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Price was 509. Purchased the refurbished model and saved money! looks new and works great. I first tried the goodee video projector 200" lcd home theater projector and the latest beamer king 3500 lumens and glad i returned them and put more money towards this viewsonic with native 1920x1080 resolution. The picture and projector quality is great!

-U. Delgado

3200 lumens 1080p hdmi home theater for an incredible audiovisual experience at a great value, the viewsonic lightstream pjd7828hdl projector delivers. perfect for home entertainment, this projector features 3200 lumens, -viewsonic pjd7828hdl 3200 lumens 1080p hdmi home theater projector

  • Value: Packed With Our Most Advanced Color Technology, This Projector Provides An Incredibly Immersive Home Cinema Experience Coupled With Viewsonic’s Industry-leading Durability And Dust-resistance.
  • Value: The Pjd7827hdl Is The Ideal Projector For Both High Definition Presentations, Vibrant Multimedia Entertainment, And Gaming.

Inexpensive Viewsonic Pjd7828hdl 3200 Lumens 1080p Hdmi Home Theater Projector (Video Device) Pjd7828hdl

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This projector seems pretty solid so far, as someone who generally is skeptical of projectors i can say this one exceeded by expectations. . The throw distance is perfect, 8 feet back gets you about a 100 inch picture. It is quite bright, brighter than i had expected. The blacks are really surprisingly good, the projector pretty much looks to be off in the dark patches. The input latency seems fantastic, i am going to test that more extensively and potentially update this if my findings say otherwise. . I pitted this projector against a few year old $1700 projector and it seemed a bit brighter, better throw and better blacks, so definitely a good deal for the cost! The Best lumens hdmi home theater ( Aug 2019 ) | Viewsonic-Video Device Review Value ViewSonic PJD7828HDL 3200 Lumens 1080p HDMI Home Theater Projector Full hd 1080p (1920x1080) 16:9 3200 lumens home theater projector with a 22, 000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, vertical digital keystoning, and a screen size from 110-inches at 12-feet; up to 288-inches at 24-feet. Packed with our most advanced color technology, this projector provides an incredibly immersive home cinema experience coupled with viewsonic's industry-leading durability and dust-resistance. The pjd7827hdl is the ideal projector for both high definition presentations, vibrant multimedia entertainment, and gaming. Convenient design with viewsonic's exclusive hdmi-streaming portall dongle, up to 10, 000 lamp hours (eco mode), built-in 10w speaker, port cover, 1. 3x optical zoom, and a white finish. 1. 15 1. 5:1 throw ratio; 4. 2 - 46. 9 ft. throw distance; 3. 5mm audio in/out, hdmi 1. 4, hdmi mhl, usb type a, usb type mini b, and vga inputs; product dimensions: 12. 44 x 8. 98 x 4. 08 inches. 3-year limited warranty on parts and labor, 1-year limited warranty on lamp, 1st year free express exchange service with product registration; box includes pjd7828hdl projector, power cable, vga cable, remote control with batteries, quick start guide, viewsonic wizard cd, cable management cover. Compatible with mac, and windows; can be connected with dvd players, blu-ray plyers, firetv, appletv, google chromecast and more .

Viewsonic Pjd7828hdl 3200 Lumens 1080p Hdmi Home Theater Projector Review (pjd7828hdl)

I have been planning for about 2 years on buying a projector as an upgrade to our 8 year old sony lcd tv. With a small budget, the predecessor to this viewsonic looked to have the best bang-for-the-buck of the under $800 units. Online store discounted that one to as low as $499 during the 2015 black friday sale, but i missed clicking on buy now through my own indecision, and the price went back up. When this unit came out, it seemed like it had to be, and so i went ahead with this one. We made a screen for it using the carl's blackout cloth available here on online store. This is our first projector, so we don't know what a bigger budget projector might look like, but for our needs it is pretty near perfect. We wanted to watch bluray and dvd movies as though in a theater, and for this it definitely delivers. Our family room is not bright during the day, is about 12 feet wide where there is sufficient wall space for the screen. I put the projector suspended from the ceiling almost as far back as it can go, and the zoom control was almost at minimum, i. E. This is not a short throw projector, it needs a good distance, so i'd say 12 foot is the minimum. Our of the box, it is at normal/maximum brightness. We got used to this pretty quickly, so when i tried the eco mode, the loss of brightness was sorely missed. In eco mode you can't hear the fan really, but it is noticeable in normal mode, and that is the mode we continue to use it at. Out of the box, we tried a few color settings because people's faces were looking too colored, then i ran some calibration pictures through it. The performance was spot on at the default settings, i couldn't really make it any better by tweaking anything. I did a brief test for rainbow effect, but net wisdom says that once you notice it, it becomes hard to ignore again, so i didn't try too much. I presume that viewsonic has done incremental improvements on these kind of things over the different models, but this is a budget unit, so it's probably as good as it gets. When i purchased this, i got a generic ceiling mount, but i should have done my homework some more. The projector ended up being too low, and had to be pointed back upwards a bit, also needing keystone correction. I fixed that this weekend, cut the ceiling mount stem in about half and drilled some new holes in it for the screws. We measured the projected size on the bare wall, and made the screen/frame to fit it with a small border. It ended up at over 100", but not quite 110". Definitely big enough. Note the screw holes for the mounting are weird, they are not in a regular rectangular pattern, so you need to rely on the mounts arm movements to reach the 4th one, and still have the arm holding the projector by its center of gravity (i. E. So that it doesn't tend to swing up or down). Some mounting arms might not work with this at all if they don't have much movement. Connected to a sony amplifier with cec control enabled, turning the viewsonic off triggers the amplifier to turn off automatically, but the reverse was not true. So the only cons are the mounting screw positions, the noise of the fan and the partial cec control. The power consumption will be larger than the lcd tv it replaced, but i knew that going in. I think we're set now for another 5-8 years before 4k projectors hit this price point. Fun times. . Update september 2018. The original bulb has 4600+ hours on it now, way more than promised! i think i see it flickering some times, so i researched and purchased a replacement bare bulb here:. You will not find replacement instructions or videos for this model, viewsonic doesn't have the maintenance manual online. . See my review there for my replacement notes, but to be honest i recommend purchasing the rlc-100 complete unit if you can find it. Opening up the rlc-100 to replace just the bulb is not a simple task. I have experience with theater lighting, so i knew what i was doing. Unplug the projector from the wall first! once you take the cover off, there is a little switch that cuts the power and won't let you turn it on again until you completely unplug from the ac, so it's better to just do the work with it powered completely off. There is one screw on the side furthest away from the lens that releases the cover. The cover slides out to the side about an inch then lifts off. Watch for the metal spring that pushes down on the switch. That spring gets in the way a bit when you replace and slide the cover back on; don't force it, just try a few times until it slides in properly. The screw pulls the cover tight again. The rlc-100 has its own handle, and a single captive screw holding it in. The power cable from the rlc-100 to the projector has a little clip that you press to allow it to be pulled off. Do that before unscrewing and lifting out the rlc-100. If you do get the bare bulb, see the rest of the instructions at the other page. Use an air can spray pointing out of the fan to clean in there. -F. Garner

Viewsonic Pjd7828hdl Lumens Theater Projector

  1. AspectRatio: 16:9
  2. Class: Electronics
  3. Comparable: -
  4. Brand: ViewSonic
  5. EAN: 0766907814316
  6. Product Dimensions:
    Height:4.08 inches
    Length:8.98 inches
    Weight:5.29 pounds
    Width:12.44 inches
  7. Manufacturer: ViewSonic
  8. Model: PJD7828HDL
  9. MPN: PJD7828HDL
  10. Total Items: 1
  11. Quantity: 1
  12. Part/Serial Number: PJD7828HDL
  13. Type: Home Theater
  14. Category: VIDEO DEVICE
  15. ReleaseDate: 2018-01-01
  16. Size: 1080p + 3200 Lumens
  17. UPC: 766907814316
  18. Warranty: 3-Year Limited Warranty

3200 lumens 1080p hdmi home theater Home Theater, For an incredible audiovisual experience at a great value, the viewsonic lightstream pjd7828hdl projector delivers. perfect for home entertainment, this projector features 3200 lumens, full hd 1920x1080 native resolution, an intuitive, user-friendly design, and a sleek white chassis. exclusive supercolor technology offers a wide color gamut for beautiful image production in nearly any environment, while sonicexpert, viewsonic s proprietary sound enhancement technology, powers a 10w speaker to deliver incredibly clear and audible sound. portall - a neatly designed enclosed hdmi/mhl connection compartment, supports wireless hdmi dongles or mhl connectors, while a cable management hood eliminates unsightly cable clutter. with a shorter throw ratio, 1. 3x optical zoom, smart design, and extensive connectivity, the pjd7828hdl provides flexible and quick set-up in any home. Viewsonic Pjd7828hdl 3200 Lumens 1080p Hdmi Home Theater Projector (PJD7828HDL-Viewsonic).

Viewsonic Pjd7828hdl Lumens Theater Projector Home Theater

  • We've had a dedicated home theater for 6+ years now and decided to upgrade our projector from 720p over the summer. Weeks of research left me unable to decide, in part because there are no stores within 100 miles that have even a single projector on display, much less a viewing room. I finally purchased an optima hd37 from online store warehouse during a great sale (about half of retail). Not a bad idea, but once i got it installed we found there were dozens of stuck pixels (white) scattered all over the image, so back it went. Rather than chance another refurb i went with what was my second choice, this viewsonic model, and couldn't be happier. The image is comparable to the hd37 (a projector that sells for exactly twice the price usually), the user interface is better, and it's quieter. What's missing by comparison are "niceties" like lens shift, a wider zoom, and more flexible user control of image settings. Since i have a dedicated theater with complete flexibility in projector location, none of these were a problem. About 75% of our viewing is teenagers watching movies so even though the image looks great on a 124" screen they probably don't care about the upgrade from 720p as much as i do (frankly the sound is more important to their enjoyment than the picture). But i notice the improved image quality! read the technical reviews on the projector sites if you're interested, but suffice it to say this unit will be fine for most anyone who is not terribly concerned about having the absolutely finest image quality possible. None of the adults we've had over to watch a film has said anything other than variations of "wow, this is better than going to the movies! " the only change we've made from our prior projector is a full switch to bluray. We used to be ok with dvds in 720p but they just don't cut it in 1080p. . Our old projector was a viewsonic as well and we've been very happy with the brand. The only question remaining is bulb life, but since we use our projectors only about 6-8 hours per week (100% movies, nothing else) i expect we'll get several years from the original.
  • Love this projector! we use it daily as our main tv projecting on a 108" screen. We keep it on eco and the image is still bright and crisp! much better than our previous projector - we plant to have this one for a long time!
  • Viewsonic Pro7827hd Rec 709 Theater
  • I may be the first to comment about this projector when bought refurbished. Although the refurbished projector at $441 seems directly from viewsonic themselves, i would think twice before buying at that great price. This projector for the few minutes that it stayed on looked wonderful. My first time seeing a 1080p home theater projector in person so i was amazed, until it shuts off about 3-4 min after being powered on for the first time. Disappointed but i didn't panic i decided to call viewsonic to see if they had some troubleshooting advice. Nope. "plug it into another outlet, if that doesn't work call online store since you purchased from them". So i did. Online store is currently contacting viewsonic (or whomever the 3rd party is) to rectify this issue. We'll see what comes of this, but i figured more people should give their honest review of something. Every detail counts, it could truly save someone else their time, money, and high expectation for what seems to be a good deal on a somewhat highly reviewed budget projector. I will update. Stay tuned.
  • Can not get the 3d to work right and the noise on some movies does not sound right
  • This is my first customer review because i can't believe we're all using the same projector. I found the picture quality to be very unsatisfactory. You know when you watch netflix and it's a little blurry/pixelated until it's buffered all the way? that's how this looks all the time. I was watching from about 15 ft away, then i moved it to about 12, then i even held the thing about 6 ft and it still looked awful. You can just about count the pixels with live action and animation has this slight ghosting effect. I tried multiple device and even my xbox dashboard looks bad. I know it's a cheaper projector, i didn't need perfection but i expected something better. P. S. On the bright side, i thought the speakers did a pretty good job.

lumens hdmi home theater ViewSonic PJD7828HDL 3200 Lumens 1080p HDMI Home Theater Projector (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I love this projector. I was having neck problems because i wanted to recline in my chair while watching my normal tv and i had to curl my neck forward to see the tv (which is about 3 feet off the ground). Now i project up to the ceiling above my bed and i can watch movies from bed without kinking my neck at all. My neck is feeling a whole lot better. The picture quality and brightness are excellent (although i've only watched this in the dark). I'm pretty picky about picture quality, and i've been pleasantly surprised how clear the image is. I have a high ceiling, so it's like having a 120 inch hd tv directly above me. The sound system is quite good, also.

Viewsonic Pjd7828hdl 3200 Lumens 1080p Hdmi Home Theater Projector
Click to see NoticeViewsonic Pjd7828hdl 3200 Lumens 1080p Hdmi Home Theater Projector (Video Device)"Amazing picture quality and very bright in a properly dimmed room. I use it primarily for movies and some for video games. I am very pleased at how perfectly is works for my room size and desired screen size. I have it mounted about 11 1/2 feet from the screen and have a 120" image. Mount screw pattern is a bit odd, but works with my peerless mount. This projector is not really for a brightly lit room. I use it in a darkened theater with no other ambient light most of the time. It excels at that. . Pros:. Picture quality. Big screen size at short distance. . Cons:. Funky mounting screw pattern, but works with peerless prg-unv mount just fine. Not bright enough for brightly lit rooms"

(0) Question: Can this be mounted on a tripod? does it have the ability to remove the elevation wheel to screw a tripod into?

(1) Question: How does image quality compare to pro7827hd? and how does the 3d behave?

(2) Question: Can i play video's from an external harddrive plugged into the usb port?

Hermitshell Case fits ViewSonic PJD5155 / PJD5255 / PJD5555W / PJD7828HDL 3300 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector

Hermitshell case fits viewsonic pjd5155 / pjd5255 / pjd5555w / pjd7828hdl 3300 lumens svga hdmi projector

Hermitshell Case fits ViewSonic PJD5155 / PJD5255 / PJD5555W / PJD7828HDL 3300 Lumens SVGA HDMI ProjectorHermitshell-ViewSonic-PJD5555W-PJD7828HDL-Projector

Brand :    hermitshell
Weight :    1.85 pounds
Model :    170323-1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Office Electronics (hermitshell product review) for Hermitshell Case fits ViewSonic PJD5155 / PJD5255 / PJD5555W / PJD7828HDL 3300 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector available ( Aug 2019 )
Price :    $31.99
  • For sale is case only (device and accessories are sold separately)
  • Made to fit viewsonic pjd5155 / pjd5255 / pjd5555w / pjd7828hdl 3300 lumens svga hdmi projector.
  • Material:eva, color: black; inner size: 14"x12. 5"x4. 4"
  • Protect your favorite device from bumps dents and scratches
  • Hermitshell hard travel storage carrying case bag

ViewSonic PJ-CASE-009 Projector Carrying Case LightStream Projectors

Compatible with all viewsonic projectors

ViewSonic PJ-CASE-009 Projector Carrying Case LightStream ProjectorsViewSonic-PJ-CASE-009-Projector-LightStream-Projectors

Brand :    viewsonic
Size :    Large
Weight :    1.00 pounds
  • Black and gray soft carrying case
  • Size: 14. 2 x 10. 2 x 4. 7 inches
  • Compatible with viewsonic pjd5155, pjd5255l, pjd5555lw, pjd5350ls, pjd5550lws, pjd5150, pjd5250l, pjd5126, pjd5226, pjd7730hdl, pjd7825hd, pjd7830hdl
Price :    $14.09 (was $17.45)
Model :    PJ-CASE-009
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Office Electronics (viewsonic product review) for ViewSonic PJ-CASE-009 Projector Carrying Case LightStream Projectors available ( Aug 2019 )

ViewSonic PX700HD 1080p Projector 3500 Lumens DLP 3D Dual HDMI Low Input Lag Home Theater Gaming

Perfect for home entertainment, the view sonic px700hd projector features 3, 500 lumens, full hd 1920x1080p native resolution, an intuitive, user-friendly design and a sleek white chassis. Exclusive super color technology offers a wide color gamut for beautiful image production in nearly any environment. An ultra-low input latency provides faster frame-by-frame action, while a sports mode feature delivers stunning detail so you can enjoy fast-action sports on the big screen. Full hd 3d compatibility lets you enjoy 3d movies and games. What s more, an energy-saving super eco feature reduces power consumption and extends the lamp life by up to 15, 000 hours. Extensive connectivity options include dual hdmi inputs and usb power, making the px700hd a versatile home entertainment solution. Lamp life may vary based on actual usage and other factors.

ViewSonic PX700HD 1080p Projector 3500 Lumens DLP 3D Dual HDMI Low Input Lag Home Theater GamingViewSonic-PX700HD-Projector-Lumens-Theater

Brand :    viewsonic
Size :    1080p + 3500 Lumens
Weight :    7.94 pounds
Model :    PX700HD
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (viewsonic product review) for ViewSonic PX700HD 1080p Projector 3500 Lumens DLP 3D Dual HDMI Low Input Lag Home Theater Gaming available ( Aug 2019 )
Price :    $499.99
  • Long lamp life: super eco mode allows the lamp to shine bright for up to 15, 000 hours
  • Supersized movies and games: immersive theater-like colors in full hd (1920x1080p) on a screen up to 300-inches in 3500 lumens
  • Cinematic colors: exclusive super color technology offers a wide color gamut for beautiful image production in nearly any environment
  • Reduced input latency: ideal for intense action-packed gaming, this projector delivers smooth images without delay
  • Industry-leading warranty: 3-year limited parts and labor coverage, 1-year of lamp coverage, and access to our us-based customer service team

Universal Projector Drop-in Ceiling Mount

The universal projector drop-in ceiling mount removes the hassle from projector mounting. This patented design replaces a standard 2' 2' ceiling tile. Installation is easy and takes less than 1 hour! featuring a reinforced steel plate and a white cast aluminum mounting head, this lightweight mount can support projectors up to 30 lbs. The mounting head is designed to dissipate heat for longer lamp life. Additionally, the plate includes cutouts and covers for 2 nema standard outlets for mounting additional equipment or electrical components.

Universal Projector Drop-in Ceiling MountUniversal-Projector-Drop-in-Ceiling-Mount

Price :    $111.00 (was $119.99)
  • 2' x 2' reinforced steel plate
  • Replaces a standard ceiling tile
  • Multiple mounting points for alignment
  • Lightweight, heat-dissipating surface
  • Supports projectors up to 30 lbs
Brand :    amer
Weight :    8.97 pounds
Model :    AMRDCP100KIT
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Av Furniture (amer product review) for Universal Projector Drop-in Ceiling Mount available ( Aug 2019 )

QualGear QG-PM-002-WHT-S Projector Ceiling Mount Accessory

Very happy with this product. Ordered it to mount an epson 6100w projector on my ceiling (wife was not happy with the setup i had with a table, empty box and some cables. ). Installation is rather easy. The complex part not due to the product, but needed to find the ceiling stud, and drill a few holes. It's easy adaptable to my epson, and i'm sure it's flexible enough to accommodate almost any other shape of projector. Is also very sturdy and well built. Installation took maybe 30 min end-to-end. Wife is also happy. All that for less than $15. What else? (sorry, just wrote a review on nespresso compatible caps).

Adjustments: low profile flush ceiling mount, easy installation, and cable management. This projector mount works with both regular and sloped (vaulted) ceilings. Features horizontal and vertical angle adjustments for perfect projection. Projector compatibility: universal design that fits most projectors in the market. If your projector weighs more than 29. 7 lbs. , this mount will not work for your projector. Adjustable extension arms are included and they extend up to 400mm to fit wide array of projectors. Specifications: maximum weight supported: 29. 7 lbs. / 13. 5 kgs. Color: white. Ceilings supported: regular wooden ceilings or concrete ceilings. This projector mount supports both regular and sloped ceilings. Pitch angle adjustment: -15 to +15 degrees. Roll angle adjustment: -15 to +15 degrees. Swivel: 360 degrees. Vertical tilt: 0 to 90 degrees.

QualGear QG-PM-002-WHT-S Projector Ceiling Mount AccessoryQualGear-QG-PM-002-WHT-S-Projector-Ceiling-Accessory

Qualgear Qg-pm-002-wht-s Projector Ceiling Mount Accessory (qg pm 002 wht s) FAQ.

Bought for epson projector. Works pretty good. I have trouble keeping the bolts tight enough, mainly due to lack of room to put enough torque on the bolts with the little allen wrench. For the price, it is a good value. -Notice from Y. Monique, Tennessee

Click to Show qualgear qg-pm-002-wht-s projector ceiling mount accessory (qg pm 002 wht s) Details

Came almost completely assembled, even gives you a template to make holes. Perfect for light to medium projectors. Comes very organized and best directions i have ever seen. It is universal but has a lot of accessories so u should be able to make it work with most projectors!

Qualgear-qg-pm-002-wht-s-projector-ceiling-mount-accessory-(qg-pm-002-wht-s) set picture

- . AngelicaFits my lg pa77u, includes variety of nuts and bolts. I just glanced thru the manual very eay to install

This ceiling mount works perfectly with my benq ht3050. It will take some figiting to get it placed correctly (if using it on a benq) but it does work just fine. You just can't beat this price point compared to these other mounts that do pretty much the exact same thing.

T. Edith, District of Columbia

Brand :    qualgear
Color :    White
Weight :    2.76 pounds
  • Cable management
  • Fits most projector brands
  • Easy installation
  • Features horizontal and vertical angle adjustments for perfect projection
  • Durable construction
Price :    $19.95
Model :    QG-PM-002-WHT-S
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Office Electronics (qualgear product review) for QualGear QG-PM-002-WHT-S Projector Ceiling Mount Accessory available ( Aug 2019 )

QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-S-3IN-W Projector Mount Kit Accessory Suspended Ceiling Adapter, 3 1.5 , White

Qualgear pro-av qg-kit-s-3in-w projector mounting kit includes a professional grade qg-pro-pm-50-w projector mount, qg-pro-pm-sca-w suspended ceiling adapter, and a qg-pro-pm-3in-w 3 inch 1. 5-inch npt threaded pipe in white. Easy installation with color installation manual and presorted hardware. Compatible with 1. 5-inch npt threaded pipe and suitable for mounting to drop or suspended ceilings. For details about each component of this mounting kit, please look up their model number.

QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-S-3IN-W Projector Mount Kit Accessory Suspended Ceiling Adapter, 3 1.5 , WhiteQualGear-QG-KIT-S-3IN-W-Projector-Accessory-Suspended

Price :    $89.74 (was $112.21)
  • Color installation manual
  • 1. 5" npt thread compatible
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Suitable for suspended/drop ceilings
  • Professional quality
Brand :    qualgear
Color :    White
Weight :    14.56 pounds
Model :    QG-KIT-S-3IN-W
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Office Electronics (qualgear product review) for QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-S-3IN-W Projector Mount Kit Accessory Suspended Ceiling Adapter, 3 1.5 , White available ( Aug 2019 )

Optoma HD27 3200 Lumens 1080p Home Theater Projector

Love it! plain and simple. You can t go wrong purchasibg this projector.

The optoma hd27 is an advanced 1080p home theater projector sporting 3200 lumens, 1920x1080 full hd resolution, 1. 1x zoom, srgb support, and 25000:1 contrast ratio. The hd27 is the ultimate home theater projector for watching hdtv programming, latest blu-ray movie releases, and major sporting events. The hd27 is the ideal projector for gamers who prefer big screen gaming. Whether you play with xbox one, ps4, or your personal computer, you'll be impressed with the hd27's advanced optical lens, sharp 1080p graphics, and vivid blacks that produce highly detailed graphics, deep shadows, and astonishing textures. Video and photography enthusiasts can use the hd27's srgb color space to produce rich, accurate color based on the primaries of rec. 709b hdtv specification when used with any srgb-compatible device including both pc's and mac's. Hd27 is mhl v1. 2-compliant which allows mhl devices such as optoma s hd cast pro, roku streaming stick and smart phones to connect directly to the projector without the need for an external power source to playback music and video, view pictures and share web pages and other user-generated digital media content with family and friends . Computer compatibility : fhd, hd, wxga, uxga, sxga, xga, svga, vga, mac . Video compatibility : pal (b, d, g, h, i, m, n, 576i/p), ntsc (m, 4. 43/3. 58 mhz, 480i/p), secam (b, d, g, k, k1, l) hd (1080i, 720p) . Input lag (ms)- 33 . Operating conditions - 5 degree celsius - 40 degree celsius , max. Humidity 85 percent , max. Altitude 3000 meters

Optoma HD27 3200 Lumens 1080p Home Theater ProjectorOptoma-HD27-Lumens-Theater-Projector

Optoma Hd27 1080p 3d Dlp Home Theater Projector (Video Device) FAQ.

Excellent projector. Excellent picture. The audio options are limited but easily workable. -Notice from J. Hayward, Brent

Click to Show optoma hd27 1080p 3d dlp home theater projector (video device) Details

As expected. great picture and surprisingly quiet

Optoma-hd27-1080p-3d-dlp-home-theater-projector-(video-device) set picture

- B. JuneWorks perfect in my mancave on a 107 inch screen. I'm very pleased

Great price great projector for the money! i can finally watch my projector during the day time!

D. Emma, Dudley

Price :    $499.00
  • Warranty: 1-year limited parts and labor, 90-days on lamp. lightweight and portable
  • Brightness: 3200 ansi lumens. refer user guide below.
  • Contrast ratio: 25, 000:1; keystone correction: yes, lens shift: no
  • Screen size range: 71-inches from 8 feet; 107-inches from 12 feet. throw ratio 3 1. 48 - 1. 62:1
  • Inputs/outputs: 2xhdmi 1. 4a (mhl), 3d vesa sync port, audio out 3. 5mm, 12v trigger, usb-a (power)
Brand :    optoma
Color :    White
Weight :    5.20 pounds
Model :    HD27
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (optoma product review) for Optoma HD27 3200 Lumens 1080p Home Theater Projector available ( Aug 2019 )

Homegear 110 HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control

When my projection screen arrived (my first screen, mind you), i was absolutely blown away by the size - it is enormous! i knew what size i chose, but somehow it was bigger than expected. . Once i managed to get it mounted, i pressed the button to lower the screen, and that alone was an amazing experience, but when the projector was set, and the movie started playing. It was sheer wow. The colors pop, and black levels are so much better than a bare wall. I did see a few waves in the screen material, until the movie started and then i couldn't find them while actively looking for them. . All in all, i am blown away by the value this screen offers. I didn't expect much for $109, but what i got feels worth so much more. . If you are considering this screen, get it unless you are a videophile that will nitpick over every little thing. If you are just looking to watch some movies on a big screen at home - you will love this!

Transform your lounge into a home cinema in a matter of seconds - kick back, put your feet up and lower your 110" projector screen to enjoy the full screen experience in the comfort of your own home! the homegear hd 110" motorized screens add a whole new dimension of comfort and movie viewing. Homegear screens are made from an engineered three layer construction consisting of: a black pvc back, a terylene fabric middle layer and a matte white pvc top layer. This 3 layer construction and exposed black frame results in a richer and sharper picture quality that enhances the watching experience. In addition, a rf remote control is included, so don't worry about missing a frame, going for a toilet break or swinging by the kitchen! features size and aspect ratio 16:9 aspect ratio 110" diagonal screen size (96 x 54in) case size: 104 x dia 3in product weight: 20. 3lbs screen material high contrast 1. 3 gain screen that is washable with soap and water 1" black masking borders to enhance picture contrast 160 viewing angle perfect for residential or commercial use 3 layer black backed screen which eliminates light penetration and produces top quality color reproduction static resistant, fire retardant, mildew resistant casing & installation durable steel casing with plastic ends- white wall or ceiling assembly simple plug and play system motor system energy efficient, quiet motor that enhances longevity control system rf remote control distance 25m wall mountable control panel for use without remote other information compatible with all projectors (dlp, crt, lcd, hd, 3d) styrofoam packaging for added protection ce certification

Homegear 110 HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote ControlHomegear-110-HD-Motorized-Projector

Homegear 110 Hd Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control (Office Products) FAQ.

Now i'm just finally writing a review for this. So it passes with an awesome picture and video games quality display when watching on this screen. Trust me, call of duty, halo games and super mario games are breath taking to look at on here. The remote features makes everything alot easier too. Mines is set up by my doorway, so screen up or down is no problem with the remote. It's been about 2 years and still working just like when i first brought it. I have an infocus in1112a dlp 3d projector and the 3d on the screen looks flawless. So 2 years folks and this baby is still working fine. In 2018 i'm gonna go for a bigger screen from 200" and this is the only manufacturers that i'm gonna get it from. Good quality and fair price. -Notice from . Kelly, Brighton and Hove

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Received item just 3 days after purchase, with original expected date was 5 days later when checking out. Box was in great shape for the size and awkwardness of it, no dings or smashed areas. Item fit perfect with measurements given on product info. Was left with 3/8 " each side so works great on the wall. I hung mine in the basement with the ceiling cut out, hangs right on the floor joist and power was ran to the side closet, so when the screen is up it just looks like a white bar is across the ceiling. As for screws with streaks or ripples, i guess i got lucky because unless you really look at the bottom 2" of white area, can't see an issue. Running a 4k/3d projector on the screen and looks amazing. Have taken outside just once before hanging in the basement but worked well, just had to bungee the bottom to keep from moving with breeze. Overall very happy with purchase, timeliness of delivery and screen is made of very sturdy material. Also the secondary rf remote is great, i have it at the stairs so i can start it while going down. Takes little over 30 seconds but it's fine for me, projector takes about the same to warm up.

Homegear-110-hd-motorized-16:9-projector-screen-w/-remote-control-(office-products) set picture

- W. MaysI really like this screen for the price, and while i don't have any other projector screen to compare it too, i have to believe it would stack up to it's compitition fairly well. The motors are quiet and raise and lower the screen in 38 seconds in each direction. The screen protrudes from the case about 1" when raised, but i believe that can be adjusted if it bothers you too much. The screen i received was pretty smooth with very few noticeable wrinkles. The qualitity of the screen material itself seems really good and reflects my benq projector image really well. The unit was packaged well; the screen was supported inside the box with several styrofoam braces along it's length and had plastic wrap around the outside of the box to keep out moisture. . There are a couple of things to be aware of if you purchase this screen. First, even with the good packaging, mine came with a small dent in the back middle of the case, and from reading other reviews it sounds like the chances of getting one of these without some sort of dent is unlikely. That's because the case is so long (118") and the metal is fairly thin. I believe it's prone to buckling towards the center if not handled properly. I was able to work out the dent for the most part, and it did not seem to affect the overall performance of the unit. Also, the ad for this screen states it has an ir control- it does not. It comes with an rf remote. This will only be a problem if you plan on using a universal remote like the harmony to automate the screen lowering and raising when you turn on/off your system. Last, the power and control cables are a bit long and can be hard to neatly route if you are going for that custom install look. I ended up shorting both (see pic) by taking the control box a part, cutting and re-soldering both cables, a total of seven individual wires inside both cables, so i could mount it to the ceiling behind the screen with out all the extra wire to deal with. It looks really nice, but of course voids the warranty, and you will need some basic soldering skills, but overall a very easy modification to make. . So, in the end this guy is a keeper for me. My goal all along was to put together a low budget, quality, home theater and this unit paired with the benq w1070 projector filled the bill nicely. . Update (4-16-15). I've seen several comments talking about the screen not retracting all the way into the case. Mine for example would stop about an inch from the top. I found out that there are indeed two adjustment knobs on the screen that will change the travel distance of the screen both in the up and down direction. The control knobs are located inside the slot where the screen rolls up (on the end where the power cord is located). If you look into the slot you will see two small controls, one white and one yellow. They actually have arrows pointing up and down next to each control. By experimenting a bit i discovered how they work. First you will need a small allen wrench that fits into the control. I believe that a special plastic flexible tool is made specifically for adjusting these controls, but i found the correct size allen or hex head wrench work too. . Now, say you want to adjust the screen so that it goes up into the housing more. Find the control knob with the up arrow and insert the allen wrench into it. Lower the screen a bit using the control box button, press the stop button and then raise it back up. When it stop turn the control, and as you do the screen will either raise or lower (depending on which way you turn the wrench) a small amount. I'm guessing about a quarter-turn of the control make the screen move about an inch or so. If you go too far the screen will bind up because when the bottom bar hits the casing. If this happen simple back off the adjustment just a bit. To adjust the down direction you do the same procedure using the other control adjustment. You simple lower the screen all the way using the control box and then make the fine adjustment by turning the control knob using the wrench. The most difficult part about doing this is trying to access the control adjustments while trying to keep from falling off the ladder. You will definitely need a flashlight or better yet one of those small led headlamps to keep both hands free. By spending some time making the adjustment my screen is fully retracting into the case just fine. I've added a picture of the controls below. . Update: 4/22/15. As i posted in my original review i was a little disapointed when i discovered that the projector remote was rf (radio frequency) controlled and not ir (infrared) controlled as stated in the ad. This is only because i use a harmony remote to easily control all my av gear with a simple click of the remote, and it only works with ir controlled device. Having an extra remote to simply raise and lower the screen really bugged me, since most all my home is automated to some degree and i also wanted the projector screen to be included in that category. I set out to do some research to determine if there was anyway i could convert the rf to ir on the projector. I quickly learned it's near impossible to find out anything about this screen. I couldn't even find the company homegear, much less any type of schematic or wiring diagram for the controller or remote. I did however, come across an article on an av forum where a fellow had posted a similar issue, not with a projector screen, but instead a tv lift. His article turned me on the velleman mk-161, a two channel (think up/down control) ir relay kit that could be used to open/close or pulse a set of switch relays. Since the homegear screen also has a manual control box that can be used to raise and lower the screen it seemed possible to wire in the mk-161 to the homegear control box to simulate actually pressing the keys when the relay closed to raise and lower the screen. I was able to easily open the control box, no tools required, it simply snaps together, and examine the actual switches on the board. Sure enough it was easy to solder four wires directly to the control switches on the homegear and then connect them to the relays on the mk-161. The next perfect thing was that the harmony already knew about the mk-161in it's database, so it was easy to add the codes to my remote and then add the device into my harmony activities so that everytime i selected "watch a movie" on the remote it would send the ir codes to the mk-161, which in turn would pulse the appropriate relay and manually make the switch in the homegear control box temporarily close- the same was if i had pressed the actual button on the control box. It works perfectly! i ended up putting the mk-161 in a project and mounting next to the homegear control box and you'd think it actually came with the screen. I've included a couple pics of the control box and how it looks mounted to the ceiling. Be aware the mk-161 is a kit, which means you get the parts, circuit board and instructions for putting it all together. You will need basic soldering skills to build this and some diy skills if you want to make it all look pretty once it's complete, but it is possible to convert the screen to use both rf and ir like many of the more expensive screens have. . Update: 5/3/16. . It's been over a year now and i just wanted to follow-up and let everyone know that the screen, projector and mk-161 control box is still working flawlessly. So far i've not had one problem with this setup and i couldn't be happier with the combination. The projector and screen are used on a semi-regular basis (at least 3-4 times a week) and it always works as expected. I can honestly say that i would recommend this projector screen.

1 year update:. I dropped my review from 5 stars to 4 stars. I wanted to give it 3, but as far as i know it is still the cheapest and only affordable motorized screen on the market, and after all this time waves are minimal. My issue is with the build quality as follows. . I have retracted this screen maybe 10 times since i purchased it a year ago. Today, while closing, a loose wire connecting the motors (inside the housing) got all tangled up with the screen, choking up the mechanism and preventing it from functioning. The wire has now jammed and fallen out in the way of the screen, and is impossible to tuck back in without disassembling the housing and risking more damage. -. . Original review:. Great, cheap alternative to some of the other screens out there. Slight waves in the screen, but it's only noticeable on a blank white picture. The included wall-mount control buttons are a nice touch in case you ever lose the remote. . The housing is 10 feet long, so make sure your wall is wide enough to fit the entire thing. I didn't expect this and had windows in the way, so i ended up having to suspend it from the ceiling, dropping it a couple feet using 2' pipes and flanges from home depot. I'd definitely recommend this option if you have tall ceilings and don't want to crane your neck while viewing.

D. Angela, Rochdale

Price :    $149.99
  • Size and aspect ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio, 110" diagonal screen size (96 x 54in), case size: 104 x dia 3in, product weight: 20. 3lb
  • High contrast 1. 3 gain screen that is washable with soap and water, 1" black masking borders to enhance picture contrast, 160 viewing angle perfect for residential or commercial use, 3 layer black backed screen which eliminates light penetration and produces top quality color reproduction, static resistant, fire retardant, mildew resistant
  • Motor system, energy efficient, quiet motor that enhances longevity, control system, rf remote control distance 25m, wall mountable control panel for use without remote
  • Casing & installation, durable steel casing with plastic ends- white, wall or ceiling assembly, simple plug and play system
  • Other information, compatible with all projectors (dlp, crt, lcd, hd, 3d), styrofoam packaging for added protection, ce certification
Brand :    homegear
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
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ViewSonic PRO7827HD 1080p HDMI RGBRGB Rec.709 Lens Shift Home Theater Projector

I'm giving this 5 stars. I love this projector. It does what i want it to do, it hooks up in any number of ways with my laptop, and it also interacts with my surround sound set up. It starts up quickly and does not take overly long to cool down, even after it's been running a while. Having said that, it runs a bit hot, but that's just part of having a light bulb putting out a large amount of heat. I haven't had it long enough to really discuss durability.

Offering incredible color accuracy and stunning, razor-sharp images, the viewsonic lightstream pro7827hd is the ideal projector for home theater entertainment. Featuring full hd 1080p resolution and viewsonic s supercolor rgbrgb technology, this projector delivers incredible detail and brilliant color gradient coverage for amazing image projection. Designed with isf certified day and night modes and a choice of five unique view modes fit for different scenarios, the pro7827hd delivers optimized color for a true cinema experience. Sonicexpert, viewsonic s proprietary sound enhancement technology, powers a 10w speaker to deliver incredibly clear and audible sound. Portall, a neatly designed and enclosed hdmi/mhl dongle compartment, also features an integrated micro usb cable. With a shorter throw ratio, vertical lens shift, 1. 3x optical zoom, smart design, and extensive connectivity, the pro7827hd provides flexible and quick set-up in any home.

ViewSonic PRO7827HD 1080p HDMI RGBRGB Rec.709 Lens Shift Home Theater ProjectorViewSonic-PRO7827HD-Rec-709-Theater-Projector

Viewsonic Pro7827hd Rec 709 Theater Projector (Video Device) FAQ.

Love this projector! we use it daily as our main tv projecting on a 108" screen. We keep it on eco and the image is still bright and crisp! much better than our previous projector - we plant to have this one for a long time! -Notice from W. Ruby, Lorraine

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This is used in the lobby of our business. Crisp and easy to see in the middle of the day. Perfect!

Viewsonic-pro7827hd-rec-709-theater-projector-(video-device) set picture

- J. HadleyReally a nice projector for the money. Great bright picture quality. If you live in high altitude be aware that when you enable the high altitude mode the fan spins up to its highest speed and is really loud. I do live at altitude and disabled high altitude mode and have not had any issue, but the manual says there could be overheating problems. Also note that the lens shift only works for vertical adjustments, horizontal adjustments require moving the projector.

Very quick setup and warm-up. I purchased this for my wife so she can bring her own gear for her presentations as the equipment that the facilities where she is contracted to teach is very antiquated and finicky. She is not the most experienced computer admin and as i cannot be there for tech support every class i wanted something that was ready to go without any issues 100% of the time. The only problem we have had was frequent disconnects due to my own error in setup: i made the mistake of leaving the wifi dongle we had purchased for use with this projector unsecured and apparently someone was try to hack it during her presentation (definitely not the projector's fault). Once we had set a password for this connection there have been exactly zero problems aside from misbehaving students. . This is more than bright enough for a well lit meeting room and sharp enough for a very nice appearing presentation. Overall, the only negative is that i would have preferred this to be available in black but my wife would have preferred a dark grey.

E. Mays, Poitou-Charentes

Brand :    viewsonic
Color :    black
Size :    1080p + 2200 Lumens
Weight :    5.73 pounds
Model :    PRO7827HD
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • 1. 1 1. 5 throw ratio; 4. 2 - 46. 9 ft. throw distance; usb 2. 0 type a, 3. 5mm audio in/ out, rs-232, hdmi 1. 4, hdmi mhl (x2), composite rca in, mini usb, micro usb; product dimensions: 12. 44 x 8. 98 x 4. 08 inches
  • Sleek design with viewsonic's exclusive hdmi-streaming portall dongle, up to 6, 500 lamp hours (eco mode), large built-in 10w speaker, 1. 3x optical zoom, and a muted black finish
  • Packed with our most advanced color technology, this projector provides an incredibly immersive home cinema experience coupled with viewsonic's industry-leading durability and dust-resistance
  • Pro7828hd is the ideal projector for both high definition presentations, vibrant multimedia entertainment and gaming
  • Full hd 1080p (1080x1920) 16:9 home theater projector with rec. 709 color accuracy, rgbrgb color technology, a 100, 000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, digital horizontal and vertical keystoning, and a screen size from 120-inches at 12-feet; up to 220-inches at 20-feet
Price :    $465.00 (was $552.99)
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (viewsonic product review) for ViewSonic PRO7827HD 1080p HDMI RGBRGB Rec.709 Lens Shift Home Theater Projector available ( Aug 2019 )

CASEMATIX Workforce Video Projector Carry Case Protective Foam - Fits Viewsonic Lightstream XGA WXGA 1080p 3D Projectors - Models PJD7720HD, PJD5553LWS , PJD5353LS, ex5250

Workforce safe n secure video projector hard case with dense internal customizable foam - built tough the exterior structure of this large projector equipment case is made of a highly durable polypropylene mixture for strength and integrity. The dense foam interior is arranged with a top convoluted (egg-crate shape) lid of 0. 75" thickness, a customizable pick & pluck (diced) core of 3. 375" thickness, and a solid basin pad of 0. 675". High-impact resistance in the exterior shell, coupled with a dense, shock-absorbing foam interior, protects and secures your equipment from all angles during storage, travel and transit. One of the best values comes in its size, measuring in external dimensions at 16. 0" x 13. 0" x 6. 0", with total usable interior space at 13. 0" x 10. 0" x 4. 0", easily accommodating your projector and accessories. The diced pick & pluck core is easily customizable to your projector and accessories due to the high-density nature of the ele foam. Additional features include: carrying handle, 4 standard-sized padlock rings, stackable design for multi-case storage, highly durable hinges and easy-close latchesfully customizable foam interior the pick and pluck middle layer allows small cubes of foam to be removed in the desired shape of your projector for a snug fit. Remove the amount of foam blocks to create a compartment for your projector. This allows foam to surround your projector and provides impact protection from all angles. Recommended for select viewsonic lightstream projectors and accessories pjd7720hd / pjd7831hdl / pjd7836hdl / pjd7526w / pjd6252l / pjd6352 / pjd5553lws / / pjd5353ls / pjd6552lw / pjd6550lw / pjd6350 / pjd6352ls / pjd6552lws / pjd5350ls / ex5250 / pjd6551w

CASEMATIX Workforce Video Projector Carry Case Protective Foam - Fits Viewsonic Lightstream XGA WXGA 1080p 3D Projectors - Models PJD7720HD, PJD5553LWS , PJD5353LS, ex5250CASEMATIX-Workforce-Video-Projector-Protective

Brand :    casematix
Weight :    2.50 pounds
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Consumer Electronics (casematix product review) for CASEMATIX Workforce Video Projector Carry Case Protective Foam - Fits Viewsonic Lightstream XGA WXGA 1080p 3D Projectors - Models PJD7720HD, PJD5553LWS , PJD5353LS, ex5250 available ( Aug 2019 )
Price :    $44.99
  • Easily fits projectors and accessories with maximum dimensions: 15. 5" x 11. 0" x 4. 0" ; external dimensions: 16. 0" x 13. 0" x 6. 0"
  • Protection against impacts, drops, dings and dust. great for storing and protecting your projector and accessories
  • Made in the usa - fits pjd6551w / pjd7720hd / pjd7831hdl / pjd7836hdl / pjd7526w / pjd6252l / pjd6352 / pjd5553lws / / pjd5353ls / pjd6552lw / pjd6550lw / pjd6350 / pjd6352ls / pjd6552lws / pjd5350ls / ex5250
  • Do it yourself customizable foam - remove the pick and pluck foam cubes in the desired shape to create a snug fit for your projector and small cables
  • Hard exterior made of durable composite injection plastic. internal tri-layer foam cushioning with pick & pluck customizable layer provides heavy duty impact protection

ViewSonic PJ-CASE-008 Projector Carrying Case LightStream Projectors

Compatible with: pa502s, pa502x, pa503s, pa503s-s, pa503w, pa503x, pa505w, pg603w, pg603x, pg703w, pg703x, pjd5132, pjd5134, pjd5153, pjd5153-s, pjd5155, pjd5155-s, pjd5232, pjd5232l, pjd5234, pjd5234l, pjd5255, pjd5255-s, pjd5533w, pjd5555w, pjd5555w-s, pjd6235, pjd6235-s, pjd6245, pjd6252l-s, pjd6345, pjd6350, pjd6350-s, pjd6352, pjd6352-s, pjd6352ls, pjd6352ls-s, pjd6543w, pjd6544w, pjd6552lw, pjd6552lw-s, pjd6552lws, pjd6552lws-s, pjd6552lws-s-2, pjd7326, pjd7326-s, pjd7526w, pjd7526w-s , pjd7831hdl, pjd7831hdl-s, pjd7836hdl, pjd7836hdl-s, pjd6252l

ViewSonic PJ-CASE-008 Projector Carrying Case LightStream ProjectorsViewSonic-PJ-CASE-008-Projector-LightStream-Projectors

Brand :    viewsonic
Color :    Matte black hairline
Size :    Medium
Weight :    0..6 pounds
Model :    PJ-CASE-008
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Black and gray soft carrying case
  • Size: 12. 1 x 9. 3 x 4. 5 inches
  • Compatible with new viewsonic projectors: pa500s, pa501s, pa502s, pa503s, pa500x, pa502x, pa503x, pa503w, pg603x, pg603w, pg703x, pg703w, px702hd, px726hd
  • Compatible with viewsonic lightstream projectors: pjd5153, pjd5155, pjd5255, pjd5555w, pjd5353ls, pjd5553lws, pjd6252l, pjd6350, pjd6352, pjd6352ls, pjd6550lw, pjd6551w, pjd6552lws, pjd6552lw, pjd7326, pjd7526w, pjd7831hdl, pjd7836hdl
  • Compatible with viewsonic 1080p home theater projectors: pjd7828hdl, pjd7720hd, pro7827hd
Price :    $12.48
Ce :    Best Office Electronics (viewsonic product review) for ViewSonic PJ-CASE-008 Projector Carrying Case LightStream Projectors available ( Aug 2019 )

STR-169100 Silver Ticket 100 Diagonal 16:9 4K Ultra HD Ready HDTV 6 Piece Fixed Frame Projector Screen White Material

I watched the the 5 youtube videos that silver ticket has up in order to get the assembly down. The center post gives people problems. After the screen was attached to all the clips, i released the screen from the two top/center clips and two bottom/center clips (where the center posts gets wedged in). Then, with far end of the center post in the groove of the frame, i was able to use my index fingers and thumbs to force the post and frame away from one another just enough for the end of the post to drop down into the groove. I then re-attached the screen to the top and bottom center clips. . I attached two 1/4" hooks ($. 98 from hd) and have the screen hanging in front of my plasma which is mounted to the wall behind it. I had previously had an elite b model pull down screen hanging from very strong wire through the ceiling and screwed to ceiling joists. I could no longer take all the wrinkles and waves of the pull-down screen. This screen is only about 20 lbs or so i'm guessing. It's easy to hang without help. I just lean it against a wall in a side room when using the plasma tv behind it, which is most of the time.

The silver ticket products fixed frame projection screen offers powerful performance for the price. This screen features real projection screen material, not a sheet. The material is a white stretchy, high-quality vinyl at 1. 1 gain that is designed for watching movies. Wait until you see the colors! there is no resolution lost at any angle. This screen truly assembles much faster than any other brand available! forget about tucking the screen material into the frame - the silver ticket tension rod system saves you time and frustration. How does the material connect to the frame? each side of the material has a pocket. A rod slides through the pocket to attach to the frame. This saves you time during assembly, but also removes any puckers or wrinkles in the viewing surface. The rod holds the material perfectly square all around the whole frame. This pocket and rod system remains hidden behind the frame so you only see the movie. Forget about tricky installations - this fixed frame screen mounts on the wall much like a large picture frame. The sturdy aluminum frame is wrapped, not flocked, with a light absorbing black velvet fabric to absorb over-projected light so you don't have to be a professional when aligning your projector. While other brands use square tubing in their frames, this screen is built with durable extruded aluminum that contours down to the projected image so you won't have any ugly shadow on the image area. Join the thousands of satisfied customers - buy silver ticket today!

STR-169100 Silver Ticket 100 Diagonal 16:9 4K Ultra HD Ready HDTV 6 Piece Fixed Frame Projector Screen White MaterialSTR-169100-Silver-Ticket-100-Diagonal

Str 169100 Silver Ticket 100 Diagonal (Ce Accessory) FAQ.

Its a big screen but it looks fantastic on my wall, took up majority of it but love it. Easy to install and i would use a rubber mallet for center piece on back, i ended up only installing the 2 top mounts and not even doing the bottoms ones. There into studs and once it is hanged it takes 2 people to adjust screen side to side, don't do it alone because i did and it fell off the screw and chipped my baseboard. No damage to the frame because its very well built, would buy again for sure. Have it paired with a benq w1070. -Notice from F. Rita, Doncaster

Click to Show str 169100 silver ticket 100 diagonal (ce accessory) Details

4. 5 stars. . Took a risk as i had never heard of silver ticket, but based on the reviews of the other products and online forums, i decided to go ahead and get this. Absolutely fantastic material and when paired with a good projector (i have the sony hw40es), it exceeded my expectations. The material is also truly acoustically transparent and i have not noticed any sound distortions. This allowed me to really maximize my screen size and have a "movie theater" feel! i also loved that there was black cloth included with the product to cover up things behind the screen. This was a very courteous move by the silverticket guys, hence why i rounding up my rating to 5 stars ; ). . 1 star off for directions however. Really basic and i definitely needed the youtube videos (which i found randomly. Not mentioned in the included directions). The online video claims 1 person can do it in 20 minutes. Bs. Took 2 capable people 3+ hours to do it and no step was easy, especially inserting the tension rods. Lastly, the metal support beams require a rubber mallet to strike into place.

Str-169100-silver-ticket-100-diagonal-(ce-accessory) set picture

- Q. TerryI have had about 10 different screen for our home theater over the past 20 years. This is by far the best, and reasonably priced. Assembly took a bit of time but some reviews suggested it was hard - it really isn't. Also, some reviews suggest the holes for screws don't line up well. You need to use the standard practice of starting all screws or bolts in their holes before you tighten any of them. The screen came out with no wrinkles and is a huge upgrade over the elite screens model we had before.

Well packaged and easy to sort out. The company did an excellent job on packaging and informing of parts that were included. Descriptions on how to assemble were clear and easy to follow. Putting the screen together required about 60 to 90 minutes and overall was pretty straight forward and easy to do. I anticipated it being more difficult than what it was and marveled at well the instructions worked out. In this case, the instructions were more helpful than the video of how to put it together online. That was due to the video had not been updated to the changes made in the screen assembly that had been made but not updated in the video. So if you buy the screen and considered following the video which is very helpful at the site, just be sure the screen assembly has been updated on the video to the screen you have received. I am completely happy with the screen and how well it works.

C. Shirley, Nebraska

Brand :    silver ticket products
Color :    White Material
Size :    16:9, 100"
  • (recommended) watch the online videos on manufacturers website and video websites
  • Secure top and bottom mounting brackets that allow horizontal adjustment
  • Quick and easy assembly with tensioning rod system ensures that you can bring cinema-quality entertainment to your home in just a few minutes
  • 2 3/8" heavy duty beveled aluminum frame wrapped in light-absorbing black velvet material for a beautifully crisp viewing image; enjoy beautiful movies, pictures, and games in full hd and active 3d
  • The screen surface provides a 1. 1 gain and an exceptionally wide viewing angle at 160 degrees with no resolution loss at any viewing angle
Price :    $120.00 (was $189.98)
Model :    STR-169100
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Ce Accessory (silver ticket products product review) for STR-169100 Silver Ticket 100 Diagonal 16:9 4K Ultra HD Ready HDTV 6 Piece Fixed Frame Projector Screen White Material available ( Aug 2019 )

Optoma HD143X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

Bring the cinematic experience into your home with the affordable 3, 000 lumens optoma hd143x 1080p home theater projector. The 23, 000: 1 contrast ratio, reference display mode, and rec. 709 color support delivers extraordinary video quality perfect for movies, sports and gaming. Pair the optoma hd143x with a blu-ray player, high-performance gaming pc or console and transform your living room into a big-screen home theater. The vivid colors, deep black levels and crisp details make it a must-have for watching hollywood blockbusters and gaming. A pair of hdmi inputs and usb power provides easy connectivity to the latest hd video streaming devices and gaming consoles to the optoma hd143x. The 1. 1x zoom ensures flexible mounting and installation.

Optoma HD143X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater ProjectorOptoma-HD143X-Lumens-Theater-Projector

Price :    $497.50 (was $499.00)
  • Stunning picture quality: add stunning color and detail to every home theater experience. high contrast (23, 000:1), reference mode and rgb combine to deliver bright, accurate colors that are perfectly aligned to the rec. 709 and rec. 709b color space.
  • Bright 1080p projection: bring the cinematic experience home with this 3, 000-lumen 1080p home theater projector, delivering extraordinarily sharp video quality perfect for movies, gaming & sports.
  • Extended lamp life: with an extended lamp life of an impressive 12, 000 hours, your projector's lamp should last over 10 years, even if you watch a two-hour movie every day.
  • Flexible zoom & throw ratio: 1. 1x zoom and 1. 47 - 1. 62 throw ratio allow for flexible and easy installation for various spaces and screen sizes up to 300".
  • Transform your living room into a big-screen home theater: the vivid colors, deep black levels and crisp details make it a must-have for watching hollywood blockbusters and gaming.
Brand :    optoma
Weight :    5.50 pounds
Model :    HD143X
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Angrox Replacement Projector Lamp Bulb, Bare Lamp Bulb Without Housing ViewSonic PJD7828HDL PJD7720HD PJD7831HDL PJD5155L Optoma EH416 GT5500+ EH320UST

Parameter: angrox new replacement projector bulb without housing. Perfect match is only applicable to your correct projector model. Lamp life: 2500-3000 hours lamp part number : rlc-094 rlc-095 rlc-096 rlc-097 rlc-098 rlc-100 fit for viewsonic pjd7828hdl pjd7720hd pjd7831hdl pjd6352 pjd6352ls pjd6552lw pjd5155l pjd6250l pjd7525w pjd7325 pjd7830hdl pjd6250l, optoma eh416 w416 x416 du380 wu416 gt5500+ gt5500 eh320ust eh320usti w320ust w320usti eh319ust eh319usti. Product benefits 1. High luminance due to very short arc and high internal pressure 2. Bright light for brilliant light effects 3. Long lifetime 4. Lightweight and compact reflector lamps with ecg 5. Optimized burner design allows any burning position 6. Easy relamping 7. Uniform light output throughout the entire lifetime installation: 1 turn off the projector and disconnect the power cord. 2 let the projector cool for at least 30 minutes. 3 loosen the 2 screws that secure the lamp cover, and remove the cover. 4 loosen the 2 screws that secure the lamp. 5 pull up the lamp by its metal handle. 6 replace with the new lamp. 7 tighten the 2 screws that secure the lamp. 8 replace the lamp cover and tighten the 2 screws. 9 reset the lamp usage time by selecting "yes" for lamp reset in the osd lamp tab.

Angrox Replacement Projector Lamp Bulb, Bare Lamp Bulb Without Housing ViewSonic PJD7828HDL PJD7720HD PJD7831HDL PJD5155L Optoma EH416 GT5500+ EH320USTAngrox-Replacement-Projector-PJD7828HDL-PJD7831HDL

Brand :    angrox
Size :    MP622-VS
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    MP622-AN-37863
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Price :    $32.99 (was $68.98)
  • Lamp models available : rlc-094 rlc-095 rlc-096 rlc-097 rlc-098 rlc-100 bl-fu260c bl-fu260b
  • Compatible modules: applicable for viewsonic pjd7828hdl pjd7720hd pjd7831hdl pjd6352 pjd6352ls pjd6552lw pjd5155l pjd6250l pjd7525w pjd7325 pjd7830hdl pjd6250l, optoma eh416 w416 x416 du380 wu416 gt5500+ gt5500 eh320ust eh320usti w320ust w320usti eh319ust eh319usti
  • Warranty and return: new replaced lamp will be shipped to you when your bulb was out of work naturally in 150 days. refundable issue please contacts our 24 hours/7 days customer service. it is our appreciations if you need any further assistance.
  • Brand features: angrox manufactured bare bulb with exact compatibility, unique performance for your projectors. well experienced in producing, installing, adjusting bulbs make it effective. offering premium return and full refund service without any limitations.
  • Product features: angrox manufactured bare bulb be compatible for most housings which the house matched with your accurate projector models. this bare bulb is an universal product for the projectors. with higher performance including brightness, real color, clearer picture. performs the same function as original. longer lifttime makes your projector always keep excellent working. higher temperature resistance with optimized buner design. light weight and compact reflector lamps with ecg.

viewsonic pjd7828hdl 3200 lumens 1080p hdmi home theater projector Price : 509, was : 579 as 2018-12-16
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Viewsonic Pjd7828hdl 3200 Lumens 1080p Hdmi Home Theater Projector (Video Device) Reviewed by on

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F.A.Q. for viewsonic pjd7828hdl 3200 lumens 1080p hdmi home theater projector

Installed it on ceiling in basement and projected against wood panelling to start with just to get the image in the right position. Seemed fine although obviously not great against old wall panelling. Built a screen for it using blackout cloth and wow it looks amazing. Even with some ambient room light it still looks good now. Highly recommend getting or building a proper screen for this. Started out with a bit of keystone adjustment and image was fine for me. Didnt realise that keystone removes pixels. Read that best quality image is with zero keystone so i re-aligned the screen and projector instead with keystone 0. Screen is a bit lower than i would like now. Image probably does look a bit better but from normal viewing distance with or without keystone i doubt you would be able to tell. Only really apparent with a computer desktop where vertical lines appear more fuzzy with keystone on. I guess lens shift would have been nice but i decided to use the money for the sound system which was a good choice for me, but if you need to mount the projector much higher / lower that optimum height, you probably want lens shift to get the most out of it

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: I'd have to place the projector 30-35 feet away from the screen to avoid our pool for backyard viewing. is this realistic?

(1) Question: Can it show images from a memory stick? no laptop required for presentation?

(2) Question: What is the dimensions available at about 15feet? i have a 110" screen and closest i can go is 15'

(3) Question: Hi, what is the dimensions inside and outside the box and what is the overal weight?

(4) Question: Does this have 4 corner adjustment

(5) Question: Can i hook this projector up to my windows 7 laptop and project photos or streaming video onto my wall?

(6) Question: I would like to use this for office presentations for powerpoint and youtube video or which one would you suggest ?

(7) Question: Could i use a blue tooth adapter with this projector, if so any suggestions? our is ceiling mounted so using hdmi cable is awkward.

(8) Question: What size screen should i use with this projector 16; 9 or 16; 10

(9) Question: With a proper adapter plug from a usb to the mini usb port, can i watch saved movies from my usb stick?

(10) Question: How about 2. 35 :1 format? it works with the 7828 model?

(11) Question: Can it be mounted on a tripod?

(12) Question: Can a cable box be used to watch tv

(13) Question: What is the throw on this projector? i have a 100' screen and need it to fill that at 13ft - 13. 5ft

(14) Question: Will this projector be able to long throw 19. 5 feet and display a 4:3 asp. 94" screen?

(15) Question: Does this have bluetooth ? can i connect speakers via bluetooth ? or will i need an audio cable ?

(16) Question: Whats the best mode or settings for color accuracy?

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This review is for the viewsonic pjd7828hdl. I originally bought a benq ht2050a. The benq wasn t very bright and the screen uniformity was terrible, even at its peak brightness the whites were more like greys. This projector works phenomenal with rooms with ambient light. This wasn t a concern for me really as i have a dedicated room for the projector, but is nice if i wanted to keep the lights on, even in either eco or smart eco it is plenty bright with rooms with ambient light. The colors really do pop like an led tv. And in some instances replace a tv, which in my case it did. The colors aren t washed out and even the blacks are near black on my diy screen. I will admit when i first bought it i was a little hesitant because trying to find actual reviews tied to this projector was hard as there aren t very many. This is a great item for any home theater. I don t use the internal speaker so i won t speak on that, but the only con i could possibly think of would be the fan noise it is a lot more noticeable the then benq, but it s 1000 lumens brighter so i feel there has to be some give and take when it comes to brightness which is why i didn t knock a star as the picture makes up for it and i do have a full blown home theater audio setup so it drowns the fan noise out. The picture i added was of jurassic world which looks phenomenal on here through blu ray.

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Best viewsonic pjd7828hdl 3200 lumens 1080p hdmi home theater projector (video device) in review

Very pleased with my purchase of this. Did my homework, read a bunch of reviews and looked at different projectors. This one clearly seems to have the most bang for the buck. Great brightness. Good bulb life. And lots of different inputs for every type of video you might need. Short throw distance allowed me to mount this very close to the ceiling and out of the way of fixtures making the installation very clean and efficient. I am using this to throw a 12 foot diagonal display and it works great. My only criticism is there isn't a side-to-side adjustment, so you basically have to center the projector on the horizontal axis of the area you're projecting to.

I. Jennifer, Barking and Dagenham

You might like to see 1080p 3000 lumens 3d dlp home theater the optoma hd142x is a dynamic and cost-effective 1080p home theater projector packed an array of features including 3000 lumens, 1920 x 1080 fullhd resolution, 1. 1x zoom, srgb support, -optoma hd142x 1080p 3000 lumens 3d dlp home theater projector
  • Attribute: Brightness: 3, 000 Ansi Lumens. Computer Compatibility: Fhd, Hd, Wxga, Uxga, Sxga, Xga, Svga, Vga, Mac.
  • Attribute: Contrast Ratio: 23, 000:1; Keystone Correction: Yes, Lens Shift: No.
Half Price Optoma Hd142x 1080p 3000 Lumens 3d Dlp Home Theater Projector (Video Device) Hd142x Optoma Hd142x 1080p 3000 Lumens 3d Dlp Home Theater Projector (Video
Or you might like to consider 3lcd home theater projector 4k enhancement, hdr10, 100% balanced color white brightness ultra wide dci-p3 color get exceptional, color-rich performance and stunning detail the home cinema 4000. epson pro-uhd 3lcd home theater projectors deliver a groundbreaking combination of color, contrast -epson home cinema 4000 3lcd home theater projector 4k enhancement, hdr10, 100% balanced color white brightness ultra wide dci-p3 color gamut
  • Benefits: Advanced, 3-chip, 3lcd Design - 3lcd Technology Ensures No Color Wheel, No White Segment And No Rainbow Effect.
  • Benefits: Hdr10 (2) High Dynamic Range And Rich Black Contrast - Full 10-bit Color Output And A Contrast Ratio Up To 140, 000:1 Deliver An Extraordinary Range Of Color And Detail In Both Bright And Dark Scenes.
Bargain Epson Home Cinema 4000 Enhancement (Video Device) Home Cinema 4000 Epson Home Cinema 4000 Enhancement (Video

G. Lara, Durham says

This thing is bright! and quiet (enough). The picture is amazing (especially for the price). In a dark room, operating this in normal mode will be too bright for most people (after a while), but it works really well when watching 3d movies. . Growing up, projectors weren't practical enough to replace a tv. Now, they are. . It was either a 60" hd tv or an hd projector. This projector won. . I now have an 84" hd display in my bedroom. And since this projector is bright enough to operate in super eco mode 90% of the time, the lamp should last a very long time. . That said, i've compared the pjd7828 the pro 7827, and although the pro7827 has more options, it is noticeably dimmer and runs louder than the 7828. . The pro7827 works well in a dedicated theater setting. However, the pjd 7828 works better in settings where ambient light is a factor. . Both have louder than expected speakers, and can render great images in the dark. . However. Although the pro7827 is more expensive, it does not look as nice nor vibrant (in my opinion) as the pjd7828. . The pro has more features, but falls short in terms of delivering a vibrant picture. It may work best for movies, but for video games or sports, the lack of lumens makes it harder for me to recommend. . Therefore. Bang for the buck goes to the pjd7828 (short throw). . I've included some images (which really does not do much justice to this projector). . Hope this helps

E. Ophelia, Rotherham

Very good picture quality for the price paid. The projector works as expected, and easily adjustable for different room environments, and projection surface. So far no complaints.

K. Sarah, Schleswig-Holstein says

This is my "out of the box" review' i will update as time passes. . I am almost into week 2 with this projector and i could not be more pleased. I had a cheaper projector and loved the experience enough to upgrade to something more serious and i am so glad i grabbed the pjd7828hdl. It has exceeded my expectations in just about every category. I was looking for a shorter throw, higher lumens, and a higher resolution, so this model checked all of those boxes while maintaining a $600 price tag. Below you will find a breakdown of all the review points from week one. . Shipping/packaging: my package arrived on time and was excellently packaged; i had no damage to the box or hardware. It was tightly packed within two boxes and the projector was protected by styrofoam. . Accessories: the remote leaves much to be desired but it gets the job done; i liked the addition of the laser pointer though. Has no lens cap which could have been useful. Comes with a vga cable that i will never use, but it is there. . Picture quality: i don't have experience with 1000 dollar projectors, but this is a 4. 5/5 for me. Image quality is stunning. It certainly rivals many 1080p tvs and is a no brainer if you are looking for an 80-300" hdtv and do not have thousands to fork out. The picture out of the box is honestly pretty close to what you would see from a calibrated hdtv give or take. The standard settings run a little hot on the saturation side and the black levels are not as deep as an ledtv would provide but i imagine this is nearly as good as it gets from a 600-800 dollar projector. I tested the pjd7828hdl with avengers: infinity war and blade runner: 2049. The image quality was stunning and i, personally, did not see too many rainbow artifacts; at least not enough to find annoying. . Throw: i live in a small apartment and needed a unit that offered a shorter throw. The zoom feature allowed me to get a very big image in a short distance while maintaining a sharp picture. True, this is not a short throw, but it is still pretty impressive and allowed for a very large image that fit my needs in a tight space. . Speakers: not too bad honestly. Better than some projectors but not as good as a tv set. I would invest in external audio, personally. . Fan noise: honestly, i did not think it was bad. I only noticed it at all because i live in denver and use the "high altitude" setting. Still, it does not distract and the unit stays very cool; the air coming out of mine is not even that warm. . Setup: the setup is somewhat limited but, luckily, it is pretty well calibrated out of the box to my surprise. Navigation and menus are very easy to figure out. . Overall i give this unit a 4. 5/5. I will update as time passes.

P. Josephine, Bexley

The remote controller can be used as a mouse only when the projector is connected to a computer via d-sub. I need this feature for a hdmi connection as well.

M. Glenda, Peterborough says

Great projector! the image is crisp and bright when watching in the dark. Can see the screen pretty well even when sunny out (although not ideal). I haven't noticed the rainbow effect others have mentioned. Seems to be a standard thing with dlps in rooms with direct sunlight. I'm planning on getting blackout curtains. It was very easy to set up. My only complaint is that the fan gets pretty loud. Granted, i have it set to "high altitude" which makes the fan run faster (to compensate for thinner air above 1500 meters and avoid overheating). With high altitude turned off, i can still hear the fan if i'm thinking about it, but it is not nearly as loud.

L. Jackson, East Sussex

I just received this today and it's absolutely awesome. The kids love it, easy to hook up, vibrant colors, quiet fan. I plan on using indoor and outdoor. I haven't tried outdoor, but the color and clarity is even good in light.

R. Ross, Hampshire says

I project this unit onto a silver screen 120" at approx 11 feet. Bought it for my father who has mac d and extremely sight impaired. The unit works very well, even in low/moderate ambient light. I have not seen it in total darkness but imagine it explodes onto the screen. As my father can now watch sports he is well satisfied. I believe this unit to be a good value for the money.

. Joanne, Blackburn with Darwen

Well, finally got this projector after saving up for it which took me 9 months. For those of you who are debating between benq, optoma, or lcd projectors, i would say you will be happy with the brightness and color quality of this projector. I compared this projector's picture quality with that of benq ht2050, and even though this projector is lot cheaper, it is no lesser in quality. For those of you debating between a 65 inches 4k tv or a projector, i would say that both have their own advantages, but having a movie theater in your house is only possible with projector. The short throw and zoom function is some features that i love. Movies look amazingly beautiful. The picture clarity and colors look better than imax in bluray. I used to think that when 1080p was stretched to such large image, that the pixels would be large and noticeable. But it is hardly noticeable even when you sit two feet away from the screen. The dvds look exactly like you're sitting at the movie theater and i have 120 inches diagonal image. Some people have had problems with hdmi cable nightmare or rainbow effect. I don't see any problems with port placements but i did notice rainbow effects because i wanted to notice them. My girlfrend does not notice it because she does not know that there is such thing as rainbow effects in the universe. Contrast and black depth is not 100 percent but i say it's good enough for the price and does not deserve lesser stars. And one could use grey projector screen to increase blackness depth for dark images which i will definitely try in the future. The fan is large but very quiet and unnoticeable. Since there are very few or no video reviews on youtube, i am soon going to make and upload one (when i get my room clean). Bye bye

B. Brenda, Utah says

I am impressed! honestly i bought this projector expecting to be disappointed and if so intended to send it back after watching netflix , online store , hbo go , and hulu all weekend through my i phone using google chrome, and watching dvr shows from my satellite am extremely impressed and happy that i bought it. The image quality is amazing at 100" on a white pull down screen it is as good as my 50" led tv in a bright room you can watch easily with little image quality loss in the day time and in room with all the lights on. I have 3 cheap$100-$250 projectors decided to splurge this time and spend a little more i am not disappointed! did i say the image quality is good well it is! if watching through your cable box or satellite receiver the image quality does drop on non hd channels and on a 100" screen you can really tell. Hd channels look amazing. If your looking for a good projector that won't break you i highly recommend this projector.

S. Monique, Ile-de-France

The picture is acceptable. I replaced my broken mitsubishi with this projector. It is difficult to tell the difference because the other one was on an old bulb. But, this one is missing some critical adjustments like the shift point adjustment for a mounting that is not 100% centered is not available. I knew this before i purchased so i can't really fault the projector, i just didn't realize how important that adjustment is because it skews the picture to the point where it is not square (not as a shape, but where each side is square with the adjacent side). Otherwise, this is a good value projector that i hope last a long time.

Y. Anonymous, Western Australia says

Everything is great with this love the brightness, but the description is incorrect. . Super sized movies and games. With a *short throw lens*, this projector delivers huge images in modest-sized rooms. So whether you re a movie buff or a casual gamer, this projector lets you go big at home. . I have compared to my optoma gt1080 short throw gaming projector which can do 111" screen at 4 feet. The viewsonic 110" at 12-feet. If you want a true short throw don't buy this one. If you don't care about the short throw then this projector is amazing.

T. Mary, Bolton says

Love it so far. Short throw not as short as i thought. U may have to move further back.

J. Tracey, Idaho

This was my first time buying a projector. A family member of mine owned one but it was rather old and the video was always grainy. . If i was going to spend a few hundred bucks on a projector and possibly not be satisfied with it i might as well spent a little bit more for better quality. I decided on this model. First one came on time. My main use for the projector is as a tv. I have the hdmi cord going from my cable box into the projector. I plugged in the hdmi cord, plugged in the power cord and turned it on. All was great. About 20 minutes in while watching a channel the audio cut out. I checked the volume, wires, etc. Still no sound but the video was fine. I pulled the hdmi cord out and plugged it back in and the sound was back. A little bit later once again the sound cut out. Same thing i had to unplug the hdmi cord and plug it back in and the sound was fine. I thought for sure it had something to do with my hdmi cord but i also bought that brand new with the projector. So i tried two other hdmi cords i had. All with the same result. It would either cut out at random when watching one tv station for a period of time or if i tried switching tv stations it would cut out within 5 channels. . Luckily i bought it through online store so i called and told them about the problem i was having. They immediately sent out a replacement. I have had the replacement for almost two weeks now and the audio hasn't cut out one time. It has been fantastic. Minor inconvenience to start with but overall it turned out great and i am happy with the purchase.

Q. Rhonda, Texas says

Great all around projector. Buy it you will be happy. This is for the pjd7828dhl only

. Matherly, Berlin

I've had a few different projectors over the years. I've owned 3lcd as well as dlp. This one is by far the best i've ever owned. The throw distance is phenomenal. I have it set up on a 96" screen from about 10 feet away. I actually had to move the projector forward to keep it from going over the edge of the screen. If you're looking for a projector to throw a large image in a relatively tight spot, this is the one for you. . It's also the brightest, highest contract, most colorful projector i've ever used. It's still affected by ambient light (the room i'm using it in is pitch black) but it's still better than anything i've used before. . I have it hooked up to a ps4, xbox one s, ps3, xbox 360, roku, and several retro systems (nes, sega genesis, n64, etc. ) through a series of hdmi switches. Sound is run from the projector (stereo out) to a set of surround sound speakers. Everything works perfectly. No lag. No distortion. . Couldn't be happier with this purchase. Highly recommended for anyone that wants to set up a home media center.

Z. June, Luton says

For anyone who wants a projector for their home theatre with all the necessary inputs, this is the way to go; the picture is outstanding and the graphics for gaming are crisp and detailed, and there is no lag. We're echoing all the prior reviews which influenced our purchase greatly. Thanks for all of your help in making our decision!

O. Bullock, North Carolina

Fantastic product! we didn't know what we were doing and went with a cheaper, well-rated projector that just couldn't cut it on our 110" screen. So we saved some money, did better research, and came up with this bad girl. And she is a beaut! we love it, it's clear, good color, and plenty bright. We plan to start gaming on this screen soon, so the "refresh rate" was a crucial component. We got the four year warranty, which i recommend in case you have any problems. So far, we've binged the entire six seasons of community in the last few weeks to test drive this gorgeous piece of technology, and whether the lights are on or off, whether it's day or night, this projector performs fantastically!

W. Alice, California says

Incredible. Package arrived on time, and ready to go out of the box. I had this projector ceiling mounted and ready to go in about 20 minutes. About 15 minutes of fiddling with the focus, keystone, etc, and i had the picture set solidly on my 100 inch screen in the man-cave. The picture is absolutely awesome! this projector blows away my previous model (a discount chinese made $200 variety). Even with ambient light in the room, the picture was bright, the colors are spot on, and surprisingly the built in speaker is actually pretty good! the built in sound may not be ideal for watching movies, but my surround sound fixes that. For watching football, it works great! it's plenty loud enough to enjoy. The picture is approximately four times the size of my 50 inch tv in the living room, so watching four games split screen is like watching on four full size tv's! i'm usually pretty miserly with how i spend my money, but am convinced that this was worth the price!

H. Elida, Herefordshire

The good: competitively priced, excellent brightness and color accuracy. Supports 3d with optional dlp link glasses. Normal throw with an optical zoom that will get you to 1:1. Eco mode still works great with a fair amount of ambient light and brings fan noise to normal levels while retaining good color. . The bad: no optical keystone correction, no built-in player decoder, you will have connect to something that can render the video, a bit louder than most at this price point. It's dlp so rainbow effect will happen if you are prone to seeing it. . The ugly: nothing. . I got this as i have decent number of 3d movies and you can't buy a 3d tv anymore my old one died. The great news is even with my old laptop with hdmi 1. 3 i still send the video to the projector and manual sync the projector to the format and get very good almost theater quality 3d effect. It's night and day better than any 3d tv could do. . The only down side for me is the dlp projection method, i see the rainbow effect but i knew that going in. . If you have a limit space the 1:1 throw is great and 10' equal 10' wide image and can be backed off to 1:47 if you need a smaller screen which is typical for normal throw. The trade off is no optical keystone correction. My mount hangs a min of about 12" and that would put the imagine about 12" off the floor with the projector level. So i needed to angle it up forcing me to use digital correction but the image quality is still very good. Work out well if you plan on setting it on a table though.

X. Eleanor, New Brunswick says

No issues so far. I use this as a projector for my basement media computer. Nothing like 'wall computing'! kodi movies display well. . I had this on my wish list for a while and grabbed it one day when there was a price drop. Easy to set up and get working. I run it with a small hdmi video selector that i toggle back and forth from my xbox with.

Top lumens hdmi home theater Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Z. Hayward, Calderdale says

I dont know why the reviews for two different models are together. This review is for the viewsonic pjd7828hdl which is the white colored projector. Calibration is very limited. You cannot adjust the sharpness and other critical picture settings when using hdmi input. The hdmi/hml port cuts in and out every few minutes. Very dissapointed because of the pricepoint with these limited features. I just returned a lower end projector due to poor overall quality and picked this one up thinking it was superior. I was wrong. The picture is about the same as the low end projectors but at 3 times the price. Shouldve went with an epson or optoma at this price.

F. Imelda, New Jersey

Not a short throw as listed in the title. Also, my projector picture was out of square. Had to adjust keystone to 4 to make picture flat when projector was level. Top of picture looked cut off at top left corner.

A. Michele, Wigan says

Got a faulty piece i believe. Warm up time : 3 min. Picture quality awesome. Sound : i could not hear it. Returning it

K. Anonymous, Redbridge

This projector left me super embarrassed! i booked a party for a movie night and when i show up and try to use this projector a red error light starting flashing on the top. I had to deal with so many frustrated and disappointed parents while i connect my other projector. Long story short disappointing.

V. Mahood, Hartlepool says

Worked great for the first couple weeks but then it got a blurry rainbow line in the image. It was really noticable during bright light situations. The lense is perfectly clean and i've rebooted it an let it sit but nothing seems to erase the line. Returning it, i'll probably just get a replacement though, good projector.

I. Stacey, Mississippi

After doing a ton of research into projectors i was so excited to buy this product and had saved up for it. I set it up and at first glance i was thrilled: the image was crystal clear and could easily be scaled and adjusted, even with the short, 10-ft throw distance in my apartment. It even looked amazing on just a white wall. . However, once i actually sat down to watch tv on it, i was absolutely nauseated by the "dlp rainbow" effect. It made me dizzy and gave me a headache! it looks like all the colors flash across the screen at once, and is especially bad when there is a lot of motion happening on the screen. Some people say they don't notice the dlp rainbows, but i don't know how that's possible. They were really bad for me, and rendered this product unusable. Unfortunately i had to return it, and i'm really bummed about it. Thank you online store for accepting the return. . I highly suggest you view this product in person first and see if the dlp rainbows affect you or not, before committing to this - or any - dlp projector. I had read about the dlp rainbow effect online and thought "how bad can it be? " and the answer is: very bad.

E. Annette, City of Bristol says

The only thing i don't like about it:. You have to reset the size you prefer each and every time you turn it on, and also each and every time you switch to a different media source. It does not remember your preferred screen size setting (zoom setting).

D. Guest, Colorado

Just bought this on prime day and received it today. Opened it to find a big scratch on the lens. Using it now and looks and sounds great. Going to return for a replacement.

U. Hadley, New Hampshire says

One of the fans didn't work coming out of the box. The machine became too hot every 1min and shut down automatically. Planned to watch a movie and games with friends but this thing didn't work at all. Very disappointed that a product with such a major defect was shipped to customers. An easy decision to return and a 1 star review.

H. Anonymous, Bradford

When you spend hours looking at all the hundreds of 1080p projectors out on the market and find out that the one you narrowed down to purchase has false generalized information, its very frustrating especially when the manufacture's customer service rep isn't trained on their own products. I had to dig down to find viewsonic customer service in their website, called and rep barely knew the product specs. He just said yes its a short throw though i gave him the specs he finally replied yeah 120" would need 11ft! that's a short throw? look the price is decent, the quality is picture is really nice even with an old movie like "the waterboy" but when they have it on their website that its a "short throw projector" though its not when compared to industry "2017" standards. I have a 120" rear projection screen and only have a small space when providing services to our clients that rooms are about 10x15 or 10x20, you need a true short throw projector like the optoma gt1080. We used a 135" screen and only needed 4ft which worked perfect. So for those looking for a short throw projector this isn't the solution.

X. Suzanne, Nebraska says

I purchased this projector primarily to watch content using a raspberry pi 3 running retropi and kodi. I also have a chromecast plugged into the hidden hdmi 2 slot-which is awesome for watching netflix and youtube from a phone or tablet. Overall i am content with this thing, but not totally happy. There are a few key annoyances that you should know before buying. Here's what i mean. . The good:. . * very bright. Usable even during the day in a room with direct sunlight. * great color-for the price. Movies, tv, and video games look great. Still looks good projected directly on an off-white wall. * light weight. * i love the hidden compartment on the side. This is where i hide the chromecast. . The bad:. . * audio quality. I thought this wouldn't matter because i intended to use great quality powered speakers via the audio out port. However, it turns out that the audio chipset has lots of noise and narrow spectrum. Even when you plug in decent headphones directly into the projector, mid-range and bass are totally lacking and there is consistent hissing and crackle. It's like listening to a phone on speaker playing in the next room over with the door closed. Audio is basically unusable and you'll want to pick up an hdmi audio splitter or feed the hdmi through your amp first so that you can bypass the projector's audio all together. I'm bummed that viewsonic didn't add a better ($10) dac chip. Forget about using chromecast or firestick if you expect decent audio. * short throw is not short at all. This might be a marketing error or online store product configuration snafu-who knows. At maximum zoom, the projector appears to be a 1:1 throw ratio. In other words, at 88" from the screen, the projector produces an image approximately 87" diagonal ( 76" wide by 43" tall). * fan noise: its louder than i expected, and its pretty annoying. I have no way of measuring this, but it makes more noise than my pc. * rainbow effect. I didn't even know what this was, but have started seeing it frequently. I will probably get a 3lcd projector when its time to replace this one. * usb power: it has two hdmi ports, and next to each one is a usb port. However, only one usb port is powered at a time. You can change what is powered using the system menus. If you have usb-powered devices in each port, to switch between devices you must not only switch inputs, but also which usb port is powered. . If i were looking for a new projector, i would seriously consider one of the slightly less-bright 3lcd projectors from epson that get great reviews. I can't tell for sure, but i would gamble on them having better sound and usb power.

W. Arnett, Leeds

3 stars. I had needed two different brand projectors, i had chosen the. Viewsonic pjd7828hdl and the. Epson home cinema 1040. Guess what? there is big big big difference

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