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Price was $13.99. I'm working with 19" two monitors on my desk and wanted to free up some desk space so i ordered two of these mounts hoping that they will given me the same look that i have. Ordered these one day and they came the next, very quick. Fully assemble out of the box and comes with all screws that you will need to mount the wall. I'm very handy around the house and it took me just under an hour to mount both of these. While they do adjust in many ways they don't adjust up and down like my desk top mounts did, so before i started i measured the center of my monitor so that i could center the mount at the same height on the wall, this took a few minutes. After finding the studs i used a drill with a 3/16 wood bit and a 1/2 socket with a ratchet and extension. The package does come with a 1/2 tool but would take forever to drive the bolt into the wall. Having the right tools will make all the difference in the world. These must be mounted to a stud i used a very strong magnet to find the studs, my mounts are 16 inches apart and worked great. I'm very pleased with this purchase, it's amazing how much more desk space i have now. Love it!

-. Noguera

Ml12b Tv Lcd Monitor Wall Mount Full Motion 15 Inch Extension Arm Articulating Tilt Swivel 19 -32 , Models Up To 47 , Led Tv Flat Panel Screen Vesa 100×100, 75×75 Videosecu Articulating Wall Mount For Led Lcd Tv Monitors, Makes It Easy To View Your Tv Or Monitor From Different Angles. Fits Tv Or Monitor Vesa 100, Vesa 75 Mounting Hole Pattern -Videosecu Ml12b Tv Lcd Monitor Wall Mount Full Motion 15 Inch Extension Arm Articulating Tilt Swivel 19 -32 , Models Up To 47 , Led Tv Flat Panel Screen Vesa 100×100, 75×75 1kx

  1. Reviews: High Grade Steel Material Offers Loading Capacity To 44lbs.
  2. Reviews: Post-installation Level Adjustment Allows The Tv To Perfectly Level; Removable Tv Plate Designed For Single-person Installation.

Cut-Price Videosecu Monitor Extension Articulating 100×100 (Av Furniture) Fba Ml12b

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Worked perfectly to mount a fall screen tv in a built in space meant to house a tube tv. We replaced the tube tv in our rv with a flat screen and were able to mount it in the same space by using this mount. It installed easily and has held up to the motion when we are traveling. The space left behind the tv housing the antenna and blu ray player and the tv moves easily out of the way for access. We can adjust viewing angles and i can't imagine that there is a better mount for this purpose. #Videosecu Projector Vaulted Adjustable Best tv lcd monitor wall mount full | Videosecu-Av Furniture Review ( Oct 2019 ) Reviews VideoSecu ML12B TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount Full Motion 15 inch Extension Arm Articulating Tilt Swivel for most 19"-32", some models up to 47", LED TV Flat Panel Screen with VESA 100x100, 75x75 1KX Compatible with vesa (mounting hole pattern) 75x75(3"x3") or 100x100(4"x4"). High grade steel material offers loading capacity to 44lbs. Post-installation level adjustment allows the tv to perfectly level; removable tv plate designed for single-person installation. Adjustable 5 degrees forward or 5 degrees backward tilt, 180 degrees swivel, 360 degrees rotate; retracts to 2. 4"save space, extends up to 15" from the wall. Common hardware pack included in the package .

Videosecu ml12b tv lcd monitor wall mount full motion 15 inch extension arm articulating tilt swivel for most 19 -32 , some models up to 47 , led tv flat panel screen with vesa 100x100, 75x75 1kx Review (fba ml12b)

It's a simple, yet sturdy mount, exactly what i was looking for. I didn't have any issues mounting my thunderbolt monitor, although i did have to oil the joints because of an annoying squeak. I ended up having to loosen all the joints slightly so i could maneuver my monitor with ease. The only adjustment i can't seem to get right is the tilt; it's either too tight to tilt or too loose for my heavy monitor. The bolt to adjust the tilting action is a little to get turn using the tool provided when the monitor's mounted. But i suspect if i use the real deal - the actual tool that has both the closed and open end (not sure what they're called but my husband has them in all sizes), i wouldn't have a problem turning that bolt. -U. Rita

Videosecu Monitor Extension Articulating 100x100

Videosecu Tilting 800x400mm Capacity
Product Dimensions
Height:2.10 inches
Length:9.70 inches
Weight:2.65 pounds
Width:6.40 inches
Part/Serial Number
Home Theater

ml12b tv lcd monitor wall mount full motion 15 inch extension arm articulating tilt swivel 19 -32 , models up to 47 , led tv flat panel screen vesa 100x100, 75x75 Home Theater, Videosecu articulating wall mount for led lcd tv monitors, makes it easy to view your tv or monitor from different angles. fits tv or monitor with vesa 100, vesa 75 mounting hole pattern (these are square or rectangular patterns between 3 and 4 inches per side on the rear of your display), maximum loading capacity 44 lbs. this dual link arm wall mount gives you 15" extension from the wall with maximum flexibility. you can also fold it close to your wall for a low-profile appearance. removable tv plate designed for single-person installation. post installation level adjustment to ensure perfect level. tilt, swivel, extend function provide smooth adjustment for all directions. durable steel construction with black powder coated finish. common mounting and screen attachment hardware included. notice: this mount fits most 19-32" tvs, some up to 47 inch tvs with vesa 100 mounting hole patterns manufactured in recent 3 years. Videosecu Monitor Extension Articulating 100x100 (FBA_ML12B-Videosecu).

Videosecu Monitor Extension Articulating 100x100 Home Theater

  • I purchased this to mount my 21. 5" asus monitor to the wall. I mounted it on a wood stud wall. I used a stud finder to locate the studs, mapped it out, then drilled 2 pilot holes for the mount. Put the bolts in and got them in. You probably will need a better wrench then the one included, because the included one is tiny and extremely hard to use. However for the price of this mount you really can't complain, and most people have some sort of wrench around anyways (even pliers would probably work). So overall the mounting process was fairly simple. Once it was mounted it felt very secure. It could easily hold the weight it says it can, the thing is rock solid once its attached to the wall. Screwing on the detachable vesa plate to my monitor was simple using the included screws, then i just slid it onto the mount, screwed in the two bottom screws, and pushed the screen where i wanted it. Very easy and simple installation overall. You can't beat this price for this excellent mount for small monitors/tvs.
  • Don't let the low price fool you, i first thought "how can anything this cheap actually securely hold my monitor? ". This is a really solid piece of equipment and holds my 22" monitor very securely with ample opportunities for adjustment. I chose to mount into the studs with the included lag screws, it also included monitor mounting bolts of various sizes (thoughtful touch) as well as drywall anchors if that is your chosen method. . Remember the days when you would buy a monitor or tv at a brick and mortar store on sale at a low price then have to pay $50-100 for the mount? those days are gone! excellent item, and i'm picky. I use it every day.
  • Videosecu Univaersal Satellite Speaker
  • I bought one of these as a test to outfit a retail store and it worked perfectly. Waited a month and ordered the other 10 we needed and they were made differently (only the plate that mounts to the monitor was different). It was too large to drop into the recess on the monitor (dell monitors) so we had to shim them out. No bushings were provided. Pros; strong. Slightly adjustable wall bracket to accommodate out-of-plumb mounting holes, monitor can be adjusted about 15 degrees up or down. Cons; vesa plate was too big to fit my mainstream monitors. A bushing kit would solve this.
  • Well who'd think a little basic tv stand would make me nuts, well it has. The hing next to the base (wall mount section) will not extend. Its so tight i can't open it to make use of the full extension. I guess i'll have to wd40 and wackamole it in hopes it will loosen up, otherwise no point in mounting it if doesn't fulfill its intended purpose. We'll see (prays to the wd40 god) such a drag when little things like this kill a purchase. Im the first to rave about well made, fair priced product. Any tips for others on getting that hinge loose let me know. Quality wise it was great, form factor great, design great, application ie use of it, no bueno!
  • Overall it seems to do the job. That being said . . . The supplies are crap. The machine crews provided come in 3 different sizes but only one length. The one i needed is too long. No problem. I'll go to hd to pick up the right parts. Also there is a set screw in the back of the monitor bracket that is cheap metal. I used a standard screwdriver and i started stripping it. The problem is that when you tighten the screw it moves the monitor out of level. I'll get a new one and maybe a washer too to help avoid this issue. I eventually fitted it with a socket and made it work for now. . Would i recommend it to someone else? with these couple of warnings. Get what you pay for.

tv lcd monitor wall mount full VideoSecu ML12B TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount Full Motion 15 inch Extension Arm Articulating Tilt Swivel for most 19"-32", some models up to 47", LED TV Flat Panel Screen with VESA 100x100, 75x75 1KX (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I used it to mount a monitor into the hutch of a desk (with separately bought m8 bolts), it works well for the task with a few minor caveats. Adjustability is good in most dimensions, but it does not appear to actually have tilt adjustment, and tends to nod forward slightly. I got around this by putting little folded paper shims in the mount where the vesa plate meets the arm to make it square up. Be mindful of alignment during installation, the centerline of the wall plate is roughly 2. 25" offset from the center of the mounted display.

Videosecu Ml12b Tv Lcd Monitor Wall Mount Full Motion 15 Inch Extension Arm Articulating Tilt Swivel 19 -32 , Models Up To 47 , Led Tv Flat Panel Screen Vesa 100x100, 75x75 1kx
Click to see NoticeVideosecu Monitor Extension Articulating 100x100 (fba ml12b)"Easy installation and securely attached to the wall! . . When you're attaching an expensive electronic device to a wall, of course there's a little bit of anxiety involved. I mean, the last thing you need is for the mount to rip out of the wall or for the tv to fall off the mount. Being a little high-strung myself, i made sure to follow the directions exactly. The installation process took about 20 minutes (max) and i made sure to apply a little downward pressure to the mount a couple of times to make sure that it didn't look like it was going to rip out of the wall. . The tv has now been mounted on the wall with this arm for a few months now, and it's just as secure as day 1. I love that i can adjust it to any angle depending on where we're sitting in the living room, including tilting it down so that the kids can watch while sitting on floor without hurting their necks. . My only complaint (which isn't a complaint, really) is that the hinges are a little tight. When i move it out or tilt it up or down, i'm always careful to keep one hand on the bracket mounted to the wall so that it doesn't put undue pressure that could eventually loosen it. It's really a minor inconvenience, and for the price, it's really not much of a bother."

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(1) Question: Anyone mount this on wallboard ?

(2) Question: Can you mount this under a cabinet?

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LG Electronics 22LJ4540 22-Inch Class Full HD 1080p LED TV 2017 Model

Good picture quality. the sound is weak.

The ideal size for your desk - or even your bedroom or kitchen - lg's 22" tv/monitor provides convenient full hd viewing versatility. The clarity of full hd resolution with ips makes everything look more detailed with colors appearing more vibrant and true-to-life from nearly any viewing angle. And with a convenient hdmi input, it's easy to connect your laptop, blu-ray player or videogame console. Pixel pitch (mm) 0. 24795 x 0. 24795

LG Electronics 22LJ4540 22-Inch Class Full HD 1080p LED TV 2017 ModelLG-Electronics-22LJ4540-22-Inch-Class

Lg Electronics 22lj4540 22-inch Class Full Hd 1080p Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ.

Great tv! we were looking for a specific size to put on a small corner shelf with limited room on our screened porch. We bought mostly because we needed a 28 inch and not many make it but good news is it is awesome! -Notice from K. Judith, Warrington

Click to Show lg electronics 22lj4540 22-inch class full hd 1080p led tv 2017 model (television) Details

A great buy for the price and quality.

Lg-electronics-22lj4540-22-inch-class-full-hd-1080p-led-tv-2017-model-(television) set picture

- I. HeidiThe tv works for the purpose it was purchased. A small tv to be used in the kitchen. The only lacking element is the audio is not loud enough. The kitchen isn't that large that this shouldn't work, however it does require to be at the highest level just to be heard a few feet away. The picture quality is excellent. Setup was easy.

The sellers promptly answered a question i asked regarding this tv's dimesions, and it arrived exactly on time. This tv is a great size for a bedroom or kitchen. It was easy to set up and has a great picture. We're very satisfied.

E. Marguerite, Brent

Price :    $107.87 (was $148.92)
  • Refresh rate: 120hz (effective)
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv with stand: 20 x 14. 1 x 5. 8 inches & without stand (wxhxd): 20. 0 x 2. 1x 12. 5 inch
  • Diagonal size: 21. 5 inches; response time typ. (gtg):14ms
  • Full-array led backlighting and local dimming produces excellent picture quality
  • Full hd (1920x1080) ips display; triple xd engine; hdm 2. 0; led backlighting
Brand :    lg
Color :    Black
Size :    22-Inch
Weight :    6.60 pounds
Model :    22LJ4540
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Television (lg product review) for LG Electronics 22LJ4540 22-Inch Class Full HD 1080p LED TV 2017 Model available ( Oct 2019 )

VideoSecu TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm Monitor Bracket 19 -32 , up to 47 LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel Screen TV VESA 100/75mm ML10B 1E9

The flexible lcd wall mount supports lcd flat screens with vesa 100x100(4"x4") or 75x75(3"x3"). The tv mount provides up to 33lbs loading capacity. Designed with two-link arm, it's easy to get good viewing position by the 180 tilt, left and right swivel and max 14" extension from wall. Its classic black finish elegantly complements offices, conference rooms, merchandising displays, hotel rooms or any room in the home. This mount is videosecu brand. Please report to online store if you receive a mount without videosecu logo. Will this mount fit my tv? first check the weight of your tv. It must be less than 33 lbs. Second, look at the back panel of your tv. If your tv has 4 holes on the back of the screen, measure the vertical and horizontal distance between the holes. If the vertical distance and horizontal distance also are 75mm/100mm, then this bracket will fit. Notice: this mount fits most 19-32" tvs( vesa 75x75mm(3x3"), 100x100mm(4x4")), some up to 47 inch tvs with vesa 100 mounting hole patterns manufactured in recent 3 years

VideoSecu TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm Monitor Bracket 19 -32 , up to 47 LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel Screen TV VESA 100/75mm ML10B 1E9VideoSecu-Articulating-Monitor-Bracket-Plasma

Brand :    videosecu
Color :    black
  • Tv wall mount, compatible with vesa 75x75(3"x3") or 100x100(4"x4")
  • Fits most 19", 20", 22", 23", 24", 26", 27", 30", 32" tvs, some tv up to 47 inch with vesa 100 mounting hole patterns(check vesa and weight)
  • Common hardware and user manual included in the package
  • Retracts to 1. 6" to save space ; extends up to 14" from the wall
  • Loading capacity up to 33lbs; tilt, swivel and extend for maximum viewing flexibility
Price :    $14.99 (was $17.99)
Model :    FBA_ML10B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (videosecu product review) for VideoSecu TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm Monitor Bracket 19 -32 , up to 47 LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel Screen TV VESA 100/75mm ML10B 1E9 available ( Oct 2019 )

Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 24.0 720p TV DVD Combination, True Black 2017

This does exactly what i need and is great for the price. I use it in my home office (so i m not too far from the screen) and i use it with the online store fire stick and to watch dvds. The picture and sound quality is just fine for my office, and since i don t use cable with this, just the fire stick, i love that i can easily move it to a bedroom or elsewhere when needed.

The e246bd-smqk delivers the stunning lights, darks, and rich colors of 720p resolution all on a 24-inch led hdtv. Hdmi input delivers the unbeatable combination of high-definition video and clear audio. A usb port comes in handy when you want to flip through all of your stored pictures and tune into your stored music. Accommodating your dvd collection and rentals, a dvd player is installed directly into the display. Need to eject your current dvd but do not want to lose your spot? the sceptre dvd player will recall the point where you paused so you can resume your movie immediately upon reinserting the dvd. More inputs, more possibilities: with hdmi, vga, component, and composite inputs, we offer a convenient balance between the old and new to suit your diverse preferences.

Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 24.0 720p TV DVD Combination, True Black 2017Sceptre-E246BD-SMQK-24-0-Combination-Black

Sceptre E246bd-smqk 24.0 720p Tv Dvd Combination, True Black 2017 (e246bd smqk) FAQ.

Arrived in perfect condition. Easy to set up and very easy for my 11 year old to operate. Nothing broken, screen is crisp and clear. -Notice from C. Edna, Wisconsin

Click to Show sceptre e246bd-smqk 24.0 720p tv dvd combination, true black 2017 (e246bd smqk) Details

Purchased this for my 14 year old son to watch movies and play games on. It is perfect for him and works great. The stand went together well (even for a father who is not good about putting things together. ) he is loving it. So nice to have the dvd player built in.

Sceptre-e246bd-smqk-24.0-720p-tv-dvd-combination,-true-black-2017-(e246bd-smqk) set picture

- I. ReedAfter reading all the reviews, it seems i m the only one to encounter this problem. I ordered the tv/dvd 24 inch tv. Seems the dvd works just fine, so far. But the tv? not a tv really. Just a display. My tv came without a tv tuner. No co axle input, so i can t use tv. Although the fire stick works well, i also like using the antenna on my tv s. I don t want cable, just fire stick and antenna. Am i the only one that got a tv with a missing tv tuner? very disappointing, as even the picture shows the included tv tuner . New update, . , . , i ve revised my review to a 5. Returned the original tv and received another one with the tv tuner included. Works great. Sound rather poor but very easy fix, by hooking up speakers. Neck to tv is hidden in styrofoam in the box. Look carefully or it may get thrown out.

Like it very much. Picture is very clear and sharp! also i put watt meter on it and surprised to see only 19 watts even with the dvd playing. The only complaint i wish the sound was better acceptable. Would buy it again. Good value.

W. McCarthy, Medway

Price :    $109.99 (was $199.99)
  • Include usb port
  • Vesa wall mount ready. coaxial digital out offering superior backwards compatibility for stereo receivers
  • Product dimensions: tv with stand: 21. 89 x 14. 44 x 5. 5 inches; tv without stand: 21. 89 x 13. 12 x 2. 96 inches
  • Hdtv with build in dvd player
  • Energy star. brushed metal texture design
Brand :    sceptre
Color :    True black
Size :    24.0 inches
Weight :    6.00 pounds
Model :    E246BD-SMQK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Combined Av Device (sceptre product review) for Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 24.0 720p TV DVD Combination, True Black 2017 available ( Oct 2019 )

Sceptre E195BD-SRR 19-Inch 720P LED TV, True Black 2017

The sceptre e195bd-srr is your best bet to view stunning visuals on the go. The smaller screen thrillingly plays a winning role whenever you want high-definition. The wide selection of colours that 720p resolution has to offer will never fail to impress you. 1 hdmi port allows you to connect your devices to this led hdtv so you can catch up on your favourite show and stream your online movies. The built-in dvd player is ready for you to use with just a few clicks. The brush finish on the surface of this 19 led tv not only provides protection from scratches, but is also pleasing to the touch. Possessing quality in both design and performance, this energy saving hdtv is the perfect addition to your ever evolving decor.

Sceptre E195BD-SRR 19-Inch 720P LED TV, True Black 2017Sceptre-E195BD-SRR-19-Inch-720P-Black

Brand :    sceptre
Color :    True black
Size :    19 inches
Weight :    5.60 pounds
  • Build in: atsc/ntsc/qam
  • High resolution 1366 x 768
  • Built-in dvd player
  • Vesa wall mount ready
  • Build in: 1 x hdmi port, 1 x usb port
Price :    $199.99
Model :    E195BD-SRR
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (sceptre product review) for Sceptre E195BD-SRR 19-Inch 720P LED TV, True Black 2017 available ( Oct 2019 )

19 Class LED TV DVD/Media Player Car Package

The 19' class led tv & dvd/media player with car package by naxa is perfect for all your media and entertainment needs. Play dvds and digital movies, music and photo files from usb drives and sd cards. It includes hdmi, component, composite, antenna, pc-vga and audio inputs with coaxial digital audio and headphone outputs. It is wall mountable, features 720p hd on a 1366 x 768 resolution and includes a remote control, a tv stand, ac power adapter, dc car adapter and l-shaped coaxial adapter. This setup is easily mounted in your car, truck or camper so you can take your entertainment anywhere you go.

19 Class LED TV DVD/Media Player Car PackageClass-LED-Media-Player-Package

Price :    $129.50 (was $131.12)
  • Outputs: coaxial digital audio, headphone
  • Plays dvds and digital movie, music, and photo files from usb and sd cards
  • Screen: 18. 5" lcd display
  • Inputs hdmi, pc vga, 3. 5 mm audio, component video, composite video, rca stereo audio, coaxial rf (cable/antenna)
  • Native 720p hd (1366x768)
Brand :    naxa electronics
Size :    19 inches
Weight :    6.16 pounds
Model :    NTD-1955
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Combined Av Device (naxa electronics product review) for 19 Class LED TV DVD/Media Player Car Package available ( Oct 2019 )

Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 12-inch to 39-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs

Excellent. Beat local prices by half plus delivery in a day and a half compared to two weeks locally. Installation was straight forward and easy.

Online storebasics brings you everyday items at a great value. an online store brand.

Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 12-inch to 39-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVsAmazonBasics-Heavy-Duty-Articulating-12-inch-39-inch

Basics Heavy Duty Articulating 12 Inch 39 Inch (pbh 991) FAQ.

I had a difficult time finding a mount for my 25 inch monitor, with a slight mod. To mount this wall mount it works great. I also bought a wireless keyboard so now i have plenty of room on the desk. -Notice from N. Alma, Rutland

Click to Show basics heavy duty articulating 12 inch 39 inch (pbh 991) Details

I had been looking for a decently priced t. V. Mount for a long time. When i ran across this i figured well if it's to good to be true then i'm only out $20. Well it was certainly worth the risk. This t. V. Mount works amazing and i couldn't find one cheaper. I have it in my bedroom so i can rearrange and since the t. V. Swivels i don't have to worry about moving it and all of the boxes with it. Seriously a great buy!

Basics-heavy-duty-articulating-12-inch-39-inch-(pbh-991) set picture

- . IreneThis tv mount is heavy duty and very easy to install. Good instructions and plenty of extra tools included. Great item for a very cheap price compared to others.

Great wall mount! easy to install and i absolutely love the swivel feature! the directions are easy to follow and compared to some of the other wall mounts i ve seen you definitely are getting a deal with this one.

Y. Mary, Derbyshire

Brand :    basics
Color :    Black
Size :    12-inch to 39-inch TVs
  • Bubble level and all mounting hardware included for easy installation
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum and steel for reliable strength
  • Articulating tv wall mount accommodates 12- to 39-inch tvs (up to 40 pounds) for enhanced home tv-viewing experience
  • Articulating design extends up to 16. 1 inches from the wall
  • 18 degrees of tilt for optimal viewing angle (+15 to -3 degrees); cable-management system keeps cables neatly organized
Price :    $16.54 (was $19.99)
Model :    PBH-991
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (basics product review) for Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 12-inch to 39-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs available ( Oct 2019 )

LG Electronics 24LH4830-PU 24-Inch Smart LED TV 2016 Model

It's perfect! exactly what i wanted and very simple to start it up to my satellite system.

The 24lh4830-pu simple smart tv. Features simple smart tv functionality. Screen share (miracast & widi). Wide viewing angle screen. Energy star qualified. Network file browser - yes ; google dial - yes

LG Electronics 24LH4830-PU 24-Inch Smart LED TV 2016 ModelLG-Electronics-24LH4830-PU-24-Inch-Smart

Lg Electronics 24lh4830-pu 24-inch Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (24lh4830 pu) FAQ.

I bought 2 tvs for my kids. Its easy to install and i love the smart tv features that comes with it(netflix, online store, hulu, etc). -Notice from L. Betty, East Sussex

Click to Show lg electronics 24lh4830-pu 24-inch smart led tv 2016 model (24lh4830 pu) Details

Great t. V. So far. I've only had it for two hours but it was really easy to setup.

Lg-electronics-24lh4830-pu-24-inch-smart-led-tv-2016-model-(24lh4830-pu) set picture

- D. NicoleI love this tv! i didn't want to pay for a cable box (this is a 2nd tv and had box taken away due to cost of rental) - it took me awhile to get the tv going right - but after studying and fooling around with the remote control i found all i was looking for. I have an inexpensive antenna which i attched to the torch lamp i have net to the tv (it was tiling and when i raised it high - it was perfect. ) i got it hooked up to my wifi and get many channels - would like a few more but will look for another box for that. It works better than my larger tv and is much newer! perfect hd - online store is one of the apps on it - so you don't need your firestick. If you have subscriptions to any of the streaming channels it's perfect. Has youtube, hulu, netflix and many more. It took me awhile to find the smart in the smart tv (i hate instructions) but the home button brings you right there. I recommend smart tv with flying colors. Love it! day 2! :d

Great solution for a small space, easy set-up

N. Fabian, Cheshire

Brand :    lg
Size :    24 inches
Weight :    5.00 pounds
Model :    24LH4830-PU
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Television (lg product review) for LG Electronics 24LH4830-PU 24-Inch Smart LED TV 2016 Model available ( Oct 2019 )
Price :    $130.12 (was $149.99)
  • Hdmi (x2)
  • Wi-fi direct
  • Screen share (miracast & widi)
  • Wide viewing angle screen
  • 24 inch simple smart led hd tv

WALI TV Wall Mount Articulating LCD Monitor Full Motion 14 Extension Arm Tilt Swivel Most 13 15 17 19 20 22 23 24 26 27 30 LED TV Flat Panel Screen VESA 100x100,75x75 1330LM

. Just like it says on the tin. For this price i didn't expect much and my expectations were exceeded. I was looking for something simple in my workshop to stick a 21" dell to the wall to get it off the bench. This worked perfectly. I like that they give you all the hardware in heat sealed pockets and even include a spanner. . As it turned out i didn't use any of the hardware. I went into wood with my own screws, re used the vesa screws on the dell and didn't need the included spacers.

Please check the mount compatible for your tv: please check wood studs in your wall first. The mount can also be used on concrete wall and brick (anchors already included), but it can t be used on drywall. Check your tv weight and size, your tv size should be between 13-30 inches, and weight less than 33lbs (15kg). Compatible the vesa mounting holes on the back of your tv, the mounting holes must be less than 4 x4 (100x100mm). Please check tv cable and input area first, its possible blocked cable or input by the mount. Product specifications: fit 13 to 30 flat screen tv. Support weight up to 33lbs (15kg). Compatible with vesa mounting holes patterns:100x100mm/ 75x75mm (4"x4"/3"x3"). Fully adjustable 15 degrees upward and 15 degrees downward; swivel up to 180 degrees; 360 degrees rotate. Extends up to 14 and compressed 2 from the wall to save space package includes: 1 x wali tv wall mount 1 x user manual 1 x standard mounting hardware

WALI TV Wall Mount Articulating LCD Monitor Full Motion 14 Extension Arm Tilt Swivel Most 13 15 17 19 20 22 23 24 26 27 30 LED TV Flat Panel Screen VESA 100x100,75x75 1330LMWALI-Articulating-Monitor-Extension-100x100

Wali Articulating Monitor Extension Wl 1330lm (Office Products) FAQ.

Easy to assemble and install. Mounted the base to the wall, the bracket to the tv and then hung the bracket on the base. Maybe took 30 minutes total to complete the installation. Used it to hang a 49" led tv that was under the max weight limit (even though it was larger picture than recommended). It seems to hold the tv easily. There were several configurations for the attachment to the tv. -Notice from S. Laura, Berlin

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This tv mount is really made the last. It's made for viewing your tv with ease. It's easy to install. And has a maximum loading capacity of 30 pounds. I thought it really simple to mount myself i didn't need any help. Additionally the tilt swivel and extend functions provides smooth adjustment for all of you and angles. It has 180 degree swivel and a 360 degree rotation it extends 14 inches from the wall which gives you a huge amount of viewing space. Additionally all of the hardware was included and all you really needed to know was how to find a stud. This is a high quality high manufactured strong and sturdy wall mount i'm impressed and how i recommend it. Is a super awesome and high quality product! +5 star seller +quick and speedy shipping +product arrives as described if you have found the review helpful please click yes! i review a wide variety of products.

Wali-articulating-monitor-extension-wl-1330lm-(office-products) set picture

- C. NeesI got this mount for my grandson's small tv. He uses it to occasionally play video games, watch dvd's, or movies. It fit the tv perfectly, it turns almost 180 degrees. He can watch from his bed when turned to the far left, play games directly in front and use as a monitor when sitting at his desk to the far right. It then folds reasonably flat to the wall when not in use. There is no flexibility up and down to speak of but he didn't need that so it works for his purposes.

I read the reviews and the questions and decided to make the purchase since the price was right. Wali wl-1330lm arrived this morning. Installation was pretty smooth and works as advertised. I actually installed wali to my 32" vizio tv even though the specs say up to 30" tv. I pre-drilled the holes for the lag bolts and put a little liquid hand soap on the threads to help them turn in a little easier. I suggest you use your socket set to turn in the bolts as the included wrench is useless for this. Also, as other reviewers have said, the "arms" are very stiff so work them back and forth and they will move a little easier. I used the supplied hex wrench and open end wrench and loosened the nut at the bottom of the arm bolts and this helped the movement. Just snug the nut to where you want it. This product is well made for the price. I am very pleased with this product.

G. Gina, Wigan

Price :    $11.15 (was $11.99)
  • Compatibility: full motion heavy duty wall mount for most 13 to 30 inches flat panel display up to 33lbs, with vesa 75x75mm to 200x200mm. detail: 75x75mm(3"x3"), 100x100mm(4"x4").
  • Space save: places tv just 2 inches from the wall to enhance the look of ultra-thin led tv. extends up to 14" from the wall for the space saving.
  • Package includes: 1 x wali articulating wall mount, 1 x mounting hardware kit, 1 x user manual, 10 year protection
  • Installation: 5. 9" x 1. 6" wall plate can be mounted on any vertical wood studs, brick, or concrete wall (do not mount on drywall alone).
  • Fully adjustable: +/-15 degrees tilt; 180 degrees swivel and 360 degrees rotate for better-viewing flexibility.
Brand :    wali
Color :    Black
Size :    13-inch to 30-inch TVs
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    WL-1330LM
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Office Sales (wali product review) for WALI TV Wall Mount Articulating LCD Monitor Full Motion 14 Extension Arm Tilt Swivel Most 13 15 17 19 20 22 23 24 26 27 30 LED TV Flat Panel Screen VESA 100x100,75x75 1330LM available ( Oct 2019 )

VIZIO SmartCast D-Series 24 Class Full HD 1080p LED Smart TV Certified Refurbished

Stay entertained for hours with this 24-inch sony vizio smart tv. Its 1920 x 1080 resolution delivers a crisp, clear picture, and its 178-degree viewing angle provides an unobstructed view for everyone in the room. This sony vizio smart tv has built-in wi-fi for seamless streaming of your favorite digital media.

VIZIO SmartCast D-Series 24 Class Full HD 1080p LED Smart TV Certified RefurbishedVIZIO-SmartCast-Class-Certified-Refurbished

Brand :    vizio
Size :    24 inches
Model :    D24F-F1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
  • Built-in wi-fi smart tv means a huge world of entertainment. stream movies, videos, music, and more.
  • Turn your phone into a powerful touchscreen remote. simply tap to stream content to the big screen with the free vizio smartcast mobile app.
  • 23. 5" screen (measured diagonally from corner to corner). a good size for a bedroom or dorm room.
  • This certified refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. the refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. the product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer certified refurbished products on
  • 1080p resolution for stunning hd images. watch blu-ray movies and 1080p hd content at their highest level of detail.
Price :    $139.72
Home Theater :    Best Television (vizio product review) for VIZIO SmartCast D-Series 24 Class Full HD 1080p LED Smart TV Certified Refurbished available ( Oct 2019 )

VideoSecu TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm Tilt Swivel Bracket 19-32 TV Monitor Display VESA 100X100 75X75 up to 33LBS ML15B A28

This adjustable articulating arm swing lcd tv monitor wall mount can extend out up to 14 inch, and folds flat against the wall. Aluminum alloy construction supports lcd monitor up to 33 lbs. Its classic black finish, 3 pivot points provides 0-20 degrees forward tilt, 180 degree swivel, and max 14 inch extends for virtually limitless adjustment. The vesa plate can be taken off to attach the display for easy installation. This two-link arm design offer elegantly look for offices, conference rooms, merchandising displays, hotel rooms or any room in the house. Videosecu brand new design mount, please report to online store if you receive a mount without videosecu logo. Notice: this mount fits most 19-32" tvs (vesa 75x75mm(3x3"), 100x100mm(4x4")), some up to 47 inch tvs with vesa 100 mounting hole patterns manufactured in recent 3 years.

VideoSecu TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm Tilt Swivel Bracket 19-32 TV Monitor Display VESA 100X100 75X75 up to 33LBS ML15B A28VideoSecu-Articulating-Bracket-Monitor-ML15B

Price :    $21.99
  • The mount plate can be taken off easily to attach the display; two piece "slide-in" installation for easy mounting
  • Load capacity up to 33 lbs; compatible with vesa 75x75mm/100x100mm
  • Fits most 19", 20", 22", 23", 24", 26", 27", 30", 32" tvs, some tv up to 49" tv and monitors with vesa 100 mounting hole patterns
  • Extend out up to 14" from wall, and 3 inch profile when folds flat
  • Tilt forward up to 20 degrees; 3 pivot points for virtually limitless adjustment
Brand :    videosecu
Color :    black
Model :    ML15B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (videosecu product review) for VideoSecu TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm Tilt Swivel Bracket 19-32 TV Monitor Display VESA 100X100 75X75 up to 33LBS ML15B A28 available ( Oct 2019 )

Insignia NS-24DF310NA19 24-inch 720p HD Smart LED TV- Fire TV Edition

Insignia hd smart tv is a new generation of smart tvs featuring the fire tv experience built-in and including a voice remote with alexa. With hd picture quality and access to all the movies and tv shows you love, toshiba fire tv edition delivers a superior tv experience that gets smarter every day. The voice remote with alexa lets you do everything you'd expect from a remote-plus, easily launch apps, search for tv shows, play music, switch inputs, control smart home devices and more, using just your voice.

Insignia NS-24DF310NA19 24-inch 720p HD Smart LED TV- Fire TV EditionInsignia-NS-24DF310NA19-24-inch-720p-Smart

Brand :    insignia
Size :    24 inches
  • Easily control your tv with the included voice remote with alexa-plus, launch apps, search for titles, play music, switch inputs, control smart home devices, and more, using just your voice.
  • Fire tv edition seamlessly integrates live over-the-air tv and streaming channels on a unified home screen (hd antenna required).
  • Insignia hd smart tv - fire tv edition delivers 720p picture quality with deep blacks and rich colors.
  • With the fire tv experience built-in, enjoy tens of thousands of channels, apps, and alexa skills, including netflix, prime video, hulu, hbo, showtime, starz, and more.
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 21. 9" x 13. 5" x 2. 7", tv with stand: 21. 9" x 15. 3" x 6. 8". multiple device input/output options: 3 hdmi including 1 with arc, usb, composite input, antenna/cable input, digital output (optical), audio output, ethernet.
Price :    $119.99 (was $149.99)
Model :    NS-24DF310NA19
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Home Theater :    Best Television (insignia product review) for Insignia NS-24DF310NA19 24-inch 720p HD Smart LED TV- Fire TV Edition available ( Oct 2019 )

Sceptre 20 Inch LED HDTV Build-in DVD Player, TV-DVD Combo Black 2018

Screen sizeclass 20 (viewable 19. 5" diag. ) aspect ratiowide screen 16:9 auto frame rate60 hz brightness180 cd/m2 contrast ratio3, 000 : 1 dynamic contrast ratio15, 000 : 1 resolution1366 x 768 20" led 720p hdtv built-in dvd player high resolution 1366x768 1 x hdmi port (mhl share with hdmi port) support mhl function

Sceptre 20 Inch LED HDTV Build-in DVD Player, TV-DVD Combo Black 2018Sceptre-Build-Player-TV-DVD-Combo

Price :    $199.99
  • High resolution 1366x768
  • 1 x hdmi port (mhl share with hdmi port) support mhl function
  • Memc 120 with a memc 120 (motion estimation and motion compensation), all action-packed sequences will flow smoothly from frame to frame for the ultimate experience.
  • 20" led 720p hdtv built-in dvd player
Brand :    sceptre
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Television (sceptre product review) for Sceptre 20 Inch LED HDTV Build-in DVD Player, TV-DVD Combo Black 2018 available ( Oct 2019 )

Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket 10-26 Inch LED, LCD Flat Screen TV Monitors, Mount Full Motion Swivel Articulating Arm, up to VESA 100x100mm 33 lbs MD2463

Fits 10-26" tvs and monitors this mount fits most of 10-26" tvs and monitors sold today. It fits tvs with mounting holes 2"x2", 3" x 3"and 4"x 4" (in tv terms - vesa 50x50mm, 75x75mm and 100x100mm). Tilt, swivel and rotate function +/-15 tilt, +/-90 swivel for maximum viewing flexibility, provides smooth adjustment for all directions, making it easy to view your tv from multi-angles. Retracts 2. 3" low profile, extends 13. 7" from the wall with articulating arm, this mount retracts to 2"(to wall) to save space, and extends up to 13. 7" from the wall. Most necessary mounting hardware equipped with most hardware for both wall and tv mounting, including bubble level and velcro cable ties for cable management on arm. All parts letter-labeled for clear and easy use. This mount fits solid concrete wall/single wood stud installation. Please contact us for anchors if needed. Caution: this mount is not for installation on dry wall alone!

Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket 10-26 Inch LED, LCD Flat Screen TV Monitors, Mount Full Motion Swivel Articulating Arm, up to VESA 100x100mm 33 lbs MD2463Mounting-Dream-Articulating-100x100mm-MD2463

Price :    $12.65 (was $13.99)
  • Viewing becomes more comfortable: tilts display up 15 and down 15 to reduce glare, swivels display left or right according to your seats position. pull out to 13. 7" and retract back to 2. 3", making your display alive to move.
  • Technology of robot welding makes whole unit sturdy and safe.
  • Us based customer support answers your pre-purchase and installation questions. our tv/monitor brackets are 10-year warranted!
  • Easy installation with decent instruction and all included hardware in pre-labeled bags. please contact us for concrete wall anchors if needed. rotation as post-installation adjustment allows perfect tv leveling. comes with cable ties for cable management.
  • Tv/ monitor wall mount fits for most of 10-26" tvs and monitors up to 33 lbs, with max vesa/mounting holes spacing of 100 x 100mm. images on left side will help you see if this tv/ monitor mount perfectly fits your device in the aspects: vesa, stud location and possible blocked inputs. not perfect? you can check other mounting dream tv mounts for best options.
Brand :    mounting dream
Color :    TV/Monitor Wall Mount
Weight :    2.13 pounds
Model :    MD2463
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (mounting dream product review) for Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket 10-26 Inch LED, LCD Flat Screen TV Monitors, Mount Full Motion Swivel Articulating Arm, up to VESA 100x100mm 33 lbs MD2463 available ( Oct 2019 )

EZM Adapter Kit Non-VESA screens to Standard Mounting Brackets 003-0023

Today a large portion of the well designed monitors lack vesa mounting compatibility. Therefore cannot be mounted to a monitor stand or wall mount for ergonomic setups. This sturdy, high-quality ezm vesa adapter kit for most non-vesa screens from 20" to 27" easily converts most non-vesa monitors to standard vesa pattern. The item supports screens with physical height of 11. 5" to 19" and physical thickness of 1" to 2. 5" . This item made to attach to any of our monitor stands with vesa 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100mm. Main features: - converts most 20"-27" non-vesa monitors with physical height of 11. 5" to 19" and physical thickness of 1" to 2. 5" to a standard vesa pattern - with high grade steel arm and heavy duty plastic monitor holder - package contains all hardware necessary for for attaching a single screen to a vesa plate, easy to install - one kit is required per non-vesa compliant screen - the color of the item is black - item weights 2. 00 lb - item does not include the monitor stand nor monitors - item 003-0023 buyer responsible to check the total weight of the monitors for the arms to support.

EZM Adapter Kit Non-VESA screens to Standard Mounting Brackets 003-0023Non-VESA-Standard-Mounting-Brackets-003-0023

Brand :    easymountlcd
Color :    Black
Size :    14.7 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches
Model :    FBA_003-0023
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (easymountlcd product review) for EZM Adapter Kit Non-VESA screens to Standard Mounting Brackets 003-0023 available ( Oct 2019 )
Price :    $14.12 (was $16.95)
  • With high grade steel arms and heavy duty plastic monitor holders
  • Fits screens physical height from 11. 5"-19. 2" and physical thickness of 1" to 2. 5" to a standard vesa pattern
  • Converts most non-vesa monitors (do not have standard vesa hole paterns) to standard vesa pattern 75 x75 mm and 100 x 100 mm
  • Adjustable arms can be placed in numerous positions to accommodate different sizes of monitors. compatible with most screens from 20"-27"
  • Package contains all hardware necessary for mounting

videosecu ml12b tv lcd monitor wall mount full motion 15 inch extension arm articulating tilt swivel for most 19 -32 , some models up to 47 , led tv flat panel screen with vesa 100x100, 75x75 1kx Price : 12, was : 13 as 2018-12-23
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F.A.Q. for videosecu ml12b tv lcd monitor wall mount full motion 15 inch extension arm articulating tilt swivel for most 19 -32 , some models up to 47 , led tv flat panel screen with vesa 100x100, 75x75 1kx

First off this item arrived on time. I bought it to use in my rv, and seems to be very sturdy. I have not traveled in the rv since i installed it, but it feels very secure. It is kind of a pain to get assesmbled but once i got everything together and installed i was very pleased. I did change on thing i added lock tight and locking washers to on nuts and bolts. I'm not saying i don't trust the way it's designed i just took into factor it will take some vibrations and bouncing being in my rv so i personally wanted a little more security. Mine also moves very stiffly and maybe from over tighting. Over all this is a good thing mount and i feel i would definitely buy it again.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Does it need to be fastened to studs?

(1) Question: Does this rotate for portrait view as well as landscape view?

(2) Question: Does it come with screws for attaching the monitor?

(3) Question: Vizio

(4) Question: I want to mount 2 computer monitors to the wall side by side. does this work with samsung 28" monitors with 3" connection holes?

(5) Question: What are the outside dimensions of the plate that screws into the back of the monitor? my monitors have cut outs that limit plate size to 4. 5"

(6) Question: How do i tilt it? i know the tilt is minimal but i'd love to tilt it down ever so slightly.

(7) Question: What is maximum weight it will hold?

(8) Question: With this mount, would i be able to move my the monitor completely side to side? i'm not talking about turning it at an angle. thanks

(9) Question: Can it be used with a 32" tv?

(10) Question: How much does it weight

(11) Question: I want to mount my tv outside, but i want the tv to be removable from the mount so i can take the tv indoors during bad weather and such. can it be?

(12) Question: In order to center the tv on the wall when pushed flat against the wall, do you have to offset the mount by about 2. 5 inches?

(13) Question: Distance from wall to end of arm - while turned 90 degrees? i want to position a 24. 5" monitor perpendicular to the wall.

(14) Question: Does this tilt upward a bit? only read others saying it tilts downward.

(15) Question: I would like to know the distance out from the wall to the face of the mounting plate once it is mounted? how close can i put my monitor to the wall?

(16) Question: What is length of the two swing arms? closest to the tv is shorter? i need to know. please measure from center of pivot to pivot. 4" & 8. 25"? thanks

(note) Question: where/how to get Videosecu (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Videosecu's products

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I love this while i'm out it was easy to install just make sure you find the studs if you're going to put something heavy on there or use some drywall anchors and some screws or nails. I have a 27 inch computer monitor on there and i completely trusted that it's not going to fall or get loose or break even with the many times a day that i move the monitor around using the swivel and articulating arm adjustments. This is a nice long out and was way better than i expected especially for the price. It articulates and rotates extremely easy the range of motion is exactly what i was hoping for which is pretty much fully extended a lot of these other mounts especially the cheaper ones have a week range of motion and are not easy to move around my 10-year-old daughter can easily move the monitor around to wherever she wants it while she's watching netflix or whatever were doing on the computer. It's super lightweight and it doesn't take up a lot of wall space which is the reason why i got it in the first place. And when you push it back against the wall it is almost to flush with the wall minus the thickness of the mount which folds up really well and nicely a lot more compact than other amounts i didn't want something sticking way out of the wall because a sensually i have it right up against my computer desk i just wanted more desk space. . I'm looking to maybe build another computer desk and when i do i will probably get a couple more of these just to have the ultimate amount of dust space monitor or bases are old-school wall mounts are the future !

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My kitchen and dining room are connected and i have a deck off of my dining room with a patio door. I installed the mount on the stud to the right of my patio door such that that the bottom of my 23" tv would align with the bottom of my kitchen cabinets, and the viewing level is perfect. After installing this mount, i can now watch tv while cooking, washing dishes, swing it a bit to watch while sitting at the dining room table, and i can swing it some more to show through the patio door screen somewhat so i can even watch the tv from my deck, i installed it so the tv aligns with the bottom of my upper cabinets because a friend of mine said he had mounted his tv higher and he was starting to get a crick in his neck from looking upward. The instructions were accurate. Had to buy a 7/32" drill bit. After installing the mount, you will need another person to help with holding the tv while you mount it. Make sure to consider where the mount will connect to the tv to measure the mount height correctly.

M. Kimberly, Warwickshire

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  2. Bonus: Compatibility - Compatible With Vesa 75x75mm And 100x100mm, Fits For Concrete Wall/wood Stud.
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Or you might like to consider Universal Ceiling Wall Mount Projector Bracket Holder Aluminium 5kg Capacity Mini Projector Camera 13.5cm, Our Advantages: Made Of High Quality Aluminium Alloy 90 Deg Tilt & 360 Deg Swivel, Meets Myriad Of Needs And Desires Compatible All Brands Of Mini Projectors, Digital Cameras Compact -Myjell Universal Ceiling Wall Mount Projector Bracket Holder Aluminium 5kg Capacity Mini Projector Camera 13.5cm, Silver
  1. Benefit: Tilt Angle: 90 Degrees; Rotate Angle: 360 Degrees; Safety Load: 5kg.
  2. Benefit: Compact And Portable Mount, Easy To Install.
Competitive Myjell Universal Projector Aluminium Capacity (Office Electronics) Myjell Universal Projector Aluminium Capacity (myjell

. Franklin, Northamptonshire says

Videosecu has figured something out. The installation instructions for their mounts all seem to be printed on the front of the box. For a small mount like this, that's brilliant. . That being said, it's a simple configuration. It's supposed to be stiff and adjustable. For a 24" tv, it's perfect. Right now, a 24" tv is mounted right next to a door frame. It's practically at a 180 degree angle from the installation point. It took one man 15 minutes to get the mount ready to go up on the wall, fix the mount onto the wall and while he did that, i was able to attach the vesa mount to the back of the tv, separately. Not all articulating mounts allow for this. . In the photo for this mount, there are four visible bolt covers. In my honest opinion, they aren't necessary and add a bulky look to the whole mount. But that's end user pov. . I didn't give this a fifth star because of difficulty of attaching the arm to the bracket. First, it has to come off. Carefully, too, because there are two washers that can escape during this process. Then the arm goes on the mount after the mount is secured on the wall. . I definitely like the end result. Also, the price. I really like the price.

F. Angelica, Haringey

Overall, the piece is sold and confidence-inspiring. The hardware, while acceptable even though the stud screws are a bit short, should have come with washers for your tv-base mounting. I used my own as you really need that buffer for damage prevention. The most irritating aspect is the adjustability. There is just barely enough room to make the adjustments to tilt and it takes many, many attempts to complete. And since you are working at height, it becomes even more trivial. I'm not sure what spending 10 times the price on a more well known brand would have gotten me.

D. Ophelia, Dorset says

I purchased this wall mount to display a security monitor for my small business. . For the price of the mount, i thought it was a great buy. Upon receiving the product, the instructions were easy to follow as long as you have the appropriate tools. In total, the mount took about 15 minutes to install. . The reason for the 4 star rating is that the maneuverability of the mount can be difficult at times. I installed the mount at eye level, and have trouble with the glare from my overhead lighting. In hindsight, i should have thought about that prior to installing, however i figured with the tilt of the mount it should be fine. All things considered, it meets my needs and helps me keep my business secure!

G. Sandra, Washington

I have three of these. I use them for my computer workbench, cnc workbench and 3d printer/laser workbench. They get the monitor out of the way and are adjustable in a multitude of angles and extensions when you are moving around while working. The only thing i would like to have, that this does not, is forward/back tilt, but for the price i can live without. If i really wanted it bad enough, i could modify the mounting plate, but it is really not that important. Adjust the arm and swivel tension was different and required adjustment on all three. Some too tight, some too loose. Easy enough to adjust though.

. Linda, City of London says

Super easy installation, and silky smooth motion. I have a 13 in hd tv attached to it, and it's perfect. I'm not sure how much weight this thing is rated at, but i wouldn't stress it too much. I also had to install this into lathe and plaster, which makes a stud finder pretty useless. Basically only hang things you're ok to have fall off the wall, unless you're certain you hit the stud. If you hit the stud this can (probably) double as a chin up bar. . Also don't do chin ups on this.

Z. Josephine, Prince Edward Island

The hinge between the double-arm and the wall mount was very, very hard to move. I needed to move it in order to install it (i installed in a corner with a wall to the right, so i needed the arm to either be straight out or to the left). In order to do so i had to use a two screw drivers through the screw holes in the base plate to provide leverage, in doing so bending the base plate. I was able to hammer it back but not having to go through this effort would have been nice. I'm otherwise very happy with this mount.

H. Laura, South Tyneside says

I bought this to mount a tiny monitor above a desk i built for my children. I didn't want the monitor stand taking up space on the desk itself. This worked perfectly. The provided hardware was more than adequate. I only tightened it down snug. The variety of screws provided for the monitor was a welcome surprise. For once i wasn't running out to the hardware store to find the right screws.

P. Pete, Utah

I purchased this bracket to hang a 28-inch flat screen tv; the mounting plate design is great, because it's small enough that it doesn't cover the ports or vents on the back of the tv. The bracket is extremely solid and simple, and the installation directions are not complicated. The only negative is (as seems to often be the case with this type of product), the hardware situation is more complicated than it seems. The bracket came with several sizes of attachment screws, but none of them were the right size for our tv (which is a standard samsung), so we had to purchase those separately. Additionally, you definitely will not get the mounting bolts into a wood stud without a socket wrench; we happened to have a socket wrench set, but it would be a pain to purchase one just for this purpose. But overall we're very happy with this bracket and it's easy to set up and hang!

Y. Mahood, Torbay says

I have a mild bulging disc in my neck and needed to get a much lower desk so that i could have my arms much lower to not inflict more pain on my shoulders and neck. This gave the option for a desk as being the kind that you screw into the wall that can also work as a little mini table or counter that folds down and is literally two and a half feet off the floor and with how small it is i had to mount my monitor for work. This monitor works perfectly because now i am not having to move my neck forward but instead with a size of the desk the monitor works perfectly and have not even had to extend it out. And i finally also get to have the monitor at the correct level to where it needs to be to help with my neck as

V. Sally, Alaska

I'm using this in my teardrop travel trailer with a 21" proscan led tv. The install went fairly well - just a few bumps. . Getting the bolts past the top and bottom pins was initially challenging. I didn't use the hex screws that came with the package (they were too long), but the ones i used were identical except for their length. You have to bring them in at an angle and thread them in to a point where the head clears the pin, and i suspect this would also be true with the included bolts. They should have made the wall plate just a little bit bigger to allow for more clearance above and below the pins. . The package did come with a nice variety of vesa screws, but no spacers. My last wall mount contained some so i was a little surprised not to find them. But they went on the list with the hex screws, and both were easily procured at the local big box store. . The multiple articulation points give you lots of freedom of movement. I particularly liked the ability to remove the vesa plate off the arm to make it easier to attach to the tv. Just unscrew the two set screws, tilt and lift. Putting it back on was just as easy. I did find initially that the screen rotation was too loose. I used the provided wrench to tighten the nut for this, but it's really hard to get to when it's on the mount. To me rotation would seem unnecessary - a simple landscape or portrait orientation would be all that's needed. The rest of the joints were solid, and actually it takes a little more pressure than you'd expect to move them, but i see this as a plus. . I've not taken this on the road yet, so it remains to be seen how well it behaves while travelling. I presume all will be fine. . Update - after a camping trip of a few hundred miles round trip, i'm happy to say there were no support failures with this mount, although i did have to tighten the screen rotation nut again as it came loose, and i found the tv rotated a little. The arms also stayed folded. I may need to install a lock washer or a stopnut to take care of this.

T. Nielsen, Florida says

I took the risk and bought these cheap monitor wall mounts. I got three of them for around $12 a pop! i knew there wouldn't be much room for error when it came to wall mounting three of these since i needed them all perfectly aligned and straight so my monitors would be of even height. I could have gone for one of the more expensive mounts that had more adjust ability should your monitors not match up on first installation. There is height adjust and maybe some sideways adjustment. . These mounts had a little side adjustment but no height adjustment if i mounted these triple mounts one slightly lower or higher than the other. That would leave me with uneven monitors of noticeably height differences. I didn't want that at all. However careful planning of the height i wanted my monitors to be at and the use of a laser level (critical) enabled me to get an almost perfect top alignment of my three monitors. My left monitor is very slightly a teeny bit lower than my middle monitor but it is hardly noticeable and i can live with it. Since as i said it is hardly noticeable. . Anyone looking at my monitors would hardly likely see the difference unless they were specifically looking or i pointed it out to them. In other words it isn't noticeable to the point where when you look at my monitors its the first thing you see. My reason for deducting one star was because while these monitors seemed well built they are easily scratched and the paint removed, so be careful with accidentally banging them against the wall or any other metal or solid structure it may ruin their paint job. . Other than that i would recommend them if you were on a budget and looking to save some cash from the more expensive alternatives. Just remember if you are installing mounts for more than one monitor which you would like to have in perfect alignment with each other a laser level or some form of level to get you a straight an accurate line for mount placement is critical.

. Bethany, New York says

I have ordered three videosecu tv mounts, all different and all three are excellent two have articulating arms, the third mounts directly to the wall. I chose to review this one because i'm using it in an unorthodox way . And i would like to show its versatility. The other two are installed in my rv in the conventional way and function very well. . This one is mounted near the high ceiling in my master bath and is secured to an . Adjustable table originally used to support a crt tv. It not only securely holds a 23 inch led tv, but because it is mounted inverted to the usual way, it allows 15 degrees or more of downward tilt without fear of the tv falling. In addition, the table has sufficient room for the addition of small stereo speakers which greatly improve the tv's audio quality. . The face plate that screws directly to the tv of all three mounts that i purchased is removable. It hooks and screws to the rest of the rest of the tv mount. This allows easy installation of the tv to the mount a unique feature.

X. Pearson, Enfield

This is currently being used as i write this review and i must say i do like this wall mount. Do note that when they say "full motion" it doesn't tilt up or down which sucks but thankfully it does work with my hp omen 25 inch monitor which thankfully it does tilt up or down. Touching on the monitor mounting, i did have to buy some nuts and bolts from walmart for the nuts themselves because the m4x12 screws don't thread into anything other than the plate attachment for the monitor. Now if your monitor or small tv has the screw holes already in the back you won't have to buy the nuts like i did. It is a bit stiff, do need some force to fold in or pull out. It is great for the money spent on it and you most definitely could do this by yourself in about 30mins or less.

. Eva, Champagne-Ardenne says

Sturdy and solid, no complains here, especially for such a great price. A bit stiff when you try to adjust it from the wall but i like that it's not that easy for it to move, it won't slide out of the blue on you. . I agree with an earlier reviewer that it's critical to measure the height correctly, especially if you are setting up multiple monitors. An inch off will be more than enough to bother you and won't sit right with your eye level and once you mount it, you cannot adjust the height at all, none, zip, zero, nada, no up, no down, no up and down. . Last but not least, this does not come with an adapter for you to attach to the back of the monitor before you mount it on the arm. You'll have to buy that separately. My monitor has an odd curve on the back so an adapter wouldn't work anyways. Regardless i didn't feel the need to spend the extra money when you can remove the back cover and directly attach the mount to that. If you're planning ont it just take it easy when you take it apart, monitors are like women, and women are like delicate flowers, so like, be gentle or something.

I. Fabian, Sandwell

I revamped my computer room for better functionality for my family. I installed an 11 foot kitchen countertop onto one side of our library/computer room; see picture (a feat in and by itself). Using a countertop allowed me to create a wireless environment with 3 separate computer stations; 1 pc & 2 laptops (the lps are hidden underneath the counter). I then mounted 3 computer monitors above the countertop. To keep costs down, i bought 3 of these inexpensive wall mounting computer monitors arms. For parties, we use the countertop to hold the food. These wall mounted monitor arms allow all 3 of the monitors to be pushed back snuggly against the wall, and out of the way of the food, and potential messes. I like a wire free environment, so all of my computers have wireless keyboards and mice (color coded on the bottom to not get mixed up). This allows them to be easily removed when the food comes onto the countertop. So everything is out of the way including the monitors. But during the week, and regular life, when the kids/family are using the computers for school work, or gaming, or for gathering information from the internet, these wall mounted monitor arms allow for easy adjustment to personal preference no hassles. When i first mounted these monitors, i ll admit i had some difficulty making adjustments when using the wrenches that came in the box. I even had some difficulty tilting the monitors up and down. Therefore at that time, i gave these wall mounting arms a rating of only 2 stars. . However, i ve now revered my rating to a 5 star. I've owned these wall mounted arms for 9 months now, and i've learned how to make the adjustments, quickly and easily. Also these mounting arms have held up very well; they have not sagged down from the monitor weight. My older i-inc monitor is 24 inches, and the 2 newer dell monitors are 23. 5 inches they are nice and sturdy and easily move into position as needed. The wall mounts allow the monitors to be spun 360 degrees, although i have only had to spin them 90 degrees one way or the other to watch a cell phone videos that were taken with the phone sideways. Also my kids like to play a racing game called trackmania - canyon, and often play it on the center monitor, with it fully extended out from the wall. This arm has had no problems doing so and doesn t sag. Also sometimes, if there is too much light in the room, they throw a blanket over both themselves and the monitor to block the sun light. The blanket adds additional weight, and yet the support arms have not sagged. I m very impressed. Other comments:. Firstly, i ve added a smaller rubber bumper to the mounting arm to keep it from marring the wall when fully collapsed against it. Just one side, as when moved to the other side it touches off on the wall opening housing. Secondly i bought the bigger bolts from a hardware store, that could still fit through the wall mounting holes on the bracket. I simply don t trust bolts and screws from china, as i ve had some others (not these) break. So an additional 50 cents for bigger bolts could possibly save your $300 monitor from falling. Thirdly, my kids wish the 2 side monitors could be swung over to towards the middle one, so that all 3 could be used for the racing gaming together, for multi-screen gaming. However, the spacing between them is such that when used separately, people aren t too close and uncomfortable. So if these arm on this product had an additional 10 inch of reach, then they could serve as both (a) separate computer monitors with comfortable spacing, and (b) then be swung over and used for multi-screen gaming.

S. Perez, Nevada says

Decently made monitor mount. I'm using it to hold up a 25" lg 2k monitor and it does just fine. Everything is completely adjustable so if it is too hard to move the arm you just need to loosen the bolts a little. I found it difficult to utilize the tilt function and it seemed to be holding too much. I didn't want to strain my monitor too much to tilt it but i managed to get it where it needs to be. At full extension when pushed back you can see the mount poke out the side, even with my 25" monitor. . One thing to note, the lg monitor i have has the vesa holes inset into a pocket. This mount was able to sit flush into that pocket without interfering with the sides of the pockets.

N. Lara, New Mexico

Great purchase and really cheap! my onl gripe is that it can't swivel in that many angles and directions but i guess you'd need something more heavy duty for that so just be aware. I'm using a 27" monitor for this so i've noticed that my monitor tends to tilt downwards a bit. You can accomodate for this by mounting your monitor a tad higher. This is probably better cause you'd probably want to view your monitor slightly upwards angle, rather than a downwards angle. . Some extra advice. The mount kit says you must mount to a wooden stud in your wall, but actually you can still mount to to your dry wall. I purchased a few wall anchors and washers and it's holding up like a champ!

. Rhonda, West Berkshire says

This is a well constructed wall mount that supports my samsung 19" tv very well in my workshop. I'm very satisfied with the mount and you can't beat the price for this unit. I noticed some reviews that the wall mount does not tilt up or down and the description on online store states it tilts 5 degrees. The instructions are not written very well on how to achieve the tilt, either up or down. Initially i agreed with some other reviewers that it doesn't tilt at all. I was almost ready to send it back since i needed the unit to tilt downward based upon the high location of the tv in my workshop. The nut on the vesa plate that attaches to the tv is the secret. The wrench that is supplied with this unit will not fit the nut on the plate. I loosened the nut with a socket and it will tilt 15 degrees up or down, not 5. I set the tilt on the detachable plate prior to placing the tv on the arm. I think it would be a little more difficult to adjust the tilt with the tv attached to wall mount. In any case, i used the full 15 degrees downward and it is exactly how i wanted the tv to be viewed. I hope i was helpful with the tilt question some people may have when they get this unit out of the box.

C. Smith, New Mexico

This is a very solid, well-built mount. I used it to mount a fairly heavy 22-inch tv, and it's steady as hell. I really appreciate how the bar that mounts to the wall is vertical. Sometimes these things are horizontal and that's maddening if you have drywall the wooden studs are sometimes irregularly placed and hard to locate. . Doing this without any tools i don't have sockets or a socket wrench can be a harrowing task. It's doable, but it's tough. This is particularly true when tightening the head so it doesn't swivl it is hard to get into such a tiny space and tighten it. . I'd say it's fairly easy to swivel this thing so you can switch between portrait and landscape. (i use it in portrait mostly. ) it sags slightly forward which is a little annoying, especially since i use my monitor vertically. . Aside from these little things, 12 bucks for this was a good deal. I'm happy

W. Kellie, Michigan says

Love it, took a woman 1 hour and a half to install, love it. Prepare/things you need. Electric drill, 7/32" drill bit, ruler or measuring tape just to tell you how deep 2. 5" you need to drill, stud finder, blue(mark stud), should have adjustable wrench(optional, it came with a super tiny one you will hurt your hands to dead to make the screw go in stud), leveler(i skipped but it not bad :-p). . Becareful turn screws for the bracket behind tv with your hands (after that i use screwdriver just 1 turn, you don&t want the screws to crack your tv's backcover. ). Thanks for reading

L. Wanda, Bremen

I wanted to wall-mount three 24" monitors but didn't want them sitting on my desk. I researched tirelessly for the perfect triple-monitor solution that was all-in-one but the few available were $400-1k. As ocd as i am, i decided top try a more practical route and researched it to death. After reading all of the reviews i figured i would give this a try. To my delight these worked out nearly perfect! . . It took me about 30 minutes total to mount 3 monitors by myself (including fetching and putting away tools). The final result looks beautiful and i am very happy with how it tuned out. . Here is how i did it:. 1. Use a stud finder to locate a center stud and mark a rough spot (remember, i'm mounting 3 of these). 2. Mark a line to where you want the monitors mounted (for me, just above eye level). 3. With a level mark a line 16" in both directions (32" total width for standard wall stud-spacing 16" apart). 4. Validate outer stud centers along your like with stud finder. 5. Make a template with the back of the wall mount. 6. Center the template to the level line you drew in step 3. 7. Mark precisely where the holes would go. 8. Drilled pilot holes for lag bolts using 5/32" bit (i wanted the lag bolts to be snug). *. 9. Remove the vesa monitor plate from the mount arm and secure it to the back of the monitor. 10. Mount the brackets to the wall using the provided lag bolts. *. 11. Place the monitors onto the mounts (you'll need to tilt them a little). 12. Install set-screws to secure the monitor plate to the arm. 13. Plug all of your cables in. 14. Position the monitors as desired. 15. Site back in glory of your handy work :-). . *suggestion: hold a vacuum hose 1" aside where you are drilling to catch the drywall dust so it doesn't get all over the place. You may need a friend to help. *note: i used an battery-powered impact wrench to install the lag bolts. You can use a ratchet/socket orbox/open ended wrench if you do not have an impact wrench. . Why only 4 stars? well, as i said, they are nearly perfect. I would have liked there to be a vertical adjustment (not just tilt) but that would be a nice-to-have and isn't necessary since i mounted these perfectly the first time. For those unsure of vertical placement you may want to look for a mount that gives you that additional dimension. Otherwise, buy this and be happy as you skip all of the way to the bank with all of the money you're saving over other solutions.

B. Kathlene, New Hampshire says

The killer problem for me on this mount, which is not mentioned anywhere in the description, is that while it can achieve a minimum depth of 2. 5", it is not centered at that depth; it's offset 2. 5" horizontally. If you look closely at the photos (specifically the one where the vesa dimensions are overlaid) you can see the issue. I've never seen an arm like this- they all normally center at min depth- and since it wasn't called out i didn't think to look for it. In order to get the monitor/tv centered and over the wall mount bracket, you have to extend the mount to 6. 5". In my application i can't off-center the mount, so i'm going to have to return it. . Other than that flaw (which is really more of a marketing issue than any flaw with the product itself), it looks like a pretty high quality mount, thick plate steel, etc. The pivots on the arms are very stiff, unnecessarily so in my opinion, so actually moving the monitor/tv is very difficult without reaching behind and moving each arm yourself. Not an issue if this will be a static install, but if you plan to be pulling it out a lot i'd look elsewhere. Pivoting and rotating the display itself were easy. It was a little bouncy at full extension, so look for a beefier model if that bothers you.

Q. Claudia, Alberta

Decent for the price. Wish it had tilt but oh well. Also the screws on the back joint (nearest to the mount) are extremely hard to adjust. I wanted to loosen them slightly to allow moving the joint more smoothly. The other joint wasn't a problem but the back one i can't get to budge. It was fairly easy to install this mount but i suggest getting help if u don't know what you're doing cause u risk damaging the wall. Also you want to make sure your monitor won't fall and be damaged as well. If you install this properly it will hold and is a solid build. . Things you'll need for self install:. -stud finder. -pencil to trace holes. -electric screw driver for drilling holes. -7/32" drill bit. -patience, must do it right the first time!

Top tv lcd monitor wall mount full Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

D. Perez, New Mexico says

It works, but that's about it. There are many better mounts out there that will work much easier and better than this one. A major problem i have now is the monitor is much too lose and the slightest touch will tilt it both sideways and front/back. I have another type of mount and i was originally going to order the same one but i found this really cheap one and decided to order this one instead with all the excellent reviews it has. I wish i hadn't now because i really like the more expensive one much better. . Bottom line: if you want a cheap mount that just plain and simply works and that is it then get this, but if you want a good quality mount then look around some more.

U. Whiteman, Massachusetts

I tried for over 6 hours to get this to work would not work at all no decent american english instructions & a complete waste of time. I think the flip up connector is an issue it dosent make a good contact i wished i had paid closer attention to this fact, but i didn't know it would be like this. Thats 6 hours of my life i cant get back. If you can get yours to work more powere to you. I will not buy anything again from this company/seller. Save yourself some time go with something better

O. Cindy, Poitou-Charentes says

Excellent cheap mount, easy to install, the joints are a little hard to work with, but are adjustable. It has no vertical movement. No true tilt up or down. Honestly a limited range. The screw to install the mount to the wall literally hits and scrapes the other bolts and takes serious work to do. I would recommend using a drill to install this. I attached it to my bed for the ultimate bed/desk set up. It works, but i will be investing in a better mount when i have the money. This is clearly cheaply made, and is at the perfect price point.

H. Teresa, Victoria

Once installed, it was great. But, it was hard to install. Initially i tried mounting it using the dry wall anchors provided because the only stud is in the corner. However, the anchors didn't flare properly, so that didn't work. So, i switched to using the stud in the corner. I pre-drilled the holes as instructed. However, after a couple of minutes of trying to screw the hex-head screws with the tiny 2" spanner they provided, i realized i was going to be here all day. So, i ran up to lowe's and bought screws that i could use the phillips-head attachment for my drill to screw in. The new screws worked beautifully and i had it installed in about 15 minutes.

. Guest, Alabama says

It is not bad and it holds the monitor however you have to make sure that you mount it absolutely perfect with no margin for error if you are doing dual screens. Otherwise the screens have no way to match up with the multi directions you can bend it does help but functionally the arm is delimitation and that is why you have to mount it perfect or you will not be able to get them to come together with what articulation you do have.

L. Mays, Indiana

Well this is the worst mount i've ever installed. Don't even wanna go into the details of the ordeal. I have it rigged to hold my 24 inch. But now that i've read the other negative reviews i'm kinda nervous now. Didn't read alot but first 2 talked of bolt head breaking! i wrote seller to give them a chance before i wrote bad review and they wrote back tellin me it sounds like i didn't drill stud holes? ! what? i had several problems that i outlined to them. But anyway. I've ordered maybe 8 mounts from online store. And this one is the one and only problem. Oh yeah and the freakin tools they sent didn't even fit da freakin bolt in the back that keeps the tv from spinnin

T. Benton, British Columbia says

I was looking for a basic mount for over, and off to the side of a sink. This one feels sturdy generally, but the tilt mechanism is a weal point. It has a black plastic disk in the middle of the tv end of the mount that was already cracked when it arrived. This disk is held on by one small bolt of unknown quality that is very difficult to access once the tv is mounted. . I would not recommend this mount to anyone, especially if you are intending to ever adjust the tilt angle. I have returned it and ordered a different style. . Shipping was fast and returning it was easy through online store prime.

N. Dorothy, Lambeth

I ordered two of these at the same time and i feel like each one is different. One out of two 23" monitors sags downwards, and the other mount couldn't even be screwed into the wall all the way because a bolt on the mount pivot was in the way. I would not buy these again. Otherwise, the 200x200 mount works fine, plenty of screws were included, but make sure you have your own 1/2" socket, because the tiny wrench that came with it would not be able to screw the huge bolts into a 2x4 wall stud.

I. Valencia, Mississippi says

I was very impressed with the videosecu ml531be mount ( so when i had a smaller tv to mount, i went straight to videosecu products and found this one. I'm not claiming anything is wrong with online store listing for this product, but the ml531be came with everything needed to hang my tv, except the tools. It came with a level, many different bolts and screws, etc. I was expecting a similar kit for this product and was disappointed. It's not to say i wouldn't buy this product again, or wouldn't recommend it, but it was a disappointment in comparison to my previous purchase. Point is, you may need some extra hardware to get this mount installed.

Y. Hayward, Devon

Wish i had spent more. The wall bracket is of decent quality, but the part that attaches to the back of the screen is poorly designed. It allows about a 15 degree tilt in any direction (note, that's in addition to the 360 degree rotation! ) but it's nearly impossible to tighten the bracket enough to keep the screen from tilting down. In addition, unless you screen is perfectly weighted, good luck trying to keep it rotated 90 degrees - again, not being able to keep the bracket tight means the heaviest part of your monitor (almost always the bottom in landscape mode) will rotate to be the bottom. It's infuriating! . . However, if you can live without the rotation and a permanent 15 degree downward tilt, this this is a nice mount.

C. Claudia, Cornwall says

I have 3 similar and wasn't paying attention when i ordered this one. Yes, it folds in and out of the wall fairly easily (although a bit stiff, no biggie). The tv mount detaches so you can attach it to your tv, then "hang" it on the mount and secure using 2 screws-very nice! the real killer for me though is it only tilts 15 degrees up and down. This means it needs to be mounted at about head height for optimal viewing. I intended to mount it above my monitor and tilt down. With this limited angle, it is ok, but the picture quality is not near as good as when i stand up. Also, as several earlier reviewers commented, that lower bolt install is a challenge (and i have the skinned knuckles to prove it! )-btw it's a 1/2" head, box head wrench worked much better than the stamped "wrench" they ship in the box.

. Meghan, Yukon Territory

My story is exactly the same as another reviewer who gave this 1 star. I have a 26" vizio tv. First, i couldn't use the screws included with the kit because they were too long for my tv. I went to home depot and bought the right size screws to attach my tv to the mount. I installed the mount to my wall and attached my tv. My tv sags completely downward. Doesn't seem to be a way to tighten the screw enough to prevent this. The tilt mechanism on the mount isn't strong enough to hold straight a larger, heavier tv. This mount should have been rated up to a certain weight. Over that weight and the tv will tilt severely downward. If you have a tv over 20" or a slightly heavier lcd tv, buy another product. . Edit: after posting review, i continued to look for a solution. I looked through the pictures of the mount on online store and noticed that one of the pictures mentioned that the vesa plate is detachable. I removed my tv from the mount, then removed the vesa plate. Once removed, it was much easier to tighten the bolt that controls the tilt and i was able to tighten the bolt enough so that my tv is no longer sagging. Doesn't seem that sturdy, but at least for now, the mount is working the tv is straight.

F. Ruff, Bretagne says

It functions and is the least expensive mount i could find. If you plan on mounting it and adjusting it once it might be the mount for you. However, if you plan on adjusting it daily you will find that it does not articulate smoothly. Furthermore the base of the mount has no cover, so it doesn't look as nice as my other mounts. That being said, this cost a lot less than any of my other mounts.

A. Jennifer, Southend-on-Sea

Stay away if you are looking to use for triple or double monitor setups. The vesa mount is 4 inches away from the wall and arm is not fully extended. The middle arm droops and there is very little adjustment to correct the sag. Works fine if monitor arm is not extended.

R. Clara, Slough says

Build quality on this is very good. Feels solid and i'm not afraid it's going to drop my monitor. Mounting to the wall was fine, as was putting the plate on the monitor back. Mounting the plate was a pain though. The pivot nut has a cut out in the arm that it has to slide into. So you can't just slide it down onto the arm. You have to angle the plate while you bring it down, then rotate it into the cutout hole. This can be difficult when leaning over a desk with a heavy monitor. Once i installed it i found the pivot wouldn't hold the monitor straight. It kept sagging and tilting. So i had to take it back off and tighten the screw on the pivot joint. Not easy when you have a heavy monitor with cable going through the wall. So if you have a light monitor i would recommend it. However, if you have an ultrawide i'd suggest finding one that's easier to mount.

. Pete, Languedoc-Roussillon

This is great if you don't plan on moving your monitor much. Easy installation. I used it to re-adjust my monitor all the way from facing right to facing left, perhaps ten times, and in less than a month it tore straight out of the wall. It's extremely stiff, so a lot of pressure is needed to move it. Because it's mounted on a *vertical* strip, i. E. Just two screws one above the other (terrible design - needs to be a square), moving the monitor left and right will essentially pry it out of the wall. . It will handle a single initial adjustment perfectly. If you just need to stick it in and leave it, it's a great buy for the price. But definitely get something with more than one screw point horizontally.

. Diana, Wiltshire says

The product is ok and comes with most related hardware, but the achilles heel is the tilt design. It is simply a compression type adjustment but a very weak one. I had to tighten it down as tight as i could get it to make it stay and it's really flimsy material. There is no way you will be able to tighten it solely with the included spanner wrench, without taking the monitor off the mount anyway. I had to take the monitor down, give it my best guess as to where i needed to tighten it. You'd think you would get the assembly centered, but that won't work because there is too much slop in the attachment point.

G. Jarvis, Pennsylvania

I bought this product as the rockfish didn't have the correct size screws for a 28 inch samsung tv and didn't want to go to homedepot and waste time. The website says works with a samsung model un28h4500afxza. Although this is true there are no screws to fit the back plate on this model. Screws are either too long or to thick and still too short to attach back plate to tv. Very disappointed as it took me 75 min to cut other screws to size to attach back plate and very aggravating. They claim the wall mount works with my model which is true but mis-leading as a lot of hard work must go into attaching it to tv. I wouldn't be disappointed and blamed myself if they didn't reference my model as easy fit and set up. The set up other then the screws was very easy. Beware when purchasing unit u may still have to go and get the correct screws.

S. Campbell, District of Columbia says

While this could be a great wall mount if you have a light tv my 32-inch monitor is pretty heavy at 22 pounds, the rated weight was much higher than this. Upon mounting i discovered this mount would not hold my monitor upright it would sag down to where the screen wasn't level had to rig it with some materials to support it. Don't recommend it if you have a tv or monitor with some weight to it.

E. Smith, New York

Buy it. ! . This will do the job for the money and it certainly will support the weight and size identified in the ad. The weakness is in the design and location of the bolts, nuts and washers in relationship to the display mount and this makes it difficult to position and tighten the fasteners. Just seems that everything that makes it articulate is in the way of securing the fasteners. The tool provided might be good for a fishing sinker. Maybe?

M. Neva, Stockton-on-Tees says

I actually purchased this monitor mount for an embedded screen in my outdoor tool shed that also houses my outdoor camera system and dvr. I had a limited shelf size for the monitor which was pretty heavy. I debated building my own mount or holder, but thought a few bucks could save me a lot of time. It has defintely saved some time, though its still too loose to be too effective. I have mounted 6 large screen tv's on swivel mounts, so they could easily and safely be reangled for easy viewing in different parts of a room. In this scenario, i want the arms easily swingable but tight enough that it doesn't catch against the half inch on top and bottom to the shelves. While it doesn't do that perfectly, it does it well enough. Its a cheap monitor, so its heavier. To hold it with little +/- height-wise while not being too loose to rotate, thats a tough challenge. All that being said, it does it sufficiently and at a great price. Just not perfect for what i was trying.

B. Edna, Saarland

This is my second time buying a set of these wall brackets. The first set that we purchased worked perfectly fine. The second set however were a different story. I reordered the same brackets but were sent a different model. I measured everything out, all lines were level and pilot holes were marked etc. Mounted the 22" monitors on each of the brackets and extended the brackets out. One of the brackets had more than a 1/4 in "play" on it. In other words, one monitor was lower then the other one with everything being lined up. Wound up having to raise on bracket over a 1/4 in to make the monitors level.

X. Olga, Texas says

The mount is good quality and works as i expected. The only problem is the hardware is useless for attaching the tv. This seems to be a theme with most the mounts. The screws are always too short. The are always 3 different sizes but only one length, short. I installed an elderly friends tv mount and had the same problem. Different brand i think but seems the be a theme, short screws.

J. Alice, North Carolina

This is an ok product, and i bought it because i couldn't find the one i wanted at the price i wanted. I ordered a second one despite the rather significant cons for the same reasons. . Pro's:. Cheap ( $15 shipped). Sturdy (enough for my 22" monitor, and i suspect for the 24 that hasn't arrived). Articulate. Included hardware was acceptable (not great, not worth replacing). Single stud installation. Relatively small backplate fits recessed monitor mounts. Straight sides makes vertical alignment easy. . Con's. Center offset about 4 inches from the stud when collapsed. No quick attach/release mechanism between baseplate and monitor (first monitor had hooks to grab on, next will be a 3 hand minimum job). . Overall it's an ok product, and i was hard pressed to find anything twice as good for less than triple the price.

P. Audrey, Sunderland says

This is a cheap mount, it looks and feels like a cheap mount. I wouldn t trust it with anything bigger than a modern 23 widescreen monitor and definitely suggest buying better mounting hardware. Definitely not for your old school dell boat anchor flat panels. Too much play in the pivot for my liking.

W. Walsh, Blackpool

Although my small, flat panel monitor is within the product limits, i have not been able to stop the screen from rotating counter clockwise. I have removed it, tightened the swivel control nut twice, added a lock washer, and still it starts to rotate, although somewhat less. After three installations without success, i'm going to look for another "small" mounting fixture, unless i hear from the manufacturer about another, better, fix.

. Moore, North Tyneside says

I replaced an existing 100 mm vesa mount on a samsung syncmaster191t because i want to use that mount on a new monitor. (the old mount videosecu 1ec fit and worked perfectly, excellent product & price! ). . 3 problems:. 1. The extension of the nut and bolt on the wall mount face does not allow a socket to fit over the provided lag screw to attach to the wall. 2. The movement of the vesa face swivel mount was very rough adjust when properly tensioned caused the mount to skip from tight to loose depending upon position. This means the swivel (ball/socket) cannot be adjusted after installation without taking a wrench to the tensioning nut, setting it, and re-tightening. Basically very poor quality machining. 3. The vesa bracket did not fit into the recess (100 mm) provided by samsung since it was too large in both face dimensions by about 1 mm. I had to grind down all edges of the vesa bracket to fit. This is either a samsung tolerance issue, or videosecu since i did not measure and compare with the vesa specification. I suspect videosecu, probably due to worn stamping tooling. . By the videosecu 1ec, great!

K. Isabel, South Gloucestershire

They fit my monitors like they said they would, just be sure to double check yours. Side to side is nice and it can extend and retract. You have to mount it at the exact height you want your monitor because you can't go up and down with this. The swivels were pretty tight too, i had to lube them up a little bit. Also getting the bolts into the mount and wall was tough because the hinge comes out over the hole a little bit and doesn't let you go straight on with a socket wrench.

V. Susan, Newham says

Using this with a 22" android touch display in our kitchen. It was fairly easy to install, but requires adjusting several screws and nuts to get the resistance to feel right (able to be positioned, but also then staying in that position). The hardest to adjust is the compression piece controlling the rotation and vertical tilt which we still don't have working quite right. Additionally, we had to add ties for cables since there were no holes or hooks for these. . Given the time spent on it, i wish i had spent a bit more on a better mount.

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