ.

Extremely well built and solid. Holds my 70" tv like a dream. -Notice from . Sharon, Sefton

Click to Show echogear motion articulating mount bracket (eglf2 bk) Details

Well packed and product is 100% sturdy, great quality and easy to install. The product preforms everything exactly as it details on there website. I brought 2 thank you echogear

Echogear-motion-articulating-mount-bracket-(eglf2-bk) set picture

- J. SandraWe had it installed by online store, so i can't speak on installation. We have a 65 inch tv and the range of motion is great and easy to move in and out.

This mount was incredibly versatile and easy to install. I have a 42 older model lcd tv hanging on it without any problems. The ability to pull the tv out to make the connections is great! no need for mirrrors and flashlights. Make sure you check the weight of your tv prior to purchase.

A. Brenda, Brandenburg

Brand :    echogear
Color :    Black
Model :    EGLF2-BK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (echogear product review) for ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 42 -80 TVs - Easy To Install On 16 24 Studs & Features Smooth Articulation, Swivel, & Tilt - EGLF2 available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $99.99 (was $129.99)
  • We give it our all. we believe in easy to follow instructions and chatting with humans. our us-based echogear pro's are available every day of the week. sometimes we are crabby on mondays, but who isn't?
  • We never skip leg day. our heavy-gauge steel is strong enough to support tv screens up to 125 lbs.
  • With up to 130º of swivel, you can watch your tv from anywhere in the room. or, swivel it away from todd. he's been annoying lately
  • Designed to accommodate almost any vesa pattern, this mount is compatible with all major tv brands, including lg, sony, vizio, and samsung.
  • Pull your tv out 22" away from the wall for ultimate viewing. place back 2. 4" from the wall for the real slim shady look. become the ultimate you. we believe.

Samsung Electronics Sound+ Premium Soundbar HW-MS650/ZA

Sound+ soundbars are simply beautiful. Samsung audio technologies deliver room-filling, home theater sound without the need for a separate subwoofer. Designed with streamlined wires and an elegant easy mount option, sound+ becomes one with your tv and brings your entire cinematic experience together like never before.

Samsung Electronics Sound+ Premium Soundbar HW-MS650/ZASamsung-Electronics-Soundbar-HW-MS650-ZA

Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Weight :    13.67 pounds
Model :    HW-MS650/ZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Frequency response: 40hz - 20khz
  • Increases the power and depth of bass with control that precisely coordinates the movement of each speaker.
  • Wifi: (2. 4ghz/5ghz); usb connectivity: (v. 2. 0), microusb for lan/software update service only and bluetooth connectivity
  • Samsung's proprietary technology delivers deep and detailed bass by predicting sound distortion and automatically tuning the speaker's output before the distortion occurs.
  • Hear consistently great sound anywhere in the room with tweeters that cover a much wider frequency range.
Price :    $264.19 (was $397.99)
Speakers :    Best Speakers (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics Sound+ Premium Soundbar HW-MS650/ZA available ( Nov 2019 )

samsung electronics un65mu8000 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2017 model Price : 1153, was : 1397 as 2018-01-12
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
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Beautiful picture. Samsung remote integrates nicely with charter settop.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: What is the difference between this and the samsung 6000 series. is it worth the extra money?

(1) Question: Does this tv have game mode ? & how does it handle the ps4?

(2) Question: What color is the tv

(3) Question: Is this tv hdmi hdcp 2. 2 compatible?

(4) Question: Does anyone know how high the legs raise the tv? i need about 4 inches to put the zvox soundbar under the tv. thanks.

(5) Question: How do i activate pip (picture in picture)?

(6) Question: Planning on wall mounting tv - tips/tricks, reviews make it sounds atypical and hard (debating paying for professional install)

(7) Question: How far apart are the legs on the 55" model? would it fit on a 40" wide entertainment center?

(8) Question: Whats the real refresh rate?

(9) Question: Is the un49mu8000 a true 240 hz

(10) Question: Does it have rca outputs (red & white) or 1/8" and 1/4" headphone sockets? i love my senheiser headphones and that is what it uses.

(11) Question: Has anyone tried pairing a universal remote with this tv?

(12) Question: Does this tv have bluetooth

(13) Question: Can you use the usb to make this tv wireless or must you use the ethernet connection?

(14) Question: Does a ps4 pro fit under the tv?

(15) Question: Are there any significant differences between this and the mu9000 series? what's triple black vs. triple black extreme?

(16) Question: Does it play 3d?

(note) Question: where/how to get Samsung (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Samsung's products

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I did a lot of research before this purchase because i plan on not buying another tv for at least 10 years. My previous samsung lasted 11 years so i trust the brand. The old one was a rear projection 1080p and the picture was good. This new one is stunning. Consumer reports gave it high marks also. I read some reviews that the viewing angle was just ok but after watching it i wouldn't worry, it's fine. After setting it all up i went over to youtube to look at some 4k programs and it blew me away. The picture is absolutely amazing. My old samsung was 2200 bucks. This one under 1600. Works for me! i highly recommend this tv. You won't be disappointed. Update 9/14/17. Have been enjoying the tv for a couple of months now and there is not a week that goes by when i don't blurt out how fantastic the picture is. So glad i pulled the trigger on this purchase!

#Samsung Smartcam Outdoor Snh E6440bn

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I owned a panasonic 55" 3d plasma tv for years - it was great, but was starting to show it's age and after it died i did a lot of research. I didn't want to spend $5000 on a tv, and though i know the lg oled and samsung qled are much better pictures, just moving to 4k and hdr would be enough of a step up for me right now. After a lot of online research, i settled on samsung and went to best buy with the intention to find last year's model ks8000, which is a lot of the same as this mu8000 and with a couple features the newer model doesn't do as well. It's also cheaper. However, best buy no longer offers the installation on older models, and the ks8000 is quickly going out of stock. I considered both the 65 and 55 inch models before settling on the 55 inch, since that's what we had before. . Best buy ordering and delivery is simply the best! sales associates know their stuff and the delivery guys have always been top-notch. The warranty is a great deal, but i did pass this time for better or worse. I paid an extra $15 so they would haul away my old bricked plasma, and it's so worth it. The only negative about the delivery experience is they can't unbox the tv or even put it up on the stand for you unless you pay for the "installation". That's not as big of a deal as it was with my plasma (which they did unbox and pull out as part of installation because it was so heavy) since this tv is so light, but i'd recommend having two people to lift a 55" tv for stability sake. . Picture quality on the mu8000 is excellent. Vivid colors, deep blacks, no light bleed i can see, motion handling and up-scaling all looks great so far. The samsung remote is really nice and the voice control addition works well. There aren't a lot of buttons - it's basically just like the online store firetv voice remote. I have a logitech harmony so our primary remote is the harmony remote, but i do like the simplicity of the samsung remote. The toggle channel/volume buttons are a bit odd at first, but we don't really use them. . The mu8000 stand is nice looking, but feels a little cheap. I would opt for wall-mounting if you have the option. One thing i'm not quite sure on is the "one connect box" that i personally fins annoying. There are no ports on the back of the tv. It looks really clean, but having all the inputs in an external box is definitely different. The cable management channel around the bottom edge and foot of the tv is really cool, but when you're running both the one connect box cable and the power cable it gets crowded. It also seems like samsung gave up on the cool cable management design once they hit the stand and just said "whatever - if they get to this point we don't care". It looks a bit odd on my stand, but depending on what you put your tv on it's a lot cleaner. The nice thing about the one connect box is it places the inputs away from the back of the tv. I only run one hdmi to my tv from my receiver so my cords are minimal, but if you had multiple inputs i could see this being awesome, especially in a wall-mount situation as you'd only have 2-3 running from the back of the tv instead of 7. The samsung tizen os smart tv software is pretty good - i haven't run in to issues with it, but i don't use it all the time. If i was running cable directly into the tv and not through my stereo receiver, i think the voice control for the cable channels and the smart tv software would be much nicer than my comcast/xfinity box (i don't have the x1). . The mu8000 dims/brightens itself depending on the light in the room. It hasn't bothered me too much and i may disable it at some point, but it's worth noting. There are times the tv looks a bit too dark for the light in the room but it's never been unclear. This may only be a "movie mode" setting. There is some glare on the set, but no where near as bad as a plasma tv. The viewing angle is decent, maybe a little better than my panasonic plasma. I expected better viewing angles from a tv this expensive and 8 years newer. From what i have read, the hdr on the mu8000 is not the best you can get and you'd be better off with last year's ks8000 or the sony 900e series if hdr is important to you. You do have to turn it on in the mu8000 settings for the input you want. . Overall, this tv is a good package for the price. It seems to promise a bit more than it actually has, which is disappointing from samsung, but if you're not going to nitpick over the 500 nits reality vs the 1000 nits promise on the package for the hdr, you will be happy with your purchase. If you want to stay in this price range and care about the best specs for your money, i would recommend trying to find the ks8000 series somewhere or going with the sony 900e series.

J. Theresa, Waltham Forest

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W. Monique, Bradford says

I now own both 2016 and 2017 samsung's 8000, a 65 inch and this 55 inch. Im no expert but the new one is sharper and blacks are really black. I'm satisfied and would recommend this tv no questions asked.

H. Rowe, Hammersmith and Fulham

Great tv, glad i bought it when i did.

E. Aldana, Western Australia says

Perfect picture and sounds & better without a sound bar. Made adjustments like every tv and after that the sound & picture is perfect and with a big tv having 240 made my old 120 look like a joke.

K. Rebecca, Nova Scotia

Amazing quality, best colors, very pleased with the smart os, works great!

O. McCarthy, Nord-Pas-de-Calais says

*update at the bottom*. . This is my first 4k tv. I replaced a 10 year old sony 50" dlp rear projection tv that was having issues (green color block). This is a great tv, and probably easiest to just go over the pros and cons. . Pro: nearly bezel less picture. Very light weight. Samsung one connect box makes inputs and audio outputs super easy to change. Picture quality is very, very good (but not amazing). Price is on point for the size and quality of the image. User interface is pretty easy and user friendly. Black levels appear to be very good, better than i had hoped by some reviews i saw. . Con: out of the box the tv has on every horrible settings. Samsung needs to remove the motion flow setting as it truly only works on sports. On anything else it makes it look like 3d daytime television (soap opera). It even causes jitter during high motion slow motion (planet earth ii has lots of this). There is an energy saving setting i had to dig for to turn off auto dimming. Great feature on a cell phone, stupid feature on a 65 inch tv. Maybe in a bedroom it would be nice, but on by default made no sense. They also come pre-setup with smart apps on the "home" bar, so you have to go in and remove the ones you don't have/need. . There are two cons that need special attention:. 1. The vesa mounting points for this tv are deep inside the tv. For any mount to work it needs 45mm bolts at the minimum. Most mounting kits found on online store only come with 30mm bolts, not even close to long enough. I am guessing most samsung tv (if not others as well) have mounting points inside unlike older lcd that had then right on the back plain. I had to to make 2 trips to home depot to find longer bolts. Different head types but 45mm (longest hd sells) did the trick. You can find 50mm and 60mm ones on online store pretty easy. Do yourself a favor and order them at the same time as this tv. . 2. The one connect i said i liked, is potentially a big issue. When i first put the tv up it wouldn't do anything as it said it wasn't connected. Back down it came to find that it wasn't seated all the way. Putting the cover panel on the back pushed on the wire, which moved the connector. Due to this tv size its not ideal to have to take down and sort out and cable issue. And since you can't access it at all without taking the tv down, it could be an issue if the one connect becomes problematic. . Overall i really like the tv. It is a huge upgrade in both size and quality. The picture quality isn't "blow my mind amazing", but it is very, very good. I do watch a lot of live baseball and it's only marginally better than my old 1080p. Though, live sports are usually a good example of how a good tv can make an ok video stream look, the extra resolution on 4k (and particularly the size) makes it obvious that upscaling from 1080p to 4k isn't quite spotless for sports. In fairness, planet earth ii looked fantastic. And game of thrones looks oh so sweet on a 65 incher. Really anything but sports and this tv is well worth the investment. . *update 8/25*. I have had the tv for about 2 weeks now. Everything but sports (local boston nesn) looks great. Picture quality is excellent. Loads of stuff on netflix is amazing. The downside is really just how the original show/movie/sport is shot. If the feeds are so so, then the quality will be so so. But if the feed is good like many shows these days are, it looks incredible. Again, well worth the investment.

N. Morgan, Shropshire

I've had this tv for a couple of months now. It is awesome, . Picture clarity is exceptional. The darks are extremely dark. Of course, it's best with 4k content (which i can find on netflix). But even regular hd content looks gorgeous. The smarthub is very fast; it comes up instantaneously, and the apps load quickly. It comes with everything you may want - netflix, online store, hulu, hbo and many others for video; pandora, spotify, iheartradio and others for music. It even comes with a pretty decent web browser, i was able to log into the cliburn competition and watch a lot of it through the browser, with no problems and no latency at all. The built-in speakers are pretty decent, but i had it installed with a sonos soundbar system. It is big, but not overwhelmingly so - i had it installed above a fireplace, and it fills the space but does not dominate it. It is very thin for its size, and surprisingly not that heavy (i could lift it myself). Finally, i absolutely love the remote. It is ergonomics exemplified! fits very nicely in hand, has ingeniously simple controls, every button is distinct, with its own feel. It is really exceptionally well designed. Bravo to samsung - it is one of the best electronic products overall i ever used, ever. I only have two complaints about the tv. One, it does not have a plug for headphones. How can a tv with all these features not have a simple little plug? i couldn't believe it. I had to buy a special gizmo (mpow, which is a great product - i reviewed it separately) to connect my bose headphones to the bluetooth output (the only option). Minor complaint two, sometimes the apps get "stuck. " a couple of times i turned off the tv while netflix or online store was running, and when i turned it back on, it was not responsive to any other buttons on the remote (just on and off). I had to unplug it to "reboot, " then it was fine again. It only happened a couple of times. So overall, i would buy it again, it's just awesome.

A. Anonymous, South Australia says

Could not afford newer higher cost samsung models, so decided on this model. Quite pleased with picture quality, size and sound. Using in den area, and decided to wall mount television rather than use stands. Looks even better. This is my second samsung television purchase in three years, and i am a fan. Using older curved samsung in master bedroom. Delivery was timely and arrived in excellent condition. Very well packaged and protected. Recommend purchasing.

F. Garner, Richmond upon Thames

This is a lovely tv set. The picture is bright and clear and the audio is clear and easy to understand. Two important things you should know: 1. This set has no power switch. Once you plug it in, it is on. 2. If you plan to mount it on the wall with a standard wall mount, you will need four screws, type m8 one and one quarter mm pitch by 45 mm long. This is because the back of the set is curved, rather than flat. At first i thought that this tv included all the apps which are available on the online store fire stick, but i recently found out that i was wrong. I have two other tvs with online store fire sticks, and they are both capable of downloading the pbs app. When i called samsung to complain that this tv had no pbs app available, i was told that the pbs app could not be downloaded onto this tv. I have pbs anywhere because i contribute to pbs. There is however, no way to watch the pbs programs to which i am entitled as i can on the tvs which have fire sticks. So now, i have to buy a fire stick for a samsung tv which is supposedly a smart tv and has lots of apps - just not pbs! . If you are a pbs fan, be warned.

Z. Medina, Yukon Territory says

Love this tv, don't listen to all the negative reviews. I had a js8500 before this and i didn't think the picture could get any better but i was wrong. This tv is a huge step up in my opinion.

X. Anonymous, Warwickshire

Haven't got everything figured out yet, but a beautiful picture and is a very good product.

S. Kimberly, Hamburg says

Tv technology has come such a long way in the last 10 years that it's amazing. Better blacks and deeper colors in 4k and uhd, and samsung's mu8000 is certainly no exception. I can't speak for other tv manufacturers, but i will tell you that i am completely happy with this tv. I love the clean look of the thin bezel, and the colors are as sharp as any hd signal can keep up with. The smart functions on the tv have definitely come a long way. I remember when samsung first started to incorporate apps and its smart hub. Much better user interface, and better overall experience for me. I am more used to a middle stand for all my tv's, but i am definitely getting used to the wide legged dual positioning. Better since i still have young kids running around, so i cringe less when they play near the tv. . Overall, i am extremely pleased with this tv. I recently decided to do a complete upgrade of tv's in my house, so i'll be looking at other samsung tv's as well.

I. Delgado, Brent says

Great picture. Great remote. Versatile. Nice to not have cables running all over the place. Uhd and 4k deliver!

G. Alba, Kansas

Honestly great quality and much improved black levels over my 2015 75inch vizio. I was pleasantly surprised at the snappy interface. It does seem like a pain to login to a few accounts without a proper input method, but several apps such as hulu and hbo go use a code system to activate the device online in a seamless manner. I had to mess with some settings to get my bose wireless device to properly work, so be warned there are many tweaks to get the tv perfect. The one connect box is a godsend. Ignore other complaints it's a revolution not to have to fiddle and stumble to get behind a perfectly placed tv and change cables and this tv solves that in a major way. Love it.

B. Angela, Merton says

Terrific picture with vivid color. love it!

P. Gina, Oregon

I m not a tv person so take this with a grain of salt. I am, however, a techie. On black friday i spent way more time than i should ve researching tvs but really there were a couple things really important to me. The first was reflection. I have a wall of windows across from the wall the tv is mounted on. This tv does awesome and reflection is absolutely not an issue. The second thing i cared about was os. Prior to this i ve always used a roku and was hesitant to use any native os. I have to say i love the os on this tv. Roku is truly no longer needed. Youtube is even built in so you can watch music videos. The remote is also awesome and modern feeling. . The picture is super amazing but i m guessing that s the case for all modern 4k tvs (like i said, i m not really a tv guy so he s to comment here). . The bezel is pretty much non-existent. . One thing to note when purchasing this tv is that you need to also order some 40mm m8 bolts as it requires them and they don t seem to come standard with wall mounts.

V. Jennifer, Stockport says

Have had this tv installed a week now and i am loving it. This is the first led tv i prefer of over my beloved plasma panasonic z1. The picture is great and the interface is worlds apart. Also the price point is sharp for what you get especially compared to my old plasma. . This is very well built tv and pretty hefty. It has a nice metal bezel surround. Construction wise it is a big improvement from the all plastic one on my prior samsung led tv. The 65 model is a 2-person wall mount installation. Weight reminds me of a plasma and that s a good thing. It even feels substantial to the touch. . Love the one connect box interface. It is a connection box that is separate from tv. This means less wire clutter behind the tv. Which means a cleaner install whether wall mount or on pedestal. So on my wall mount install i only have 1 wire going behind the wall. This also means more flexibility adding and changing inputs in the future. However i wish samsung also had ethernet connection on the one box instead of just tv. I prefer hardwire over wireless internet connection. . Picture wise this is a huge improvement over my prior led tv. Picture quality is great whether 4k or not. There is no soap opera effect and the picture is super sharp. Also the picture is great whether the room is dim or in direct sunlight. Also tv can be viewed from sharp angles (i. E. You don t have to be directly in front of it to have a good picture). Furthermore the sound quality is still good. Not as good as the dedicated soundbar, but it will not disappoint. . Samsung also hit a homerun regarding the user interface. The remote control is nice looking, small and easy to use. It controls many devices including my tivo, apple tv, soundbar and blueray player. It probably can control most cable boxes as well. You can also give the tv voice commands through the remote, such as such as watch verizon and change to channel 899. . . Most of all i love the apps on the tv. I stream music through siriusxm. Watch my favorite online store prime shows. Also love met opera and dramafever apps. Again you can switch to all these apps with voice commands! no fumbling around with remote control buttons. . I would highly recommend this model for someone looking for good quality picture, a lot of features and high build quality at a fair price.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

K. Powell, Rheinland-Pfalz says

Very disgusted with samsung. This tv feels more like a marketing ploy than a tv. I had to contact customer support and give remote access to my tv for them to "try" to disable suggested apps, and even then they gave me no guarantee they would stop. Absolutely ridiculous. The tv itself is nice enough, but when comparing it live with other tvs at a store any difference is nitpicking. All tvs are pretty amazing now. So there's no reason to give samsung your money for this intrusive and insulting bs.

Q. Nees, Cornwall

The picture is fine and set up didn't take long. Unfortunately, the firestick can be "seen' by the tv but whenever i try to access it the tv screen goes black and turns itself off. The most annoying issue, however, was the fact that the samsung techs told me that i can't change the picture size when i view an older movie or tv show on one of the apps, like online store. When you try to access it on the settings menu, it says the picture size isn't functioning. I don't have that problem with my vizio and to be honest, i didn't buy a large screen tv to only use a portion of the screen. A real deal breaker. I love my samsung s8 plus phone but i won't be buying any of their tvs if they can't figure something like this out.

. Brenda, Brandenburg says

Definitely wait. I bought this tv 1 week ago. There is blur/ghosting from solid black lines on white backgrounds. Like in the menu when i'm scrolling you see line blur and when watching animated shows like archer and futurama- when they move their head for 1/2 a second the in-print of where the head was is still on the screen.

. Jessica, District of Columbia

Always a fan of samsung and considered them the gold standard for lcd tv i am disappointed at picture quality of the mu8000. If you like bright colors then buy this tv. That is what you get for $1000. I took the time to calibrate the tv using rtings. Com settings and could never get the picture to seem normal to the naked eye. My wife and daughter even noticed the judder and blurring picture along with "soap opera" effect of the picture. In watching sports, my 12 year old samsung lcd outperformed this tv with its blurring of baseball and lagging ghost images during football games. Maybe this is reason samsung is taking off $ on all tvs now? buyer beware and do your homework. Samsung has the name but no longer best tvs on the market having done my research. . I will be returning the mu8000 and will skip buying any samsung tv at this time as they really are coming in at 3 behind 1 lgoled and 2 sony xe930 for the 55" class.

Z. Nicole, Bretagne says

After shopping for a couple of years my husband finally found the tv he wanted. And i hate it. . 1. It doesn't communicate well with our other devices. At first i thought it was operator error, then i blamed the age of the other devices. It struggled to interface with the bluray player and it took me nearly 40 minutes of messing with for it to finally play the disk. When watching satellite tv we were having issues with odd onscreen movement glitches. We upgraded our dvr and that helped but it did not eliminate the problem entirely. . 2. The audio is unreliable. At first i thought that the volume was decreasing between commercial ads. However, after using it longer we discovered the problem is more widespread. The volume will drop significantly even when watching a tv show. After a minute or so of the lower volume we just turn the volume up. . Is it possible that all the equipment that worked with our old tv is just too old? yes. Is it possible that cables that worked with the old tv are now just too out of date. Sure. But without replacing all my equipment we just won't know. We purchased a tv for entertainment and all it has done the first few weeks is raise my blood pressure.

M. Guest, Queensland

If buying the 49", be aware: the refresh rate / motion rate for the 49" model is not 120 hz / 240 as advertised. It is 60 hz / 120. A massive difference and main reason why to buy this model instead of the 6300.

. Lorenz, Newham says

It does not record ota and does not shows p&p as advertised.

F. Sherry, Sutton

First, this tv is not bad. Blacks are great. Both 1080p and 4k from netflix and online store show well. Hbo has terrible encoding, so hbo now will show lesser quality picture. . Major issue. . Tv shows forced advertisements from hbo. Hulu, vudu, you name it. It is important to know that despitw tv setting has options to turn off interest based advertisements, even they are turnedoff, ads keep appearing every so often few times a day. Apps are from all over: samsung, facebook, google, hulu. Apps that are installed but not used and apps that are not installed at all. Of course samsung could choose to stop these ads by a minor tweak to their os but it doesn't. It will takw many returns for samsung to release a fix i am sure. . I am returning mine using costco 90 day policy. . Online forums are full of this issus if you google it. Samsung reps are helpess to resolve this blame this on 3rd party apps. However as os provider, samsung is the responsible party to not stopping them. . Sad that paid $3k to buy this and i will return it and get perhaps an lg or sony now. . Samsung messed this up really bad. I see some sort of class action law suit and a lot of return tvs in the us market. Or for nothing. Pity.

T. Jackson, Oldham says

Was advised against buying this at another store but thought the sales guys were just being biased as they were pushing the sony x900e. Got the mu8000 home, saw the bad reviews and ignored them. Tried the tv out a few days later and sure enough the reviews were right. All the standard default settings have the backlight at 100% and the brightness is just doable. I got to thinking, "this is the max brightness it goes? what about on sunny days when there's a lot of light in the room? what about after a couple of years when the backlight starts to loose some efficiency, i won't be able to increase the backlight to compensate". Yeah, it's fairly dim for a tv of this price caliber. Also, turning the smooth motion setting (think they call it auto motion plus or something) to full "off" leads to extremely jittered playback on regular bluray films where there is no abnormal jitter. In other words, turning it off should simply disable the interpolating of frames and simply display the normal 24p of the bluray film, but it doesn't! it make a film look like it has less than 24p somehow. I tested the settings and apparently to make video and tv look like it normally does you have to keep the setting on 3. Why? i returned this tv and went with the sony x900e and could not be happier! and, turning off sony's smooth motion (called motion flow on sony's) effectively does exactly what it's supposed to - simply display content at its native frame rate. No weird jerkiness or anything. . Anyhow, overall i regret not listening to the advice i was given and i am indeed very happy to have returned the samsung and gotten the sony. And, this is coming from a samsung fan. Somehow or another they took a step back from last years models and dropped the ball big time.

J. Pamela, Poitou-Charentes

I just purchased this tv from a local vendor. Brought it home and set it up. I was replacing a 9-yr old 40" sony bravia kdl-40w3000. Decided it was time to get a little newer set that was a little bigger, but not overly large. I had been enjoying the 1080p on the sony and an adequately bright picture. Its 60-hz refresh though would fall apart with some extremely dynamic scenes. The new samsung had great reviews except on one tech website rtings. Com except they pointed out that it had a glossy screen and might be difficult to watch in a room that was not dark. There were correct. In anything but a totally dark room the reflections on the screen during any muted or dark scenes are very annoying if you are sensitive to that sort of thing. My old sony has a mat or semi-gloss screen and is much less susceptible to that problem. Otherwise the set was great and i really wanted to keep it but the reflections were a deal breaker.

I. Arnett, Kingston upon Thames says

I bought this model for my parents as a x-mas present and also have the 55 inch model as my secondary tv. Picture is great, interface is great, tv speakers are good for what they are. . The kicker? if you have a home theater setup connected via hdmi, it appears that the arc doesn't work and will not get sound when you use the smarthub apps like netflix, vudu, hulu, youtube. This seems to be a consistent issue with these tvs since it happened with both tvs. . I had hdmi4 (arc) input connected to my receiver's hdmi arc output and don't get sound when watching content from the smarthub apps. Very disappointed since this shouldn't be an issue with a high grade tv such as this one. Hoping this gets fixed with a firmware upgrade and that it's not a hardware issue. . Randy

W. Barbara, Stockton-on-Tees

This samsung tv displays banner advertisements in the main menu (the "hub bar") and it is impossible to disable them. It appears all samsung tvs now force ads down your throat after you buy them for thousands of dollars. Here is an idea, samsung: make all your speakers play ads too from time to time for consistency. Online store sells a version of a kindle with ads - it is a cheaper option and they call it "kindle with offers". Samsung tvs should be called "samsung tvs with offers", except unlike with online store, you can't even pay to remove them.

V. Nancy, Portsmouth says

Un75mu8000 75" 4k tv - the picture quality is great. The apps are great as is the user interface easy to use. But. . Got everything connected and the anynet+ (hdmi-cec) was working and connecting to and interfacing with an apple tv 4k, samsung 4k player and a samsung sound bar via arc. Had a few problems with the 4k tivo at first (sound going away and picture flashing to black and back normal) but eventually the tivo stopped flashing. The tv would not automatically recognize the tivo. But the tivio was working, not sury why, it was stabilized, but is was working. . The samsung tv remote was controlling the, apple tv, samsung player and the samsung sound bar. Plus the sound bar would turn off and on automatically when the tv was powered off/on. Plus the tv would automatically switch the sound from the tv speakers to the soundbar. The tv remote did not work with the tivo. . With only the tivo remote problem. Life was good. . Then here comes a software update on 11/28/2017. After the software update the tv would not recognize the apple tv. The tv would not connect to the samsung sound bar via arc and would not turn the soundbar on/off. And the sound and flashing problem returned to the tivo input. Sometimes by unplugging the tvs power i can get the soundbar connection/control back. But the next time i power on the tv the soundbar is gone, again. It getting very frustrating that a tv this expensive and features that have been working stop working after a software upgrade. . Still trying to coordinate some support from samsung's customer support. Will be interesting to see how their remote access is used to solve this problem. . I have bought several samsung products including other samsung tvs, this has been the most frustrating purchase. Maybe i should have just bought a 5000 series and saved my money.

E. Juliana, Tennessee

I purchased this tv and received a damaged, non-working television - samsung has provided absolutely no customer service to resolve the issue. . Due to extenuating circumstances (moving into a new home, new baby, etc. ), i didn't open the tv until three weeks after receiving it. I learned upon removing the packaging that the bezel on the top center of the television was dented and the screen was completely spider cracked. The box was also dented and pierced at the same spot as on the television. I immediately contacted samsung. . I placed 10 calls, waiting for up to 2 hours each time to talk to a representative, for a total of 447 minutes on the phone. I was told that it was outside of the 15 day return policy and the limited warranty was void due to physical damage. I attempted to escalate the issue with representatives multiple times; however, i was never contacted by a supervisor. I also submitted an online request and emailed the office of the president, which took 21 days to hear back from customer service! the original submission indicated that i would hear back in 24 hours. Apparently, it is appropriate to take 21 days to respond to a customer service submission but unacceptable to file a return in the same amount of time! . . Ultimately, i agreed to purchase a tv ( $1, 500) in excellent working condition when in fact i received a cracked and dented tv. It was defective on day 1 as well as the day it was unpackaged. This is deceptive business to point to a return policy under these circumstances. Make sure you are willing to risk having to deal with samsung customer service before spending hard-earned money on this tv.

Y. Jacqueline, Newfoundland and Labrador says

Great product, fantastic install. Shipping was not satisfactory. Missed dates, lost freight. I had to expedite personally but online tracking info was sufficient to get it done.

A. Williams, Nottinghamshire

We've been very happy with our tv since receiving it. The picture quality is incredible, and the sound isn't too bad, either. We're using it with the included stand, for now, and might continue to do so once we've figured out how we want to arrange our living room. The stand is attractive and doesn't take up much space.

H. Morgan, Sandwell says

Very disappointing for what should be a premium tv. Nearly constant issues with the apps and wifi. This is the second samsung tv i've owned with similar issues. . Skip the headaches and get an lg or sony.

O. Emma, Bexley

Update: please read. This review will save you both time and money and help you to make an informed buying purchase. This is not a tv you want to purchase. . Bought this at a local best buy and returned it after a few days. Very disappointing picture quality compared to my 2016 ks8000 49" which i absolutely loved. I was under the assumption that the 2017 model would even be better so i spent the extra money to buy the new 2017 model. What a joke. Sorely sorely disappointed almost to the point of disbelief and confusion. . I helped samsung to sell several ks8000's to my friends over the past year. I'm guessing i helped 7 or 8 people in buying one, all of which loved the picture quality, low latency for gaming and the hdr. . Samsung cut corners and it shows. This is absolutely not a brand or model i can now recommend. . I am totally confused why samsung no longer wants my business / money. Apparently they have too much money now and simply do not care for anymore of mine. . Quote from rtings. Com "the samsung q7f led tv is a good tv, but it is priced above its competition. There are plenty of tvs still available that offer equal or even better performance at a lower price-point. ". . The q7f is the replacement for the ks8000 series. This new mu series is actually a much lesser product than what people have been lead to believe. It's budget sub-category of the 2016 ks series. This is basically a cheap lcd edge lit tv that should cost around $600. It's extremely over-priced for what samsung gives you. . Further more rtings. Com had this to say "the samsung ks8000 is the predecessor to this year's q7f. Surprisingly, it performs better than the new qled tv in a lot of tests. Both contrast and peak brightness measure well above what the q7f was able to output, especially in sdr. The q7 does do better with color volume, and this does help with hdr content. However, it is impossible to justify the expense of the qled tv over the previous model. Pick whichever you find at a lower price. ". . Any potential buyers out there should look to the 2016 ks series which is being discounted now. It's a much better set than the mu and q series. . Hope this helps.

D. Judith, Leicester says

I recently received the 55" mu8000 tv, and it's definitely a big step up from the ku6300 i previously had in every way. However, there are some issues that should be brought up. . Pros:. - excellent blacks. Provides a very deep black picture. - vivid colors, but it could be a bit better with its 10 bit panel. - no lightbleed at all. - native 120hz refresh rate / full 24p playback. - very nice build quality. Extremely thin bezel around the panel. - 4x hdmi 2. 0 ports, and each support hdr. - normal and ultrahd blu-ray movies look very, very nice. - very low input lag, which is great for gaming. - motion handling is very good. - excellent upscaling, especially from 1080p content. - cable management on the back is a nice addition. - personally, i've really liked the remotes samsung uses, but i can see others not enjoying its simplicity. Voice control works well. - i don't use the stands which are provided, but they're of very high quality. . Neutral:. - edge-lit display. Other brands are using full array back lighting at the same price or less. - i've noticed some very slight blooming, but it's only when the screen is black and a white logo/image appears. - the "one connect box" is kind of annoying. Takes up more space and requires another long cable. It works fine, but i'd rather have all ports on the tv itself. - mounting the tv on the wall or a tv stand with a bracket can be problematic due to the shape on the rear of the tv. Does not include proper m8 screws, so be sure to measure beforehand. You must use the included standoffs. Be careful and plan ahead if you count on mounting this tv. - be sure to plug in the power and one connect box cables in to the tv before mounting or fitting the tv in to a tight space. Their locations (center-bottom) are nearly impossible to reach if you mount it beforehand. - at this time, the tizen os can be quite laggy when navigating. - moving the "game mode" setting to "external devices, " rather than "picture settings" of the past causes a waste of time. On past samsung tv's, it was quick and easy to switch between picture modes. Though using voice control helps in this situation. . Cons:. - samsung claims the panel is hdr 1000 compatible (1000+ nits brightness), but in reality, it's less than 500 nits. Therefore, it's best to watch in a dimly lit room or in the dark. - hdr isn't all that great on this panel, mostly due to its subpar wide color gamut. - very poor gradients are displayed at times, primarily when using game mode. - reflections are quite bad on this set. - poor viewing angles. - for what you get, picture and feature-wise, it's an expensive tv. Especially when other brands are using superior panels and technology at the same cost or less. - hope that you don't have to ever deal with samsung's tv customer support. Long story short: it's the worst support experience i've ever dealt with. . Conclusion:. Even though the mu8000 provides a very nice overall picture and excellent build quality, there are a couple of areas where samsung basically used false advertising. If you can find last year's ks8000 series ($1, 000 now for the 55"), then definitely purchase that over the mu8000. It fully supports hdr 1000 and provides a much wider color gamut. The new sony 900e series is also a much better option, picture-wise, and it's the same price as the mu8000. I simply feel that $1, 500 is too much money for what this model claims to provide, but doesn't afterall. However, it is a nice package for the most part.

X. Kathlene, Thurrock

Very mediocre picture. It's naturally dim so the only way you can get a reasonably bright picture is if you use dynamic mode. But dynamic mode takes the already saturated colors into cartoon territory. I've played around with all the settings, but it's basically impossible to get a great picture. Samsung tv's are soooo overrated. I think they only rose to the top by undercutting sony on price-and emphasizing flashy colors for the unwashed masses. I have a 2015 sony 4k tv as well. That tv has slightly muted colors-like it mostly shows tomato red instead of cherry red-but it also has a noticeably brighter and sharper picture. Sony is more expensive but i've owned a few sonys and a a few samsungs over the years and the sonys are just always better. Not to mention that sony smart tv's have way more buitl-in apps. You almost don't even need a streaming player. But samsung's app selection is more limited. Then there's the remote. Once you get used to it, it's not that bad but why can't i just have numbers on my remote? why do i have to work harder just so the remote can be sleek and slim? who are you? apple? . . Also, i've learned to completely ignore online ratings of tv's. Rtings. Com gives this a mostly positive review, but my aforementioned sony? they trashed it. To my eyes, the sony-while not perfect-looks much better.

L. Josephine, Hackney says

Apparently, samsung believes that it's ok to put sponsored content on our tvs. Samsung wants to continue making money on a product that they have sold to us, by selling our screen real-estate to 3rd parties. There is no option to turn those ads off. So keep in mind that if you purchase this product, you are installing a samsung billboard in your house. . Dear samsung, do customers need a class action lawsuit to get their ad revenue share? or will you stop pushing ads on our tvs, or let us turn this violation of privacy off? unless clearly stated (and i haven't seen it), you do not own what you have sold, which includes every inch of the screen on my tv. . 2018/01/05 - update with samsung's response to a better business bureau complaint (below) nowhere on the product packaging, on this website, or anywhere is samsung telling us that we are purchasing/paying full retail price for a samsung ad billboard. Once we have it in our home, and we set it up, we've apparently agreed to let samsung sell ads on our tvs. Still want to buy another samsung product? . . -. Hello, . . We received your complaint that was sent to the better business bureau at the ceo s office of samsung electronics. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your samsung product. Samsung believes in building quality products and we apologize all of your expectations of us have not been met. We value our relationship and are committed to providing the highest level of service simply because our customers deserve it. The feedback you provided is vital to samsung and our commitment and dedication to our products and services. We will utilize your feedback to consider possible changes and enhancement to our current policies and procedures. . When setting up your television you agree to a series of terms and conditions in order to utilize the product, in these terms and conditions you are agreeing to allow samsung and its affiliates to provide select advertisements onto your product. Unfortunately there is no way for the consumer to opt out of these advertisements as they are built into our platform. As far as your concern regarding the preinstalled applications being unable to be removed, i do understand your frustration regarding this issue but much like cell phones our televisions come installed with a select variety of applications that many of our customers have found useful. This is an industry standard that has been utilized by multiple different brands, these applications are non-removable by our consumers as they too are built into our user interface. . If you have any further questions regarding this please feel free to contact me. . Respectfully, . Amber h. . Amber harris office of the president. Snaecr ag18 sea. Samsung. Com / snaecr ag18 partner. Sea. Samsung. Com

U. Sarah, Suffolk

Received the tv and it won't work right out of the box. The tv comes on, and the welcome screen appears, so the delivery guys signed off on it and left. But the next step is impossible as either the remote control or the tv is not working properly. I can't get past the welcome screen. The remote control turns the tv on and off, but the rest of the buttons don't work. Here's the real problem: without the remote control working to get past the welcome screen, you can't use it at all. You can't select a source. You can't use a universal remote. You can't do anything except turn it on and off. You can't even use the one physical button on the tv to get past the welcome screen. Two calls to samsung support and the best they could do was send me a new remote (which may or may not be the problem) and i have to wait 5 to 10 days for that arrive. Unacceptable. They have samsung techs in my city but they claim there is no way to get me a new remote any faster. Summary: arrived with remote or tv broken. No way to use the tv without first using the remote to set it up. . Update 1: went to bestbuy and as luck would have it a samsung rep was there. Walked through the problem with her and she was able to use my "broken" remote to control the tv at the store. So the remote is fine. Samsung's support assessment was wrong and i'm glad i didn't wait for the new remote only to find out that it still wouldn't work. Online store is sending me out a new one. . Update 2: online store comes out good here as they were easy to work with in getting the replacement. I did the courtesy of calling samsung to cancel the remote control replacement. They told me: ok. A few days later i got a text message saying my "order was processing. " i texted back that i cancelled it. A few days later, they texted me that it "shipped. " i simply refused the delivery. The new tv was here in 7 days. That new remote showed up 2 days later. Glad i didn't wait for it. The new tv is fine and it probably would have been at least a 4-star review if i didn't have this bad experience. But i'll leave the 1-star here because in all honesty i now wish i had ordered a sony. I may always have an uneasy feeling with this tv that it could enter some sort of unrecoverable "mode" and become unusable.

R. Monique, Wisconsin says

Not at all satisfied with the tv. It constantly freezes up, due to insufficient processor power. The web browser app that originally came with the tv, is incapable of processing common sites, playing music, and is extremely slow. I wouldn't waste my money on samsung products anymore.

. Diana, Rhone-Alpes

As a professional installer i recommend avoiding this model till they work out the software issues! my client not only received one defective unit but then the second one that was replacement was also defective, the tv turns itself off its very slow to respond to the remote and it just does not work at all, a total disaster i don't know what they're thinking but they need to figure out this model and get it fixed.

C. Neva, Montana says

Although i like the un55mu8000 tv sleek design, great picture quality, and decided integration with services like netflix, i cannot overlook the banner ads samsung has injected into the smart hub. . For a premium tv, this is a violation of trust and disregard for customers experience. Shame! . . I wish samsung would either get rid of the ad on this premium tv or give users a way to turn it off. . Returned.

G. Patricia, Ontario

Great picture but in hdr mode the screen has been blacking out. If on for more than an hour the goes black can hear but no picture. Usually got to cut it off for a few moments before picture comes back on, starting to be very annoying.

. Erickson, Torbay says

The tv has a great picture, easy to set up, and has a lot of great apps and smart capabilities. However, i am sending this back due to the one connect feature. Beware if purchasing this tv as you have to run your devices through the one connect box and then to the tv. This is a nice feature f you do not have a high end receiver to run your home theater. By having to connect directly to the one connect box it essentially makes my smart receiver a dumb amp for my speakers. I had to run an optical connection from the one connect box to the receiver. Now i cannot tie in zone 2 either, nor can i use any of the features associated with the receiver. I spent countless hours on the phone with samsung to no avail. We even tried to connect through the receiver arc hdmi port, but that did not work either. Shocked that samsung would put a tv out that would not allow you to use a high end receiver as the brains of a home theater. Probably some of my fault for not researching the one connect feature more thoroughly, but i honestly never expected to not be able to utilize my receiver.

N. Kellie, Rutland

Buyer beware! i bought this tv directly from samsung. Com. The one connect wire does not fit into the back of the tv port. I've talked to the samsung customer support and they are of no help. They want to send out a new cable and new one connect box, but it will take 2-3 weeks to arrive. And i'm nearly positive that the port in the back of the tv is defective (too small). Now i'm trying to return the tv back to samung but they require me to bring the tv and drop off the tv in its original packaging to a fedex drop off location. I cannot do that, its a huge box that would not fit into my car. I'm at such a loss at the customer service and the bad luck of me getting a defective tv that i cannot get any help with. The customer service of samsung is so bad, and i've been such a huge samsung fan, this experience wants me to never buy samsung again. I understand defects can happen, but the service to remedy is so so terrible, it feels like i might just have to throw away this tv at a loss. . Beware that this one connect box causes an additional layer of "component" to the tv. I do even see why this one connect box is necessary. I can't even turn on the tv because a defective port and no customer service. I might have just lost a lot of money.

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